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Your plumbing and water heater are likely to experience issues over time. Sometimes, these are minor and can be resolved with routine maintenance work; other times, they could be catastrophic, such as a water heater leak that requires total replacement. Icon Plumbing offers all of these services, so we are here for any repair or maintenance you need.

Plumbing Repairs

Icon Plumbing provides a wide range of services designed to address every plumbing concern you might encounter, from leaky sinks and water heaters to more complex tasks like installing or replacing toilets, showers, faucets, sinks, or fixtures. Plus, they can perform regular scheduled maintenance work to keep pipes and plumbing in good shape! Building permit records reveal Icon has worked on an impressive variety of projects throughout its history.

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Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters can become dysfunctional over time and need to be replaced, often because of sediment build-up, low water pressure, or the inability to heat water properly. Other issues might involve leaks in the system or electrical problems with it. Icon Plumbing offers top-quality repairs at competitive prices to make sure that you always have hot water available to you; they also specialize in tankless water heating solutions which provide more efficient heating if required – building permit records show they’re licensed, bonded, and insured as they specialize in plumbing projects as well as home additions – servicing both commercial as well as residential customers alike.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning services help maintain the health of your plumbing system by preventing future clogs. If your drains are continuously backing up, professional plumbers may be necessary. There are various kinds of drain cleaners available, including caustic liquids with bleach, lye, or caustic potash that dissolve hair and grease clogs, as well as liquids containing bacteria cultures and enzymes that slowly break down organic material in pipes to allow smoother-flowing pipes.

When dealing with more severe blockages, a trained, licensed plumber may use high-pressure water jetting. This technique involves inserting a hose with a particular head into the affected pipe and using water pressure to break up and clear away heavy-duty residues such as sand, grease, soap, or food debris that has built up over time and blocked pipes. Once cleared, this technique also scours inside so re-blockage doesn’t occur again as quickly. Lastly, mechanical drain cleaners use machine-driven cables equipped with spinning heads that cut through and retrieve items lost into drains if they get blocked up again.

Water Line Repairs

Water lines are an essential element of plumbing systems that connect your home with municipal supplies, providing the water needed for daily life. Any damage to these lines can lead to numerous issues within your plumbing system – leaking pipes, low pressure, or murky or discolored water supply can all result in problems that are hard to spot due to them being hidden underground; however, there are sure warning signs which indicate yours might need fixing or replacement.

First and foremost is an unexpected spike in your water bill. Barring visitors staying in your home or installing appliances that require large quantities of water, your bills should remain pretty consistent; if your bill suddenly skyrockets, it could be time for a professional inspection of your water lines.

An apparent drop in water pressure could also be indicative of a broken or failing pipe; should this situation persist unattended, you risk losing access to all your household’s water sources and being cut off entirely from hydration needs.

When deciding whether or not to repair or replace a water line, both its age and the materials used play an integral part in making an informed decision. If it is over 50 years old and made of lead pipe material, replacement should often be more cost-effective. Also, consider other safer materials available if your line contains lead pipes, as lead can pose health hazards that need to be dealt with quickly.

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