Best iOS 16 Wallpapers Compatible With Depth Effect


With iOS 16, Apple introduced new lock screen customization features, including a depth-effect wallpaper that identifies objects within pictures and “lifts them off” of their backgrounds. These 17 best iOS 16 wallpapers are compatible with this feature.

Apple’s dynamic lock screen conceals the clock behind an element within the image for added detail and sophistication.

1. Apple Logo

Apple is an impressive tech giant with an incredible story to tell. Starting as a garage project and becoming one of the top companies worldwide, its journey has been extraordinary. One aspect that has remained consistent throughout these changes is their logo design: clean, minimalistic, and modern is always what stands out.

Wayne Morris initially designed Apple’s logo, which didn’t fit its revolutionary nature or portray its innovation or modernity well enough. To address this problem, Steve Jobs hired Rob Janoff to design something more appropriate to reflect their company’s future.

The result was the iconic bitten apple logo we know and love today, helping Apple stand out. Its sleek minimalism makes it ideal as a wallpaper image; both portrait and landscape modes feature it beautifully, while it works beautifully with the iOS 16 Depth Effect feature, which displays images on lock screens.

2. Anime Characters

iOS 16 introduced a new wallpaper feature that allows users to personalize their Lock Screen with widgets, font color/background customizations, and depth effects for their wallpapers.

If you want to use depth effects in your wallpaper, an app supporting them is required. Thankfully, there are several such options on the App Store; one is Anime X, which offers anime-based wallpapers at 4K quality compared to traditional HD and lower resolution options available elsewhere.

The Anime X app boasts impressive UI designs and animations to make your iPhone stand out. Furthermore, this application contains various categories to explore.

Anime X offers another incredible feature by allowing you to personalize your wallpaper with any of your favorite characters from popular anime series such as Tokyo Ghoul and Sailor Moon.

3. Superheroes

With iOS 16, Apple introduced us to a new way to customize our iPhone lock screens. No longer are alerts and clocks stacked atop our wallpaper; now, you can add widgets directly onto it as soon as you pick up your device! Plus, if you are jailbroken, you can even get more creative with how your wallpaper appears!

Apple’s Depth Effect feature recognizes objects in your wallpaper and lifts them in front of the clock on your lock screen, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. To commemorate this cool new feature, we’ve curated some depth effect wallpapers featuring our favorite superheroes for you.

These wallpapers work with iOS 16’s Depth Effect feature. To explore additional choices, tap Lock Screen Wallpaper into your Settings app; there, you’ll find dynamic astronomy and weather backgrounds, photo album shuffles, and themed wallpapers such as Pride and Unity.

iOS 16 features an easy and enjoyable emoji wallpaper maker to give your screen something fun and playful! Simply combine any combination of six emojis (up to six per design), and it will lay them out automatically into spirals or grids, depending on which preset configurations you select.

4. Birds

One of the iPhone’s signature lock screen features is its dynamic depth effect. This unique effect artfully conceals the clock behind a prominent element within a photograph, giving a fantastic 3-D impression. Unfortunately, not all wallpapers suit this effect well – this list of 17 iOS 16 depth effect wallpapers should help you choose an image suitable for you!

This breathtaking wallpaper of a bird in flight provides a peaceful and soothing backdrop. It’s an effective way to relax after experiencing stressful events in life – you can almost hear its gentle wings flapping away the stress!

This picture of a building is another stunning wallpaper that uses the depth effect. Although its image itself is gorgeous, the impact of depth takes it even further.

DC Comics fans will adore this Batman lock screen wallpaper as a playful way of showing their fandom and connecting to the Perspective Zoom effect when unlocking their device.

5. Buildings

Depth Effect, an iOS 16 feature, makes iPhone wallpapers look more incredible. It detects objects within your picture, “lifts” them off their backgrounds, and positions them directly in front of your clock, creating an eye-catching lock screen experience. Finding wallpapers compatible with this feature may be challenging, but we love a few that’ll add dimension: Deep effect wallpapers will bring any lock screen to life!

The lock screen of your iPhone is an indispensable part of the experience, enabling you to personalize its display with dynamic astronomy and weather backgrounds, photo album shuffles, widgets, and more. Additionally, it’s a great way of showing your personality, whether you love animals with photos of your pet on it or are an avid follower of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things by setting an image from it as your wallpaper.

Changing your wallpaper is straightforward with iOS 16; all it requires is heading into Settings and tapping “Wallpaper” before choosing from the Gallery options available.

6. Batman

iOS 16 offered users an exciting depth effect feature to personalize their lock screen wallpapers. Using AI algorithms, this feature isolates subjects in photos from their backdrops to give your lock screen a 3D-like appearance – advantageous with photographs with precise subjects against uncluttered backgrounds. Apple also included an easy emoji patterned option.

As well as new wallpaper options, your lock screen now supports widgets, which you can add by swiping down on your home screen and selecting “Edit.” This makes accessing frequently-used features faster and more straightforward; additionally, you can create a Just Press Record widget so that recordings can start immediately without unlocking your device.

Lock screen widgets allow you to customize their style, including font, colors, and animation. There are various premade options, such as iOS 16 style looks or dynamic options to suit timely themes such as pride or unity. Apple has recently updated its Now Playing widget design to take up less space while still showing music cover art.

7. Anonymous

Lock screens are an integral way of expressing yourself, and iOS 16 gives you plenty of ways to do just that. From choosing wallpaper that reflects your hobbies or even religion to adding widgets for quick access to specific apps or information without unlocking your phone – the options are virtually limitless!

iOS 16’s depth effect gives your images a more realistic appearance, perfect for lock screen wallpapers, making pictures appear three-dimensional and immersive.

There are a few apps you can use to find beautiful depth effect lock screen wallpapers quickly. While these apps may be free to download and use, some may offer in-app purchases for an ad-free experience or additional premium wallpapers.

Apple’s lock screen is excellent but lacks as many customization options as Android. Thankfully, third-party apps provide iPhone wallpapers – some even allow you to create custom emoji patterns!