Made a Return Online


Online shopping has led to an exponentially rising return rate; artificial Christmas trees return each January, while digital books get sent back into Audible for recycling.

New York Times crossword puzzles cover an array of themes and difficulty levels, with the more challenging puzzles requiring patience and an acute eye for detail – but with practice, you can improve your problem-solving abilities!

How to solve it

The New York Times crossword puzzle is a daily crossword featuring various themes and amusing, playful clues. Solving these puzzles has become a beloved pastime with clubs and competitions dedicated to them; with practice, you may even manage to solve even the toughest ones! Each puzzle is constructed by a team of experienced puzzle constructors who strive to ensure they remain as engaging and challenging as possible.

Play the New York Times crossword online or via its mobile app – both provide digital access to the same puzzles found in the print edition, dating back to 1997! To begin playing, download and launch the app; tap either of its menu icons (a hamburger on Android devices or an outline of a head and shoulders on iPhone/iPad), which will open a list of options:

Tap Archive at the top-center on Android or bottom-center on iPhone/iPad to browse the complete New York Times crossword puzzle archive. You will gain access to this area with either a paid subscription (or a free 7-day trial membership). For shorter puzzles, try choosing “The Daily Mini”.

The puzzles published by the newspaper range from 15×15 grids on weekdays to larger 21×21 grids on Sundays with various difficulty levels. KenKen number puzzles, second-word puzzles on Sundays, “SET!” logic puzzles, and monthly bonus crosswords featuring different themes are also offered, and occasional easy-mode versions of weekly puzzles are published.


The New York Times crossword is an iconic puzzle that has become part of daily life for millions worldwide. Boasting challenging clues and themes as well as puns, wordplay, and wordplay – along with numerous wordplay puns – it has become a beloved pastime, with competitions and clubs dedicated to its solving. Puzzles range in difficulty from 15×15 grids on weekdays up to 21×21 grids on Sundays; their length may vary anywhere between several words to entire sentences.

The NYT crossword app makes playing the newspaper’s puzzles simple on mobile devices. When you launch it, a current day’s puzzle appears at the top of your screen; swipe left to explore more options, or tap “The Daily Mini” to access shorter puzzles with or without subscription options.

If you’re struggling to solve a clue, try changing its order of letters. For instance, if the clue asks to “Empty a Jar of Honey,” try replacing it with “As a Swarm.” This may help speed up solving time!

Another method is using your app’s dictionary and thesaurus features to help find answers more quickly or hint for difficult clues. These tools list related words or synonyms that may lead you to the correct solution; additionally, they’ll display definitions of any words you search for.

This app goes beyond offering just the NYT crossword; it also features other word games, including mini crosswords and sudoku. There are even classic crosswords you can play offline crafted by experienced puzzle constructors that help improve your thinking capacity.


You can quickly become adept at solving NYT crossword puzzles with practice and perseverance. These challenging puzzles feature clever clues and themes to make solving them entertaining; crosswords have long been popular pastimes with various audiences; there are even competitions and clubs dedicated to this pastime!

NYT crosswords can help boost your intelligence while being an enjoyable pastime. If you need assistance solving one, check our website – we have all of the latest NYT and mini crosswords, solutions to previous puzzles, NYT connections, and wordle answers available here, as well as daily mini crosswords published exclusively for all players!


Crossword puzzles, particularly NYT crosswords, can help develop thinking skills. Unfortunately, these puzzles can often be challenging to solve due to difficult clues or sections. If you are having difficulty solving one in particular, check the NYT website for solutions; their clues and answers are usually updated daily on their site – below is the solution to today’s crossword clue, “Made a Return Online,” last seen June 3rd, 2023; to search other clues visit our NYT Search Page.