Numbuzin Skin Care Review


numbuzin, a Korean brand that prioritizes honest yet effective skin care solutions for their products’ clients, offers products designed to address specific concerns through a vast selection of offerings.

Their best-selling collection offers creams, toners, and ten different serums – such as their No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner for hydrating, improving elasticity, and brightening dull complexions.

1. Deep Clean Fresh Cream Cleanser

Cleanse your skin deeply with this creamy foam cleanser to target impurities within your pores. Gentle and non-drying, it leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and revitalized – thanks to TruClean Cactus Water and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, loaded with electrolytes that keep it hydrated and refreshed.

Its ingredients include witch hazel extract and tea tree leaf oil that help control sebum production, minimize the appearance of pores, and provide antiseptic benefits for all skin types – ideal for keeping pores clear and clean! Its formulation ensures its effectiveness against acne and maintains healthy pores and clearness.

Coconut-derived surfactants create soft whipped cream bubbles to dissolve makeup residue and remove impurities from skin surfaces. At the same time, four skin hydration ingredients help relieve dryness and irritation during cleansing. Dispense a moderate amount onto wet hands to lather, and gently massage into skin layers before washing off thoroughly with warm water – free from ethanol, parabens, and mineral oil!

2. Super Glowing Essence Toner

Toner that offers your skin a radiant finish by renewing its radiance and smoothing out its texture. Packed with 50 different fermented ingredients to restore brightness to dull, tired skin while simultaneously prepping and hydrating, perfect for those suffering from dry, soft, wrinkled, or aging skin conditions.

K-Beauty brand numbuzin prides itself on putting customers first with its customer-centric philosophy, encouraging customers to build a personalized beauty regimen using its extensive product offering. Instead of confusing users by using names that are hard to remember, numbuzin uses numbers as product identifiers; with over 300 cleansers, toners, and ten serums in their lineup alone, you will find a solution that best meets your individual needs!

Brand products provide solutions for specific skin concerns; in addition, the No.3 Porcelain Base-Skip Tone Up Beige is a popular multitasker, acting as a makeup base, tone-up cream, and sunscreen all-in-one to cover up blemishes while increasing skin radiance with Cica and Rosemary extracts.

Numbuzin also produces toners designed to work synergistically with its other products, and the No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner, in particular, delivers excellent results when used together. It targets enlarged pores, dull complexion, and uneven tone by using Galactomyces ferment filtrate – a functional ingredient found in SKII and COSRX dupes – as an anti-wrinkle ingredient, creating more youthful-looking skin by helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This toner is gentle enough for everyday use and pairs well with other No.3 collection items like Skin Softening Serum for optimal results. Dispense some onto cotton pads and use to wipe over your face for an enlivening finish.

Accorporating products from Numbuzin into your skincare regimen can dramatically enhance the health, glow, and radiant appearance of your complexion for extended. Discover your perfect match here on YesStyle by exploring their numerous numbuzin products – each made using high-grade ingredients that are both cruelty-free and safe for the environment!

3. Skin Softening Serum

Serums can provide your skin with high concentrations of active ingredients, making them an essential step before moisturizing. But what exactly are serums, and how can you apply them?

Serums are oil-free liquid elixirs that provide an intense dose of active ingredients designed to address specific skin concerns, such as brightening and reducing blemishes or strengthening the barrier function, or they may handle skin types or textures such as rough or bumpy skin.

Most face serums are lightweight and quickly absorbed into your skin, making them ideal for use after cleansing but before moisturizer application. One particularly beloved K-beauty favorite, Numbuzin Skin Softening Serum, features the fermentation synergy effect of Galactomyces-Bifida to strengthen and brighten dull skin!

Glycerin, an effective natural humectant produced in your skin, can be found in this serum, Centella Asiatica, and other natural extracts. Glycerin helps retain moisture within your skin to avoid dryness while increasing elasticity; it soothes irritation to relieve redness caused by itchy patches on the skin.

Niacinamide, another critical component, helps balance excess oil, diminishing blemishes, and uneven skin tones. Our serum features 20% niacinamide in conjunction with purslane and acetylglucosamine for nourishment of the skin while simultaneously refining pores and evening out skin tone.

Finally, this serum is packed with antioxidants to defend against environmental stressors and boost radiance. Additionally, vitamin C brightens your complexion, while peony root extract reduces discolorations caused by post-blemish marks or age spots.

To apply your serum, pour two to three pumps into your palm and use clean fingertips to apply the formula across your face using light patting motions. Avoid rubbing, which can pull at your skin and lead to fine lines and wrinkles over time; additionally, it’s wise to avoid eye area use unless specifically recommended by the formula used; finish your routine skincare regime by adding moisturizer and sunscreen products as usual.

4. Full Nutrient Firming Cream

It is an exquisite face cream that provides your skin with nutrients and red ginseng extract for long-term moisturization. It is packed with 39% 6-year old red ginseng extract to revitalize its energy and firm up the skin; packed with nutrient-packed ingredients like multi-youth reactivator, Red Ginseng Collagen Peptides Idebenone Calendula Retinol DNAge B9 Nanosome-RF. etc. – making skin full of elasticity!

Formulated specifically to nourish sensitive skin, this highly nutritious anti-aging cream strengthens elasticity with red ginseng root extract while protecting its barrier. The creamy texture quickly absorbs into the skin for protection. Smoothing out wrinkles for a renewed complexion and creating a soft canvas for makeup application are just some of this anti-aging product’s many advantages.

For a good reason: water is one of the mainstays in skincare products; it acts as an ideal solvent for ingredients that don’t dissolve well in oils, hydrates the skin, and maintains moisture retention over time.

Hyaluronic acid is a popular skincare ingredient that locks in moisture for plump and supple skin. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid also serves a skin-revitalizing purpose by encouraging collagen production, diminishing hyperpigmentation, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Beta-Glucan is a trendy skincare ingredient, as it boosts natural ceramides to protect the skin against external aggressors and strengthen the barrier function of the barrier layer. Furthermore, Beta-Glucan contains wound-healing properties and antioxidant protection properties, which soothe and comfort the skin.

If you want to see results, create a skincare routine tailored specifically to your skin type and address its specific issues. However, it’s best not to try and address all major skin concerns at once, as your body needs time to adapt and recover from treatment. Be realistic in what expectations are set from any product – don’t fall prey to overstated claims on packaging or cosmetic salespeople- this will give the greatest return for your money!