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NET Health is dedicated to making life better in northeast Texas. They recognize that community needs change over time, so their focus lies on home health and hospice services.

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Net Health is an innovative EHR partner, providing software solutions and healthcare analytics. Their EHR programs help restorative care providers streamline operations and enhance outcomes.

Patient Portal

Patient portals allow patients to gain access to their health records and communicate with healthcare providers online, offering an efficient method for them to stay connected with their care teams. Unfortunately, patient-generated data such as appointment reminders and surveys may not always make it into EHR systems. Therefore, an action plan must be developed for managing any information collected by portals.

Safety net health systems that serve a large population of low-income and limited English proficient (LEP) patients are taking the lead in introducing patient portals. Although they promise to improve engagement and outcomes, how to successfully implement one that includes all safety net populations remains unclear.

Step one addresses any barriers preventing safety net patients from using their portals, such as unnecessary process barriers for enrolling and redesigning engagement materials with safety net patient perspectives in mind or providing flexible proxy access mechanisms. Such changes will increase participation rates significantly.

Portals should also be used to connect patients with social services based on their needs, as determined by social determinants of health. For example, if a patient is food insecure, the portal could provide them with local resources or offer to deliver food directly.

Patients need timely and helpful responses to their inquiries, which requires dedicated clinical staff who understand that an online message cannot replace a phone call or in-person visit. Furthermore, clinicians should realize when an answer cannot be provided digitally and be ready to explain its limitations when answering digitally.

Net Health provides SaaS-based electronic health records and practice management software solutions tailored for specialized outpatient care, including EHR programs, healthcare analytics, and clinical workflow documentation for vital therapy and wound care professionals. Their integrated software solutions empower them to improve patient outcomes while driving revenue cycle performance.

Member Online Account

The Member Online Account at Nethealth login provides members with an easy and secure way to access their health information. They can check benefits, manage spending accounts, contact their health concierge for help with healthcare needs, or get advice with one sign-on.

Net Health Systems is a SaaS-based electronic health record and practice management software provider for outpatient specialized care facilities. Their suite of software provides end-to-end services, including clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management, and analytics in areas such as urgent care, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, and language therapy, as well as employee health & workplace medicine facilities – helping strengthen patient care, outcomes and facility performance for clients across the United States.

NET Health focuses on aiding restorative caregivers in navigating the complex healthcare landscape and delivering optimal patient outcomes. Their comprehensive EHR software and healthcare data analytics empower clinicians to focus on what matters while eliminating cumbersome documentation requirements that divert them from patient experience.

Beginning September 26th, Health Net members must re-register for their member online account to remain members. Re-registration requires a member number (found on the back of their Health Net ID card) and a valid email address to improve member experience across devices.

Kevin Eltife has been honored as the 2023 recipient of the W. T. “Doc” Ballard Award, honoring a long-time Tylerite who made an impactful difference through volunteer service in northeast Texas and protected public health and safety. This prestigious award recognizes someone making an impactful difference through volunteerism in their local community each year.


HealtheConnections at nethealth login is a regional health information exchange (HIE) serving Central New York. It offers free resources that make collaboration between physicians, hospitals, public health and human services organizations, mental health professionals, consumers, and insurers easier – leading to enhanced patient care, population health improvements, and reduced healthcare costs.

HIE offers a secure, interoperable network for exchanging clinical information between providers and enabling healthcare providers to access consolidated patient medical records via a provider portal – helping improve patient safety and reduce duplicative services, medication errors, and other healthcare-related problems.

HealtheConnections, as an accredited healthcare organization, plays a crucial role in the New York Statewide Healthcare Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). HealtheConnections’ HITRUST CSF v9.5 certification ensures that its data meets the highest security standards – an integral element to meeting Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges.

Crystal Run Healthcare is part of HealtheConnections, giving us access to patient medical records from various healthcare organizations such as hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies. Once patients consent, this information can be electronically shared across organizations for more efficient coordination between care providers to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

HealtheConnections at nethealth login provides healthcare professionals with many other features designed specifically for their profession, such as their Multi-Exposure Tracking feature, which provides a safe and convenient method to administer, document, and track multiple immunizations – helping meet state and national compliance requirements efficiently.

HealtheConnections is a regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) located in Central New York that serves 11 counties. As one of the largest HIEs in New York State, they offer trusted and valued services that support healthcare transformation and efficiency initiatives towards better care, improved population health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs. They specialize in providing impartial HIE services* as well as EHR adoption technical and meaningful use advisement and community and population health improvement initiatives – this makes HealtheConnections one of the premier HIEs available today.

Mobile App

Net Health is a committed partner in restorative healthcare, focused on supporting caregivers across all aspects of healthcare delivery. They provide electronic health records (EHR) software solutions and healthcare analytics designed to support recovery and rehabilitation processes – giving clinicians more time to focus on what matters: helping patients recover quickly while improving outcomes.

The Optima Health mobile app gives you convenient, safe access to your health data wherever you are – on iOS and Android devices. Download it, enter your member number from your Health Net ID card, and log in.

NET Health is a SaaS provider of integrated electronic health records (EHR) and practice management software for outpatient care facilities. Their software helps providers enhance patient outcomes, revenue cycle performance, and facility operations by automating clinical workflow documentation and data analytics. Their clients include urgent care facilities, wound care providers, physical therapy practices, speech & language therapy offices, occupational therapy clinics, as well as employee health/workplace medicine facilities with investors including The Riverside Company based out of Tyler, Texas, where it was first founded back in 1996.

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