Gordon Freeman (Video Game Character Information)


Gordon Freeman hails from Seattle and has always had an interest in theoretical physics. Growing up idolizing Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking as role models, Freeman later went on to earn his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at MIT.

After an accidental experiment opens a portal into another dimension, Freeman finds himself fighting aliens and corrupt Combine soldiers in order to protect humanity from destruction. He joins forces with Barney Calhoun, Alyx Vance, and Dr. Isaac Kleiner in creating White Forest as their new base of operations.

He is a theoretical physicist.

Gordon Freeman is the titular protagonist in the Half-Life series of first-person shooter computer games. Often depicted as being somewhat reserved, with an Everyman charm that makes him relatable to players, Gordon attended MIT before moving on to work at Black Mesa Research Facility, where he conducts nuclear and subatomic research in the Anomalous Materials Department at Black Mesa Research Facility; additionally, he fights as part of Resistance group against Combine occupation of Earth and invasion of Xen.

As soon as their experiment goes wrong, G-Man orders Gordon back towards the Citadel, where he battled Combine soldiers and Alyx in Half-Life 2. When Gordon arrives there, however, his research team at BMRF’s Lambda Complex contacts him with plans to stop the portal cascade; following their clues leads him directly to Sector C before entering an underground tunnel that leads directly onto Xen.

While Freeman was there, an enormous portal opened and crashed through into the Sector E complex, unleashing another portal storm across the universe. Simultaneously, Nihilanth, a giant levitating monster that uses outlets to summon guards and banish enemies, attacked Xen’s underground city via portals; Freeman followed clues by infiltrating increasingly dangerous alien complexes until his investigation led him back home.

At Lambda Complex, he is instructed by his research team to retrieve a data packet from a destroyed City 17 Citadel and deliver it back to White Forest rail station, where Drs Kleiner and Magnusson await him with it.

Gordon fights through combined troops and hostile aliens to destroy the Citadel and end its invasion of Earth, raising morale among surviving humans who later stage a revolt against their occupiers. Although sometimes misunderstood as a psychotic nut, Freeman is actually an international hero who earned himself a name as “the one free man,” making quasi-messianic status among survivors of the Black Mesa incident and being recognized as such by Vortigaunts.

He works at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Gordon Freeman hails from Seattle and works as a theoretical physicist at New Mexico’s Black Mesa Research Facility – an isolated government-controlled facility conducting top-secret physics experiments – without dependents or known dependents residing with him at Black Mesa Research Facility. Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Richard Feynman are his idols – their work inspires him to become an accomplished scientist like them.

Gordon’s work at Black Mesa is disrupted when alien incursions begin after an experiment conducted by Dr. Isaac Kleiner’s team in Sector C’s Anti-Mass Spectrometer goes wrong, creating an unexpected Resonance Cascade that allows hostile alien lifeforms into the facility and attacks its residents, with Gordon quickly becoming involved in fighting to defend humanity against its destruction.

Gordon may lack formal weapons training, yet is easily outwitted by highly trained security staff. Additionally, due to his time spent working in Anomalous Physics department of the facility’s Anomalous Physics facility, he’s become adept with military hardware he found there – particularly experienced in using his BMRF HEV Suit, which allows him to work safely inside potentially hazardous environments.

The Black Mesa team eventually realizes that something on the other side of the portals is stopping them from opening, so they direct Gordon towards Lambda Complex, an atmospheric satellite launch facility located in a high-altitude satellite designed to deflect Resonance Cascade waves. Unfortunately, while traversing Lambda Complex, Gordon is forced to battle aliens, HECU troops, and covert ops assassins he comes across during his travels through it.

Gordon quickly realizes that upon reaching Lambda, the Nihilanth is at the root of Earth’s portal storms. Her death opened massive portals across Earth that attracted attention from an interdimensional army known as The Combine, thus compelling him to close them and destroy her in order to save Earth from destruction – with Alyx Vance as his loyal supporter in this endeavor.

He is a member of the Resistance.

