Pathways Learning Centre


Pathways Learning Centre offers children a rich learning experience while their parents build job skills. This program is situated within a women’s shelter and features a complete preschool curriculum.

Clear Pathways’ educational solutions focus on the root causes of learning issues instead of simply tutoring; we utilize techniques that train the brain and transform students’ learning.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Personalized learning allows for more individual engagement with content on an individual basis, giving each student more freedom and motivation to dive in at their own pace and master it more quickly. As a result, learning becomes more engaging for all and can keep students more interested and engaged due to this approach.

Personalized learning paths allow students to build upon their strengths and interests while receiving support when they encounter difficulty. While IEPs usually focus on deficits, customized learning paths allow students to balance goals with skills and abilities.

Clear Pathways utilizes various tutoring and learning techniques to tailor learning specifically to each learner, such as assessing and treating the root causes of reading issues rather than simply teaching skills. Through this approach, many of their students with dyslexia or autism have made significant educational progress. As a result, moving them from non-readers to independent readers – something many never thought was possible before! They now experience greater levels of happiness in life as a result.

Nurturing Care

Nurturing care is a life-course approach to child and youth development that mitigates adverse circumstances, enhances resilience, and fosters human capital accumulation. It includes protective environments, economic security, educational opportunities, responsive social-emotional relationships, and mental health services as its components.

Pathways Merrymeeting Center provides an array of educational and therapeutic activities designed to address the developmental needs of children with complex behavioral and developmental challenges, such as education instruction, speech/language services, and physical therapy provided by certified special education teachers, licensed psychologists, and speech/language pathologists.

Clear Pathways Learning Services provides tutoring and learning techniques that have assisted many students, including those with dyslexia or autism, in developing better comprehension and memory skills. Their methods draw upon neuroscience of learning principles such as visualization, meditation, and neuro-linguistic programming to enhance learning for their clients – including those who had never before been successful at reading or spelling! Traditional methods were shown to be less effective.

Experienced Teachers

Educators in this role assist institutions with keeping up with the latest learning innovation developments. They may mentor academic technology professionals or research student-centered learning methods and teaching methodologies. Furthermore, these mid-level positions typically hold master’s or higher degrees.

Pathways Early Learning Center provides children a safe and welcoming program while their mothers seek employment. Their teachers are experienced professionals committed to meeting the emotional needs of each child, and the program offers an STEAM curriculum explicitly customized for each child’s developmental requirements.

Clear Pathways employs tutoring techniques such as Lindamood-Bell, Fast Forward, interactive metronome, and listening programs for tutoring purposes. Their clients have reported that these techniques have helped them overcome learning challenges while enriching their lives. Furthermore, this center offers education services for young people unable to attend traditional schools due to medical requirements, mental health requirements, or other exceptional circumstances.

Integrating the Arts & Sciences

Adult learners need to see the value in what they’re learning to see it through, which is why internal motivation is such an integral component of Pathways, as are tangible experiences like practicing managing difficult audience members with other club members acting as disrupters. Projects like “How a speaker manages difficult audience members” allow participants to practice dealing with real-life challenges by practicing handling challenging crowd members like other club members acting out a disruptive audience role in front of other club members who act as actual disruptive audience members.

Pathways provides comprehensive student support, from academic and career services, undergraduate research opportunities, national scholarships and fellowships, pre-health advising, and experiential learning to accessing clinicians who prioritize students’ needs.

Pathways’ team of instructors is specially trained in teaching individual learning styles. Sessions offered include activities that can either be added to existing curriculum or taken as stand-alone modules; for instance, cartoonist Jerzy Drozd leads a session on using minicomics in curricula; this hands-on activity helps reduce the risk associated with drawing while building confidence through practice and experimentation.

Flexible Schedule

Pathways offers you a unique opportunity to travel across the country and gain leadership experience while developing career-enhancing skills – all for FREE!

Lifelong learning skills are indispensable in an increasingly fast-changing and time-demanding environment. They enable us to plan, focus attention, recall information, and manage multiple tasks efficiently – essential skills that Pathways students develop alongside their core academic classes.

Students can explore their passions through classes, groups, and activities provided by our trained peer staff, therapists, and community volunteers. Atasha enjoyed learning to knit a scarf at Laurel Hill Center and attending opera.

All flexible pathways experiences are evaluated against CVSU proficiency-based graduation requirements and become part of a learner’s transcript. Transportation and costs related to these opportunities are individually assessed as funding permits and provided to learners as funding allows.