YessWorks Goregaon – 271 Business Park


RefWorks Goregaon-271 Business Park can be found on the 1st floor, 271 Business Park Model Industrial Estate near Virwani Industrial Estate off Western Express Highway Vishveshwar Nagar Goregaon East Mumbai, approximately 3.98 kilometers from Andheri railway station.

Offices for professional, administrative, or technology firms or organizations. Banks, brokerage firms, and financial services offices. Bank-affiliated outpatient care facilities with labs typically located on-site.

1. Location

The Village of East Hills has created a Business Park District under Chapter 271, Zoning, to facilitate the proper location and development of uses that are compatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods. The Business Park District’s purpose is to encourage commercial and industrial development that will promote economic growth while simultaneously increasing employment opportunities and enriching the quality of life in East Hills Village.

Buildings constructed within the boundaries of the Business Park District cannot be built, altered, or renovated until approved by the Village Board of Trustees in accordance with SS 271-253 of this article, and any applications for permits shall undergo environmental review according to State Environmental Quality Review Act (6 NYCRR Part 617) and applicable state laws.

RefWorks Goregaon – 271 Business Park Model Industrial Estate on 1st floor near Virwani Industrial Estate near Western Express Highway Vishveshwar Nagar Goregaon East Mumbai Maharashtra 400063 is approximately 3.24 kilometers away from Azad Nagar Metro Station and 4.98 from Andheri railway station.

3. Security

Business parks are homes to many businesses and, therefore, are susceptible to security threats such as vandalism and theft. Since these spaces contain valuable equipment and many visitors, these business parks become targets of crimes that not only compromise businesses but also threaten lives. Therefore, responsible management professionals at business parks must take measures to secure their premises and offer comprehensive security measures to their tenants.

The Board of Trustees finds that the inclusion of the Business Park District within Chapter 271, Zoning, of this Village Code of East Hills is consistent with its comprehensive plan of land use and development and in line with SS 271-2 of this article. All wiring, feed lines, and energy sources for any buildings located within this District shall be placed underground.

All buildings within the Business Park District shall submit and get approval from the Village for their site plans, which shall contain information such as owner of record name/address/date/north arrow/scale information.

4. Parking

Kimley-Horn designed utility service connections suspended within the Atlantic Station parking deck structure as well as stormwater detention in its tower footprint for 271 Business Park Goregaon for maximum parking convenience and office tenant convenience.

RefWorks Goregaon – 271 Business Park can be found on 1st floor, 271 Business Park Model Industrial Estate near Virwani Industrial Estate off Western Express Highway Vishveshwar Nagar Goregaon East Mumbai Maharashtra India, with Azad Nagar Metro Station nearby.

5. Amenities

Offices for business, professional, and administrative firms and organizations; retail offices such as banks and brokerage firms; hospital-affiliated outpatient care facilities (ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient clinics, and imaging/research centers customarily found within medical facilities); all other uses permitted within a BPD-CC District provided that such uses are clearly accessory and incidental to one of its principal uses and located within one main building for ease of employee use of said main use;

Restaurants and cafeterias intended for exclusive use by tenants of a principal use may be subject to the standards and requirements set forth in SS 271-245 for special use permits; childcare facilities used exclusively by employees of such principal uses on-site may also fall within this criteria; these must comply with all relevant SS 271-245 provisions regarding special permit issues.

Parking Facilities.

Section 230-273 Parking and loading facilities must conform with the standards outlined here and meet the requirements set out in Sections 230-261. Applicants are required to submit a design manual along with their land development application that demonstrates how their facility complies with these standards.

Landscaped buffers, pedestrian walkways, and attractive public spaces should be integrated into a site to support high-quality office and light manufacturing uses that offer world-class tenants various amenities on-site while creating quality jobs for Township residents. Furthermore, adequate transportation infrastructure should also be included on-site to promote efficient circulation around the community while decreasing traffic congestion and emissions; development bonuses are available to encourage this type of amenity.

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