Guilford Plumbing Supply Inc


Guilford plumbing supply Inc, of Greensboro, North Carolina offers home improvement products. Their contact number is 336-274-5277, and their address is 2103 E Bessemer Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27405. Customers give them an average rating of 4.7 stars on weekdays when they are open for business.

Plumbing Parts & Fixtures

No matter your plumbing needs – tubs and showers, faucets and accessories, toilets or fixtures – this company offers an impressive selection of quality brands to meet them all. Their expert product specialists can assist in selecting items to meet both your project requirements and budget, and they will even deliver items directly to your home or job site. In addition, they carry cabinetry, sinks, and lighting fixtures suitable for every room in your home or business, as well as storage and tankless water heaters for any size site or home environment.

Guilford residents looking for their dream kitchen and bath can turn to this company for assistance with its friendly product experts and knowledgeable showroom specialists, who help bring it all to life. Their showroom features top manufacturers such as American Standard, Delta, Elkay, Franke Grohe as well as many others. Experienced showroom specialists are on hand to coordinate every stage of the process – including installation or maintenance services of plumbing appliances such as pipes or water heaters.

Plumbing Supplies

Guilford Plumbing Supply can assist with remodeling or installing new fixtures in any room in your home or building a new home, with supplies like sinks, faucets, tubs shower systems, and vanities available at their showroom in Guilford. Water Heater Solutions also carries an impressive selection of tankless and traditional water heaters, as well as knowledgeable product specialists available to assist in finding products suitable for any scope and style of project. In addition, they offer technical advice as well as warehouse management services. Greensboro Wholesale Plumbing Supply Company, founded in 1949, they are one of the leading wholesale distributors of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing and pipe supplies in North Carolina. Headquartered in Greensboro with 11 employees under management, including Lisa Brooks (Credit Manager) and Ed Burleson (Marketing Manager). We offer plumbing repair supplies as well as installations throughout Guilford County, offering residential plumbing repair products at wholesale pricing!

Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories

As part of your dream home or kitchen upgrade project, selecting the ideal plumbing fixtures can make a world of difference. From modern to traditional styles and options galore, selecting fittings that complement each need can be overwhelming at first. But with preparation and knowledge of what’s out there, finding precisely what you want shouldn’t be such a daunting undertaking.

Fixtures are an integral component of every home or commercial building’s plumbing systems, from homes to office complexes. Their primary function is providing clean water distribution and waste disposal systems – and they play an essential part in protecting occupant health and wellbeing. Furthermore, many fixtures are designed with aesthetics in mind and come in an assortment of designs that complement any room decor.

Most plumbing fixtures include faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and shower receptors – these are typically made from long-wearing yet easy-to-clean materials and installed where they will be regularly used. Most models also feature an emergency shut-off valve for quick maintenance repairs if required – these fixtures also tend to be near toilets for easy sanitation system integration.