The Best Joe Rogan Episodes


Joe Rogan is an influential podcast host. He frequently hosts discussions with notable guests from diverse fields like politics, science, and comedy in his podcasts.

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor, has appeared several times on Rogan’s podcast and provides insightful yet humorous discussions with him.

1. Bill Burr

Bill Burr is one of America’s funniest comedians and an immensely successful podcaster. Known for his caustic wit and unrelenting honesty, which make him a sought-after guest on any podcast and an accomplished martial artist who fights fiercely for what he believes in – making him an invaluable addition. Additionally, he’s released multiple stand-up specials and hosted his Monday Morning Podcast!

This podcast episode can be pretty controversial, yet worth your time listening to. Joe and Bill discuss various topics relating to their marriages (Joe’s new wife) and being parents today, with lots of laugh-out-loud moments! Don’t miss this hilarious listen!

Bill shares some of his strange ideas in this episode, from school bus erections and ghost summoning to mathematical butt tattoos and young stand-up comedians he likes listening to and listening in on their performances for learning purposes. Bill and Joe also talk about some of their favorite marijuana strains.

This episode contains riveting discussions about space, the coyote, and Native American culture. Bill is exceptionally knowledgeable about science; together, he and Joe enjoy a strong friendship that provides them ample opportunity for fun.

2. Andrew Yang

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the premier shows available online. It features an eclectic cast of guests and merges humor with knowledge for an engaging podcast experience. One viral episode features Elon Musk, with over 67 million views on YouTube alone! However, there are many more captivating episodes worth tuning into.

Russel Brand is a fantastic guest and has a fascinating story to share. After struggling through difficult circumstances in his past, he has come out more vital than ever and works to open others’ eyes to different ideas and perspectives. Joe engages in conversations with him regarding everything from past experiences and his opinions on religion, veganism, and Donald Trump to discuss during this episode.

Dan Bolelli is an expert in Jiu-Jitsu and Native American folklore. Together, they discuss various topics, including coyote biology and life cycles; Bolelli offers his vast expertise as they discuss coyote life cycles and biology – this episode should not be missed for those interested in both nature and culture!

This episode is truly remarkable because it brings science and comedy together beautifully. Lex Fridman, an artificial intelligence researcher who thinks the world may be an elaborate simulation, joins host Dan Rather in discussing various scientific topics covered during this episode.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast boasts an eclectic lineup of guests with varied backgrounds and careers who all come together for fun and insightful conversation. One particularly engaging episode features Dr. Megan Phelps-Roper from Westboro Baptist Church. Phelps-Roper was previously associated with this hyper-Calvinist cult and hate group; she joined them during their stay. This conversation proved extremely emotional for listeners and exemplifies how the Joe Rogan Experience can bring people closer together.

3. Mike Tyson

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the premier podcasts ever created, offering insights from an impressive roster of guests across topics ranging from self-improvement to health and wellness. Listening in allows you to gain new perspectives you may never have considered – such as hearing Quentin Tarantino discuss his favorite films and Harvey Weinstein. In this episode alone, Quentin Tarantino shares his opinions with Joe on this episode!

This podcast episode has amassed over 67 million views on YouTube. Listening to it offers comedy, knowledge, and entertainment; all rolled into one great episode!

Mike Tyson is a legendary heavyweight boxer known for his eccentric behavior. In one instance, he bit off someone’s ear while keeping tigers as pets; additionally, he has had an extensive drug use history, including acid and marijuana. In this podcast, he discusses his past and how it has formed him into who he is today.

Andrew Yang is another notable guest on Joe’s podcast; a former politician and presidential candidate, he and Joe discuss various topics, including economics, politics, and current events, and share some unique ideas they both hold dear in an in-depth conversation.

Joe is an excellent podcast host who covers various subjects with keen insight. In particular, his episodes featuring Steve-O from Red Hot Chili Peppers are worth listening to, as is Graham Hancock, who is well known for his theories surrounding ancient civilizations, altered states of consciousness, and atmospheric changes.

4. Lance Armstrong

Joe Rogan has an uncanny ability to find some of the most fascinating guests for his podcast. Ranging from high-profile celebrities to experts from many disciplines, his episodes offer entertainment, comedy, and educational value that make for great listening. Joe’s shows make learning about various subjects fun!

Though most guests on his podcasts are entertaining, some provide valuable insights. The most illuminating episodes cover many subjects – from physics to psychology and more. One such episode had legendary rock climber Alex Honnold; they discussed various topics, including how to stay healthy when traveling and becoming an accomplished rock climber.

Ben Greenfield, an expert on various health topics such as biohacking, and Rogan discuss multiple strategies and experiments that may help improve life – from fighting aging to increasing testosterone; this episode is packed with actionable tips.

As your first experience of this episode is likely to be somewhat disorienting due to Elon Musk’s signature speaking style, you might initially find this rather challenging. Yet once a few chapters in, it provides incredible insight into a true entrepreneur. He discusses his experience with rocket science and SpaceX – making this a must-listen episode for fans of science. In addition, American mathematician and businessman Lex Fridman shares his perspective that our world may be an artificial simulation.

5. Sam Harriss

Sam Harris, an internationally recognized neuroscientist, author, and public intellectual, is a popular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In his interviews with Joe Rogan, he covers topics including politics, religion, and consciousness; his episode with him remains one of its most-watched episodes.

Comedian Bill Burr has made several appearances on this podcast, discussing various subjects, including his experiences as a world-class surfer and his opinions on various matters. One particularly engaging episode featured him talking with legendary big-wave surfer Shane Dorian about training for large wipeouts in dangerous waves.

Joe Rogan regularly hosts guests who possess expertise in various fields. These guests frequently discuss informative yet entertaining topics, like former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker discussing China’s rapid expansion or his views about whether our world may be a computer simulation.

An esteemed theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, discussed UFO technology and its future. Additionally, he shared his thoughts about humankind becoming a multi-planetary species.

Randall Carlson is an eminent geological and anthropological theorist who frequently discusses ancient civilizations on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Additionally, he often discusses geology and climate change with Joe. Other episodes feature entertainers such as Russell Brand, Donnell Rawlings, and Dave Chappelle for insightful discussions of comedy and social commentary.