Men’s Skin Care Products


Men require skin care products tailored specifically to their unique needs, such as gel-based cleansers that help prevent breakouts and moisturizers that provide a healthy glow.

Try hydrating with hyaluronic acid serum for firmer skin or vitamin C-enriched products, which reduce dark spots and fade fine lines.

Boy de Chanel

Chanel, one of the premier luxury brands, is finally venturing into men’s cosmetics and skincare with their Boy de Chanel line dedicated solely to them. Drawing inspiration from Coco’s lover, Arthur “Boy” Capel – Boy de Chanel includes tinted foundation, brow pencil, and lip balm to help men take charge of their appearance and well-being.

The new line will debut in South Korea on September 1 and globally beginning in November. This groundbreaking debut by one of the leading beauty brands marks an exciting new step toward gender equality while offering men a new way to express themselves through makeup.

One product we adore from this collection is the Boy De Chanel Le Correcteur Concealer, which works wonders to conceal dark circles and redness without leaving behind an unappealing cakey-ness. Use it around your nose, chin, and forehead as it blends flawlessly!


Clinique is widely recognized for its accessible approach to beauty and ability to accommodate various skin types. Their best-selling products include Clarifying Lotion, Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, Moisture Surge 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, as well as numerous awards from beauty editors – including Allure Magazine’s best of beauty award for the Clinique iD Custom-Blend Hydrator collection and Black Honey lipstick.

Beginning with Vogue magazine’s 1967 article entitled, “Can Great Skin Be Created?,” Manhattan dermatologist Norman Orentreich and his three-step skincare method for his patients was featured; still used today by those practicing dermatology; cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize were the three steps featured. Evelyn Lauder took note of this article and approached Phillips and Orentreich to create a cosmetic line that combined dermatological thinking with cosmetics.

Clinique became the first dermatologist-developed prestige brand, revolutionizing beauty counters by offering an informative and tailored consultation led by Consultants wearing clinical white lab coats using an original non-electronic box of levers to assess skin types to provide tailored recommendations tailored specifically for each person’s skincare needs. Their signature celadon green color was selected due to its soothing appeal.

La Mer

Many women with mature skin swear by Estee Lauder-owned La Mer products for helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing and providing ingredients to balance out uneven skin tones and textures.

Miracle Broth, the brand’s signature ingredient of sea kelp and other pure ingredients, is used extensively across its skincare products and has healing properties for your face. Formulated by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber after suffering burns during an accidental laboratory incident and drawing inspiration from nature’s healing power to develop it further.

This gentle cleansing foam helps eliminate impurities and excess oil for a glowing and healthy complexion. It contains surfactants – molecules with one end hydrophilic and another lipophilic – which attract and suspend oils, dirt, and other impurities in water to wash them away from your skin.

Although the ingredient list may be lengthy, it begins with algae extract. Then are mineral oil, petrolatum jelly (petrolatum), and glycerin. Furthermore, lactic acid an exfoliator that dissolves glue-like structures holding dead skin cells together so they can shed themselves more easily.

Dr. Sebagh

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, an internationally acclaimed cosmetic doctor with clinics in London (formerly Wimpole Street and now Chandos House) and Paris, has been widely praised by Vogue and Tatler for his exceptional techniques for attaining youthful looks without surgery. Known as Ageing Maintenance, Sebagh specializes in subtle treatments focusing on enhancing natural beauty while improving skin health.

The Supreme range provides an effective route to flawless skin and features multi-award-winning formulas beloved by A-list celebrities. One of their most beloved products, Night Secret, works throughout the night to regenerate and tone skin for firmer, toned, luminous results when you wake up! Meanwhile, beauty editors and A-list celebrities love Supreme Eye Serum’s ability to smooth, plump, and protect against fine lines and wrinkles – it is also beloved among beauty editors themselves!

Skin Perfecting Mask provides a healthy complexion with a fresh and clear glow, giving it the nickname ‘vacuum cleaner mask’ due to its absorption abilities. Made with pink clay-based from Brittany, it is known for being naturally absorbent and having astringent properties that help remove impurities while simultaneously regulating oil production, tightening pores, and refreshing facial appearances – leaving your face looking refreshed and clean!

Jan Marini

Jan Marini products are at the cutting edge of skincare technology. Backed by medical research, their products use only high-grade ingredients that have been scientifically proven effective. At Uplift Aesthetics, we carry an impressive selection of Jan Marini skin care products designed to give you smoother and younger-looking skin.

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser should become part of your routine, as its exfoliating formula contains papain to dissolve keratin – the protein responsible for holding dead skin cells together – thus keeping skin clear, smooth, and free of blemishes.

Jan Marini Anti-Aging Face Cream offers another effective option to improve skin tone: growth factors and peptides used as signals by growth factor receptors to stimulate collagen production and firming agents such as DMAE, which firms skin. Although highly hydrating, this face cream contains a fragrance that could irritate sensitive skin.

Jan Marini Advanced Skin-Cleansing System can provide oil control and advanced sun protection. It uses AHAs (glycolic, salicylic, and mandelic acids) to exfoliate, extracting excess oils, using Azelaic Acid and Tetrapeptide-14 to reduce redness and facial flushing.

Lab Series

Lab Series is a men’s skincare brand that takes an innovative, clinical approach to developing its range of practical products. Their goal is to enhance the look and feel of skin while building confidence, prevent acne breakouts, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Some popular items from the Lab Series are Rescue Water Lotion, which tones and hydrates skin, and Oil Control Clearing Solution, which absorbs excess oil, treats breakouts effectively, and shrinks pore sizes.

Branded high-performance products for men’s skin types are an increasingly sought-after specialty brand for many reasons, particularly among those searching for high-performance solutions tailored specifically for them. Established in 1987, and has been providing these tailored solutions for over three decades.

Daily Rescue Energizing Face Lotion contains potency ingredients like Ginseng and Caffeine to give skin an overall healthy look and I-Matte Technology that controls excess shine. This product is an ideal option for men with combination skin as it balances dry and oily areas; its light texture feels refreshing upon application to the skin. Plus, you can use it both before makeup application or after shaving!

Sisley Paris

Sisley-Paris has been at the forefront of phytocosmetic innovation since 1976. Combining botanical extracts with modern technologies to produce effective skincare, their trademark buttery textures and delicate scents make their product line popular among customers worldwide.

Sisley’s research teams of botanists, chemists, and biologists work diligently to source exotic or endemic plants (cultivated or wild) known for their extraordinary properties based on criteria like location, species, and variety – selecting exotic or endemic ones when possible to understand and imitate their virtues before applying them in skincare products that respect skin’s balance.

All Day All Year cream was the pioneering anti-aging daily skincare that first introduced this approach, serving as a double shield protecting from external aggressions while simultaneously strengthening skin defense mechanisms. A breakthrough, it pioneered epigenetics and plant extracts used for anti-aging.

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream stands out among luxury skincare offerings; this “transforming” cream melts upon contact to release microdroplets of water that instantly replenish the skin with freshness and comfort. Meanwhile, Phyto Rouge provides all the intensity of lipstick in a balm texture skincare formula; sales for this beauty-care brand have experienced significant increases, mirroring other luxury brands such as Dr. Barbara Sturm & Helg at Miami boutique.