Best Indian Restaurant Near Me in NYC


This restaurant specializes in authentic Indian fare prepared at home, such as lamb dishes and the famous classic naan bread.

This cafeteria-style eatery has become widely known for serving some of the best South Indian cuisine in NYC, catering to Hindu devotees and non-Hindus who appreciate its succulent cuisine.

Temple Canteen

Temple Canteen in Flushing serves some of the finest South Indian food in NYC. Popular among both Hindus and non-Hindus alike, local South Indians and non-Hindus alike enjoy eating here for dishes like fluffy media vada with green coconut chutney and fiery sambar; other menu highlights include ghee-roasted lamb kabobs and uttapam (fried rice flour crepe filled with spiced potatoes onions cilantro chilies) for quick meals on-the-go; try their Tiffins instead for quick meals to go.

Junoon’s kitchen is overseen by Manish Mehrotra, one of India’s premier chefs. He brings traditional Indian spices and cooking methods together with a modern sensibility. This is evident in every dish at this sleek interior restaurant with an open kitchen and minimalist decor that puts the food front and center. Enjoy drinks at their bar, offering an assortment of boozy beverages and flavorful Indian cocktails.

Bushwick residents flock to this cozy restaurant for its welcoming ambiance and wide selection of authentic Indian cuisine ranging from classic dishes like chicken curry to more unique offerings like peppers stuffed with sweet potato and hearts of palm in warm saffron sauce. Furthermore, this eatery boasts an outstanding wine selection and unparalleled service.


GupShup (Hindi for gossip or chitchat) is a pleasant bi-level space serving updated Indian fare to the refined palates of Manhattan. The restaurant features exquisite design details such as an elaborate wall of 3000 silver disks that mimics Mumbai office workers bringing home-cooked lunch to work each day; similarly, their thoughtful menu goes beyond classics like sag paneer and chicken vindaloo to offer something new and unexpected to their patrons.

For those who enjoy sipping cocktails, the bar’s carefully selected list offers cocktails inspired by Indian flavors and ingredients, such as masala chai with toasted cardamom and turmeric; the Maharaja Jam and Regal Cinema Negroni stand out among similar options available anywhere else due to their hint of Darjeeling tea in each.

GupShup’s dining room is an eye-candy of jewel-hued textiles and vibrant art by local artist Karishma Naran – including her mural. Additionally, there’s even a wall full of black-and-white glamour shots! GupShup excels at offering approachability rarely found among high-end restaurants.

It can be easy to become preoccupied with Instagram-worthy trends in cities like Mumbai. Visitors can escape that reality while sampling delicious cuisine such as sag paneer or satisfying samosas.

If you’re craving something beyond chicken tikka masala and naan, Jaz Indian Cuisine in Hell’s Kitchen should be on your radar. Owned and run by the same team responsible for Lower East Side favorites Semma and Adda, their approach to Indian cuisine goes well beyond your standard chicken tikka masala and naan fare with vindaloos featuring smoked mutton to puchkas filled with curd rice mousse and smoked salmon filling.


Vatan, meaning “motherland,” has long been considered a leader in Indian vegetarian cuisine. Situated in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood and serving an exquisite prix-fixe thali menu showcasing Gujarat cuisine since 1998, now owned by Prashant Shah since 2014 as part of his legendary restaurateur empire, it also offers Kosher options suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free diets.

The interior of this restaurant has been exquisitely designed to evoke an Indian village courtyard, featuring four dining areas, including an outdoor balcony that looks out onto the main room. Lighting illuminates each space while fake banyan tree and trompe l’oeil painting add a sense of exoticism; menu offerings include traditional thali platters and non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade.

One of the most beloved menu items is the thali, featuring eight to ten dishes in their compartments on a large metal plate. Accompanied by roti or puri flatbread and papadam (thin lentil wafers), you can order your thali with mild, medium, or spicy heat depending on your preferred heat level – choose according to taste! You may find dishes such as chole (chickpeas cooked with garam masala), bhaji with sauteed spinach and corn, Gujarati masala potatoes batkanu sak (potato dumplings served with yogurt and chutney), and Ragda PATIS (crispy potato cutlets served with yogurt and chutney).

Dessert options at Kheer are sweet rice pudding. Enjoying it after an incredible meal makes for the perfect family-friendly ending, so it is an ideal place for date nights and group dinners.

Tamarind Tribeca

Visit this restaurant if you want an exquisite Indian cuisine experience in an atmospheric, contemporary space. Their delicious food and service are unparalleled; don’t miss their famous lamb chops!

As Avtar Walia opened Tamarind Tribeca as an individual entity from its Flatiron original in 2012, his ambition was grand: He wanted to elevate the Indian diner far beyond its humble origins toward exemplary dining excellence.

Wid Chapman, one of New York’s acclaimed architects, was hired to design the space and menu. Chapman created an eye-catching design featuring acres of warm Brazilian teak wood flooring, a marble bar top, and stairs leading to a mezzanine. There are 175 seats in total in the dining room, which boasts natural sunlight throughout the day.

The menu at this branch is more extensive than that offered at Flatiron, covering cooking traditions from Punjab, Goa, and Hyderabad. Chefs and waitstaff work to present this richness of Indian culinary diversity with contemporary dining sensibility and sophistication.

Although its aspirations are lofty, the restaurant often finds itself understaffed during peak times. The dining room can become packed with South Asian groups around midday; service is friendly, however. Menu selection includes Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Grilled Lamb Curry, Malai Halibut, Gulab Jamun, and Ginger Ice Cream, which are tasty options to please all diners.

Avtar Walia’s restaurant became an instantaneous hit upon its debut, drawing celebrities such as Robert Redford, Taylor Swift, and Uma Thurman as regulars. Widely considered the godfather of American high-end Indian dining – reservations must be made well in advance!

Patiala Indian Grill

New York City offers an abundance of delicious cuisine, but Indian food stands out as particularly notable due to its intricate, flavorful dishes steeped in India’s vibrant cultural history. From fine dining eateries to authentic street vendors, there is something to satisfy everyone regarding authentic Indian dining experiences. There may be many Indian restaurants in NYC to choose from when searching for your ideal place for authentic Indian food. Still, these five spots will ensure an incredible culinary adventure awaits you.

Jaz Indian Cuisine is an elegant dining venue offering luxurious settings and an exquisite wine list. Combining modern sensibilities with time-honored tradition, Jaz provides an unforgettable dining experience ideal for dining with someone special or romantic date nights. Their impeccable service and delicious dishes make Jaz an excellent pick – try their Kadai Paneer stuffed peppers filled with sweet potatoes and hearts of palm or their butter scallops served alongside cauliflower and sea beans for the best Indian experience!

Junoon, located in New York’s Flatiron District, is another high-end Indian restaurant that provides magnificent dishes. Perfect for romantic dinner dates or special celebrations, its decor draws inspiration from Indian markets. At the same time, the food is delectable – don’t miss the Macher Dim (crispy Bengali fish roe fritters). A must-try!

Spice Symphony is an innovative Indian restaurant that balances tradition with innovation in its cuisine. Through their creative plating and masterful use of spices, they provide a deliciously modern take on classic dishes while pushing flavor combinations forward – an ideal destination for anyone wanting to discover something new!