Novant Health i Learn


Novant Health I Learn is an online learning portal designed to quickly onboard new team members. The portal’s intuitive design provides access to all the resources you’ll need to succeed.

Alia, a survivor of trafficking herself, wants healthcare workers trained to recognize victims and provide assistance quickly and appropriately. Alia and her team are working with Novant Health in this endeavor.

Easy to use

Novant Health is an expansive healthcare network with thousands of employees across multiple locations. That requires them to use tools that are simple and accessible for all employees; Lippincott Solutions helps Novant Health keep its nurses current with industry knowledge through nursing skills checklists and educational videos.

Novant Health’s PEMAT (Patient Education Measurement Assessment Tool) allows them to rapidly evaluate all their patient-oriented materials to assess how well patients understand and respond. This has proven immensely valuable as their previous process was lengthy and expensive. Furthermore, using MedSerenity, all hospital televisions can now default to this channel, which welcomes patients with natural visuals and soothing music, providing a welcoming atmosphere while alleviating stress during hospital stays.

Easy to access

At Novant Health, you’re never far away from the resources and information you require for better healthcare. Our integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient facilities, and hospitals is with you every step of your healthcare journey, offering world-class technology and personal connections when you need us – no matter where you stand in life or career.

Novant Health accomplished a remarkable feat during the COVID-19 pandemic by rapidly rolling out their surgical scheduling app iQueue for Operating Rooms to over 139 surgery locations within four weeks – an extraordinary achievement since such hospital software implementations typically take six months or longer. We achieved this through remote training capabilities and an efficient team.