Gordon Freeman is a 27-year-old American physicist and member of the Resistance in the Half-Life series of first-person shooter computer games. As the main protagonist, he wears a Hazardous Environment Suit that offers protection from bullets, explosives, and radioactivity, as well as his signature red and white crowbar for defense against attacks from radioactivity or bullets. Although he rarely speaks in the game himself (other than occasional pained grunts), his suit also gives AI warnings about health concerns like ammunition needs as well as environmental issues – providing AI warnings of ecological or health threats!

Half-Life follows Gordon Freeman as he discovers that humanity is being subjugated to an oppressive trans-dimensional empire known as the Combine, which has taken control of parts of the United States government, such as the Black Mesa Research Facility, and has overrun most US bases on Earth, opening portals allowing Xen creatures to invade and subjugate human society.

Freeman was trapped inside the Lambda Complex when Black Mesa was invaded by the Combine, along with members of his team. To rescue him from being lost to them for good, his teammates used a dimensional teleporter, which malfunctioned when Lamarr jumped on it; Freeman then was transported through various locations such as a wasteland, Dr. Breen’s office, an unknown underwater area, and eventually outside Dr. Kleiner’s lab, where he met G-Man who informed him he had been following him around all this while.

G-Man informed Gordon upon arriving on Xen that it would be impossible for him to return without opening more portals and gave him two choices for returning: fight off an army of aliens or accept employment with him and his employers – Gordon chose the latter and was once again transported back to Lambda Complex.

After fleeing Ravenholm, Eli Vance reunites with Barney Calhoun and Alyx Vance to attempt to reach Nova Prospekt prison and rescue Eli’s father, Eli Vance, from confinement. On their journey, they encounter various Combine gunships as well as Antlions, eventually going to Citadel, where they find a code that allows them to open portals into another dimension to save the zombified citizens of City 17 via a saving mechanism; they also discover that Combine is using teleportation matrix technology to control soldiers as well as influence public opinion; on their travels, they encounter Combine gunships as well as Antlions on their journeys.

He is a member of Aperture Science.

Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist and member of Aperture Science, finds himself fighting both hostile aliens and other humans after an experiment gone awry has caused a worldwide invasion by evil aliens. Joining the Resistance forces against an interdimensional empire. He becomes widely revered.

He is a tall, thin Caucasian man with short hair and an immaculately groomed beard who wears glasses and exudes everyman charm with Olympic-level athletic abilities. At Black Mesa Research Facility, he conducts nuclear and subatomic research through their Anomalous Materials department, as well as portal technology research designed to connect two points in space or dimensions.

On May 16th [YEAR REDACTED], Freeman took part in an experiment using the GG-3883 crystal sample in Sector C’s Anti-Mass Spectrometer. When its mechanisms were activated, this caused a Resonance Cascade, which opened transient portals leading to another dimension throughout Black Mesa – opening transient portals which unleashed hostile Xen creatures and other alien invaders who infiltrated Black Mesa via these transient portals, trapping Freeman in its middle.

After being rescued by Alyx Vance, daughter of resistance leader Eli Vance,, and shot in the chest by Alyx, Lamarr is transported by Dr. Kleiner back to Black Mesa East, where his HEV suit has been modified to his needs, and an adorable debeaked and tame Headcrab named Lamarr is brought along for company. They crawl into an underground vent together before arriving back at Black Mesa East, where Dr. Kleiner modifies another HEV suit just for Lamarr!

Lamarr causes his device used to teleport him to malfunction when he jumps on it, sending him flying across multiple locations, including wasteland, Dr. Breen’s office, an underwater area, and right outside Kleiner’s lab before eventually using a crowbar to open up a portal manually.

At City 17, Gordon displayed both technical expertise and military hardware proficiency, using it to kill numerous Combine soldiers while zombifying Civil Protection personnel during the attack on City 17. With Alyx’s help, Gordon breached one of the Combine’s footholds on Earth–the still-standing but soon-to-explode Citadel of City 17–and destroyed its dark fusion reactor to stop its teleportation capabilities and block its further attack.