Best Irons 2022


If you prefer the buttery feel of forged irons, these models offer serious bag appeal. With blade-shaped designs featuring thin toplines, narrow soles, and compact sizes – as well as blade-style blade irons boasting confidence-inducing workability and pinpoint shot shaping and trajectory capabilities – players’ irons from this series provide serious bag appeal.

Traditionally, this iron category has been made with thick and slightly oversized designs to maximize forgiveness and ball speed, but modern technologies mean this is no longer true.


Game-Improvers are irons tailored explicitly for high handicap golfers with larger clubheads and greater forgiveness on off-center shots, often known as “forgiving” or “better player’s” irons. Furthermore, these irons tend to be longer and provide greater distance than other irons.

These irons typically feature a lower center of gravity (CG), making them easier to hit than other types. Their giant face and perimeter weighting enhances MOI, allowing balls to travel further off each swing of their club face. Furthermore, their thinner steel face helps increase ball speed off the look – thus producing consistent flight paths and forgiveness over time.

Game-improver irons stand out with their turf interaction capabilities, especially advantageous to high-handicap golfers struggling with inconsistent contact. Turf interaction plays a particularly vital role on greens where solid communication and consistent rollout are crucial for solid playability; Mizuno MX590’s combination of wide sole design with their MainFrame technology achieves this while offering soft feel performance.

Each golf product is optimized to address various requirements; for instance, the Cleveland XP825 features a forged face and more offset that helps with forgiveness and launch distance – perfect for players with higher swing speeds who need an edge over standard irons.

Srixon ZX5 MKII irons offer mid-handicap golfers looking for forgiveness and consistency, an ideal combination. Easy to hit and with an excellent launch angle, these forged irons provide plenty of distance with minimal effort required from hitting them. Versatile enough to use in a split set where more control may be necessary at short iron lengths but more forgiveness from longer irons.

The TaylorMade Stealth HD irons are highly forgiving with an optimal launch angle and distance performance compared to standard irons. Their ultra-low center of gravity (CG) helps high handicappers hit more consistently and efficiently, which was their design goal. Unfortunately, they may not look as sleek compared to some of the other options on this list, but performance and forgiveness more than compensate for this disadvantage.

“Best Irons 2022: Game-Improver Irons

A new set of golf irons can help any golfer improve their handicap significantly, whether high, middle, or low handicappers. Our top-rated game-improver irons offer affordable solutions that will allow any golfer to shoot their best score this year – and with some practice, they will soon be playing some incredible rounds! Best of all, it will all be fun out there!

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