Major League Baseball Plays Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, For the Second Year in a Row


Major League Baseball returned this year as an homage to the 1989 movie for a regular-season game in Iowa’s Cornfield. The event proved immensely successful.

This year’s matchup will feature Cincinnati Reds versus Chicago Cubs and air live on FOX at 6:00 PM ET.

Due to construction, this year’s game won’t take place on the Field of Dreams movie site as planned. An $80 million development project began in September 2022 that will ultimately create a permanent stadium, nine youth baseball/softball fields, team dorms, jogging trails, and a boutique hotel.

The Movie

Kevin Costner made one of his finest films of the late eighties and early nineties, “Field of Dreams,” during his reign as Hollywood’s biggest star during that era – Dances with Wolves, A Perfect World, and JFK were all hits during that era; but none captured Kevin Costner as an actor quite like it – field of dreams captures his essence as an actor more effectively than this film did. It tells the tale of a father trying to make amends for past errors by building a baseball diamond in his cornfield, eventually drawing in baseball greats such as Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe Jackson plays him!

This film is not about baseball in its true sense but focuses on family and how baseball connects people. Having been released 30 years ago and still frequently played on TV, audiences still respond positively to it today. Appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds and being about something so straightforward adds even further appeal for broad audiences.

As a baseball fan myself, I was thrilled when Major League Baseball announced plans for something extra particular this year to commemorate the anniversary of its movie, Dyersville Iowa Farm, where filming took place for a spectacular night of baseball that will be watched by millions worldwide.

Last year, at Yankee Stadium’s movie night event, they played to an all-sold-out crowd; this year will be different as players and fans gather on the field where it all happened from their movie of choice.

My son and I will attend the game, making this evening memorable. Having visited the site of the movie many times before, this place never ceases to amaze baseball enthusiasts and those who love this film.

The Site

MLB has hosted two particular regular season games at the actual site where Field of Dreams was shot in Dyersville, Iowa, for several seasons. Each has been an overwhelming success – drawing record ad revenues and thus setting up additional particular games at this landmark site in future seasons.

Frank Thomas and his partners purchased the movie site a year ago, planning to transform it into a youth baseball and softball complex that may eventually include a hotel.

Construction at the Field of Dreams site began in September 2022 on an $80 million development project, including an initial phase – a permanent 3,000-seat ballpark constructed around MLB Field – as part of an $80 million total development effort that also includes nine youth baseball and softball fields, team dorm facility, jogging trails, an RV park, and boutique hotel.

With the success of Field of Dreams games, this new development should generate even more revenue for the site. As well as a stadium, there will also be official MLB merchandising trailers and an online store selling event-specific merchandise – including “strong rumblings” that Giants players might join them at some point for one or more games held there.

Giants’ participation in a Field of Dreams game would be a tremendous honor and pay proper tribute to Mays, a beloved character from the film who frequently visited the set. The game should be lively – 350 feet between home plate and dead center expected at the minimum distance between bat and ball! And with good weather on deck, it should create an ideal setting for fans to experience an extraordinary evening of Major League Baseball!

The Game

On August 11, 2022, in Dyersville, Iowa – made famous by the 1989 baseball movie Field of Dreams – the second annual Field of Dreams game was held for real. Pitting Chicago White Sox against New York Yankees with both teams sporting retro-style uniforms as a nod to Kevin Costner’s film that inspired it, both teams emerged from a row of corn in the right field to match what appeared in its original scene in right field as was shown during pregame ceremony.

The event was an unqualified success, broadcast live on Fox with Joe Buck and John Smoltz providing play-by-play commentary. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says regular season games will likely be held there again.

If you haven’t seen Field of Dreams before, it is an exceptional baseball drama with comedy elements and an inspiring message of hopefulness. While its sentimentality may make for good entertainment, its ironic pragmatism shines through as Ray decides to charge tourists $20 each to visit his Field of Dreams.

This movie also has an air of magic that elevates it beyond typical sports entertainment. Scenes featuring an incredible rainbow overshadowing a baseball field are powerful and moving; we even get an uplifting glimpse into heaven! This tale makes for an entertaining and uplifting cinematic experience and remains one of the most beloved baseball films ever produced.

Shortly after the film was released, Lansing Family Farm quickly became a destination for thousands of visitors each year. The field used in the movie sits on their property; close by lies the original farmhouse. Since its release, Field of Dreams has become a beloved American classic, now designated a National Historic Landmark.

The Field of Dreams Game was an enjoyable and nostalgic event that brought fans out in droves, paying homage to the film that helped make its namesake ballpark famous. If you want to attend another such game at this iconic locale, visit BetMGM to view betting lines first.

The Finale

Last year, Major League Baseball scored big with its inaugural Field of Dreams Game held at Dyersville, Iowa – the scene of the movie itself. This event garnered 5.87 million viewers on FOX and became the most-viewed regular season MLB game since 2005. Additionally, White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson gave fans a truly unforgettable show by hitting his walk-off home run into a cornfield near right field that they or their viewers will not soon forget.

Field of Dreams will not return this season due to ongoing construction at its site. An $80 million development project began in September 2022 and includes plans for a permanent 3,000-seat MLB field, nine youth baseball and softball fields, team dorms, jogging trails, team dorms, boutique hotel accommodations, an RV park, as well as an outdoor amphitheater.

The Field of Dreams Game’s stadium is linked directly to the movie fields and farmhouse through a corn maze pathway, and players entering are escorted by police as they must go through a removable section of fence in the right area, just as in the movie. Tickets sell quickly, with resale prices reaching as much as $4,000.

This year’s Field of Dreams Game will pit the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs against each other, instead of last year when played on Friday. Both teams will wear throwback uniforms to celebrate 12 years since its release.

Although some of the missed opportunities in the film may be tragic, its story encourages audiences to overcome their regrets and move forward with life. Moonlight Graham serves as an exemplar of this in his lifelong dedication to helping others while feeling guilt over unfulfilled goals for himself. Additionally, this movie suggests viewing our parents as individuals instead of mere summations of past mistakes and failures; viewing them this way allows us to forgive past transgressions and release guilt associated with aging parents.