Lotus Evora GT – The Junior Supercar That’s Easy to Live With Everyday and a Joy to Drive on a Track


Lotus’ iconic GT raises sports car agility and precision to new levels of perfection. An everyday pleasure as well as a thrill on track, its legendary performance makes the GT a junior supercar like no other.

Its Toyota-sourced V6 allows it to pass US crash and emissions tests while still offering exceptional handling characteristics and features a six-speed manual gearbox with a tactile feel.


The Evora GT is Lotus’ fastest car ever offered in America, boasting a Toyota-sourced supercharged V6 that generates 400 horsepower and allows it to reach 60mph in just 4.1 seconds. Furthermore, this powertrain makes the Evora GT capable of lapping the Hethel test track in under one minute – outpacing even the Porsche 911 GT3.

Like its modern Lotus counterparts, the GT is designed to be both lightweight and compact. The chassis combines aluminum and composite materials while its body consists of carbon fiber panels – including a front access panel, roof panel, and one-piece louvered tailgate panels that help improve the aerodynamics and performance of the car.

The Evora was developed using an entirely different vehicle architecture than that found on either its predecessors (Exige and Europa), giving rise to something much more refined than either predecessor: its low seating position gives drivers a sensation that they’re sitting on an actual racing prototype, with its curved windshield creating a practical visor effect and creating visual length reduction; plus its curvilinear windshield makes a visor effect to reduce optical length while creating the feeling that they’re driving a racing prototype.

The Ford GT provides a surprisingly comfortable ride for such a high-performance sports car. The steering is accurate and responsive, while clutch/shifter weightings are appropriate given its performance characteristics. While not an ideal daily driver, it makes life with performance cars much less strenuous compared with many others. Unfortunately, though, cargo space may be limited; you might fit some bags of groceries, but that will likely be it.


In a world of soft daily-driver supercars, the Evora GT stands out as an old-school supercar that rewards real skill behind the wheel and punishes those who get their hands on its controls with its heavy clutch, big shifter, and stiff suspension system.

However, despite these flaws, the Evora GT remains balanced, agile, and capable. The engine provides plenty of midrange pickup while remaining smooth. On backroads, it quickly accelerates from zero to 60 mph within five seconds!

This car is part of the Hethel Edition series released in 2016 to mark Lotus Norfolk Plant’s 50th Anniversary of production at PS75,500 per car (at an extra premium of PS2,500 over regular models). It comes equipped with extras that give it its distinctive character, such as forged aluminum wheels, red leather seats, and contrasting brake calipers for an exclusive experience.

Martin Taylor purchased his car two and a half years ago and has only driven 10,600 miles since. Martin must be delighted with his purchase – every surface in its interior features leather or Alcantara upholstery for a rattle-free driving experience, as well as air conditioning, cruise control, and an Alpine head unit complete with reverse camera view, Satnav functionality, and Bluetooth connectivity – making his driving experience genuinely pleasurable!

The GT is a fantastic car to drive on the racetrack or as an occasional toy for enthusiasts, yet it is less practical for everyday driving than its Cayman cousin. There’s no rear trunk space, and its cargo area only fits enough bags for grocery runs – however, it remains one of the finest driving experiences money can buy and a true icon in automotive circles – only proper drivers can fully appreciate its unique talents.


This model boasts just 8,700 miles and comes complete with a flawless Carfax history report. Additionally, this exotic coupe is equipped with both Tech and Premium packs, Recaro front seats, 6-speed manual transmission, 18″ front and 19″ rear Enkei GTC02 wheels, HethelSport battery charger connection, kit and Street Aero rear diffuser, as well as tinted windows and PPF to protect its paint – helping set this vehicle apart from others in its class.

Lotus’ design team took inspiration from both the wedge-shaped Exige Mk1 and 2-Eleven sports cars when creating the Evora’s sleek sports car-like bodywork. This model’s aggressive front end features Sparco carbon-fiber trim and a distinctive air intake; its flat windshield offers good visibility, while the cabin prioritizes driver comfort with sporty Recaro front seats and an interactive 7″ touchscreen infotainment system offering both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility; there’s even a rearview camera to assist with parking!

As for its engine, a Toyota-sourced V6 supercharged to produce 416 horsepower powers the Evora to 60mph in under four seconds and runs a 12.4 second quarter mile time. Thanks to its lightweight design and superior fuel economy compared with similar performance cars.

This Evora GT features an exceptional interior as well as an ample trunk large enough for weekend luggage. Highly customizable through Lotus’ Exclusive program, which enables owners to change the exterior color as well as add amenities such as different wheels, heated seats, navigation system, and rearview camera (though given how obstructed rear views are). Thanks to Toyota’s reliability, this car should also be straightforward in terms of maintenance and repair needs.


Lotus’ dedication to developing pure driving machines has resulted in one of the most engaging sports cars available today: their 2+2 coupe handles like a race car and accelerates like there’s a fire in its trunk, rewarding smooth inputs while punishing ham-fisted driving when pushed hard; an ideal vehicle for drivers keen on mastering proper driving techniques without electronic aids getting in their way.

The Evora GT410 Sport is the latest version of Lotus Roadster and offers even more excellent performance than its predecessor. Available as either a two-seater or 2+2, this new model boasts an updated composite front panel that moves air more efficiently for reduced drag while simultaneously increasing downforce; also included are carbon pieces in both access panels and roof panels to minimize turbulence.

The 410’s sporty feel is further emphasized by a rev-matched downshift system and manual transmission equipped with paddle shifters for more precise control. Its class-leading balance and poise make it the ideal driver’s car capable of keeping up with modern rivals on either a racetrack or backroad mountain pass.

Evora GT’s design as a pure driver’s car limits it in some respects, including a cramped interior and lack of storage space; however, its fun driving dynamics make it one of the more desirable cars on the market today. With such an extravagant price tag comes many exclusivities that only a few can afford!


The Evora GT stands as one of the last sports cars with a manual gearbox and requires actual skill and experience for optimal driving pleasure. As such, its value lies in providing an engaging driving experience without compromises or distractions. You’re sure to appreciate its pure, focused driving experience when taking one for a spin in this stunning car!

The GT was intended for owners who understood and accepted the compromises inherent to an Elise but didn’t want or need those concessions in their everyday lives. Therefore, it may not be as practical as a 911 GT3, but nonetheless remains an engaging sports car with more excellent value than just its components.

Lotus stands apart in motorsport for their unmatched racing prowess. Between 1958 and 1987, they earned 79 victories in Formula 1, winning seven constructors’ and six drivers’ championships along the way. The Evora stands as a testament to this history, as well as Lotus’ proven capabilities when it comes to designing and engineering high-performance vehicles.

Manufacturer prices for a new GT410 start at PS85,675, with Sport versions at PS88,675. That represents an initial premium of approximately PS20,000 over its Cayman S counterpart; used cars may be more complicated to come by but do exist – Hethel Editions were released for purchase back in 2016 at an extra premium costing PS75,500 over regular models featuring forged alloy wheels with contrasting brake calipers and premium features like Hethel Editions are one option available to buyers.

Well-equipped examples will run over PS90k, yet that’s still an affordable investment in something you won’t soon forget. Few cars make us smile as much as the Evora GT; its iconic status speaks for itself if you have enough cash. Make sure it is on your shortlist.