Great Lakes Plumbing Provides Smart Solutions For Commercial Projects


Great Lakes took an approach that prioritized early coordination and communication for its plumbing of a Sloan showroom that exceeded even their high expectations. When the job encountered unexpected roadblocks, this strategy proved successful in helping keep costs under control.

At first glance, large-scale Great Lakes water diversions might seem unlikely. Yet such divergences have already been carried out successfully before.


Great Lakes Plumbing provides solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of commercial projects, whether that means building new showrooms, renovating existing spaces, upgrading equipment and systems, or simply looking for cost-cutting or productivity-boosting applications using Sloan products. Explore our Smart Solutions case studies to see examples of cost-saving, productivity-enhancing applications.

Jim Musselman established Great Lakes Plumbing in 1986 from his Levering residence, drawing upon years of full-time experience and mechanical and boiler installer licenses to create his venture. Over time, however, his focus shifted away from construction towards a service-oriented business model, with currently 16 employees employed at its peak.


Industrial plumbing services are integral components of keeping industrial facilities operating smoothly, from pipework, fixtures, and controls to food services, manufacturing processes, processing applications, and food manufacturing. Available in various diameters, they can also be tailored specifically to design specifications for efficient performance.

Established in 1946 and located in Chicago, Illinois, this company employs 100 to 250 individuals. Annual revenues range between $25M to $100M, with operations encompassing Construction, Business Support Services, and other areas. Kevin J Condon serves as CEO of this operation.

Great Lakes Plumbing has completed numerous large projects in both the public and private sectors. Notable examples are the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project, John H. Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County, Prentice Women’s Hospital Renovation, and Soldier Field Renovating projects.

This firm has also completed several commercial and residential projects, with their engineers and designers offering experience designing plumbing systems for buildings and other structures. Their experts can assist clients with choosing products tailored specifically for them and provide detailed designs and installation instructions, in addition to helping navigate local codes and regulations. Furthermore, this firm provides maintenance services; clients can either request a quote online or call them for more information.

Energy Efficiency

When upgrading your plumbing system, working with an expert in green plumbing can be highly beneficial. They will recommend products to meet the needs of your household while simultaneously decreasing energy and water consumption; examples may include low-flow faucets/toilets/appliances utilizing energy-saving features and energy rebates offered by utilities for these systems.

Great Lakes Plumbing assisted Sloan with their showroom project to display their innovative, intelligent solutions, such as productivity-boosting and cost-cutting applications. Visit the Smart Solutions Case Studies area of their website to gain further insights.

No matter your water and energy needs, Jeffrey’s team can assist! Offering free estimates and service contracts so you can understand precisely how much you are paying upfront without hidden fees, they support Michigan’s Fix a Leak Week by encouraging residents to locate leaks to save water and energy costs.

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