Elf Who Likes to Be Humiliated Chapter 2


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Since Elf was first released, no official sequels have been created. At the same time, attempts such as Home Alone 2 and Vince Vaughn’s Fred Claus failed miserably.


Sex slavery refers to any instance where one individual is forced into sexual submission by another individual, typically through training, discipline, and humiliation from their dominant. Sex slaves may also be held for non-sexual reasons, such as money slavery, where submissives pay their dominant for items they desire, and homework slavery, where a dominant requires submissives to do their homework for them; other forms of sex slavery include body piercings, tattoos, or bondage sex.

Humiliation is an integral component of many fetishes and can be utilized in various ways to humiliate slaves. For instance, women may be made to wear diapers, have all body hair shaved off (including eyebrows), or receive henna tattoos their bodies to feel ashamed and embarrassed by themselves and their bodies. Sex slaves may also be forced to perform humiliating tasks like licking their feet or eating food off the floor – further humiliating them further!

Other forms of sex slavery may involve being tied down to a bed or couch and forced to perform sexual acts on a stool or footstool and moved to maintain journals detailing masturbation frequency, fantasies, and techniques on their website. Furthermore, they may be forced to spend specific time with their master.

Other methods used to humiliate sex slaves include placing them in a cage and showing it to “the world,” forcing them to carry an embarrassing object like a sex toy or doll around, being taken to bars or restaurants and moved into public places such as taking pictures in front of others, talking in an embarrassing way or forcing them into general discussions about themselves; or being made to comment negatively about other’s sex toys, clothes or music choices.


Theorad, Lord of the Deharem Family, purchased an elf as a sexual slave unawares, only to realize how terrifying and horrifying this new partner was! Will Theorad satisfy this frightening creature’s need for humiliation?

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AEgir, more commonly called Hler or Gymir, is a Jotunn associated with the sea and its power. He represents all aspects of the ocean’s might, from tides that wash away ships to depths that contain mysteries and dangers. Over the centuries, Aegir has become an inspiring figure in awe-inspiring art and literature, evoking fear and wonderment.

Aegir was famed for inviting gods from across Norse mythology to his feasts in an underwater hall. Along with Ran, an ocean goddess who favored treasures, Aegir ruled their spectacular realm as generous hosts who enjoyed entertaining Aesir (gods). When offered invitations by Aegir for visits to his home, none declined and were happy to drink beer (Old Norse: said).

According to legend, Aegir and Ran reside on an island known as Laeso or Hlesey and have nine daughters who represent the sea’s waves: Himinglaeva, Dufa, Blodughadda Bylgja Bara Kolga Unnr Hefring Udr – each daughter represents different aspects of ocean power from tides to fierce storms.

Before they set sail during the Viking Age, sailors would pay tribute to Ran and Aegir. Offering weapons and jewelry as tribute, sailors hoped she would bless their journey and provide safe passage at sea. This practice was meant to appease Aegir after losing a flying contest to Loki caused her to be humiliated in front of all gods.

Though considered more of a giant than a god, Aegir enjoyed an amicable relationship with the Aesir. An imposing figure who demanded respect, but not without flaws: during his rule, Aegir was responsible for the imprisonment and mutilation of Edelgard and her siblings, as well as ruling over mysterious depths within his realm, which contained dark secrets.


Literature and media portray Natia as a name associated with nature’s sublime qualities, often inspiring poems that conjure images of blooming flowers or mesmerizing light dancing on water. Meanwhile, musicians have created soulful melodies and captivating harmonies that honor Natia’s beauty and grace; its name symbolizes cultural identity and an appreciation for one’s heritage.

People named Natia are natural peacemakers striving to resolve disputes and create harmony with an idealist spiritual quality that draws them toward religion, philosophy, or alternative forms of healing like yoga and massage. Natia-named individuals possess keen observations and natural sensitivities for others’ emotions and feelings – they can often read people well without getting offended easily! Additionally, they’re generous people who love helping out.

Natia is an increasingly popular name choice among girls across cultures worldwide, including Georgia and Spain. It can be traced back to ancient Egyptian history, associated with the goddess Nuit and the eternal sky, symbolizing eternity and heaven. Furthermore, this name can often be found in Italian and Greek languages where its sound conjures images of nature or ancient goddesses.

Phil Mollon explains that when someone experiences being humiliated as being violated of their core self, the results can be as damaging as physical rape, often manifested with feelings of shame. To address this situation effectively and ensure its resolution, Mollon suggests showing empathy and understanding to address these feelings of exploitation and distress.

Natia is an exquisite name for any girl and signifies creativity and individuality, offering unique perspectives on life and leading in your own right. An intellectual with aristocratic tastes who prefers being well-dressed. Natia takes excellent care in her endeavors while possessing an intense sense of responsibility as an idealist in all they undertake.

Your character as a compassionate and kind woman inspires others to follow their dreams through humanitarianism and art. With your artistic talent, you create beautiful works of art to encourage generosity among people. You are an excellent leader with your strong willpower and independence, yet you must learn to balance your work life with your personal life.