Duck Game Review


Duck Game is an exhilaratingly fast-paced party game with plenty of weapons and trophies for everyone involved. To earn the That’s My Boy trophy, players must make one player win 49 rounds and then allow another player to win 50 straight times without stopping!

Demolitionist ducks can plant bombs that count down until their explosion, making it more difficult for geese to figure out who killed whom. Furthermore, this role allows bodies to be hidden in remote spots where geese cannot investigate.


Duck Game is one of the most outrageous multiplayer video games and is truly enjoyable to play. Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime once said, “If it isn’t fun, why bother.” When given the right setting and context, Landon Podbielski’s inventive duck wrestling game sets a new standard in multiplayer gaming entertainment.

Duck Game, created for Ouya by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim, offers up to four players an enjoyable 2D action-fighting experience in an arena-like television show setting. Each round pits you against another player in a random stage where up to four weapons may spawn randomly – from shotguns and revolvers to creative missile launchers, net guns, mind control rays, saxophones, and magnet guns! You decide what weapons you grab during each battle round!

Duck Game’s simple controls make it instantly accessible for players of all ages to pick up and play now, from young children to adults. There are basic movement, jumping, grabbing, and death fake-out buttons; as well as a handy “ragdoll mode”, allowing players to fake their end when faced with enemies seeking their death; there’s even an off-screen quacking button where you can let out your inner maniac!

This game moves unprecedentedly, featuring strange weapons and an eccentric aesthetic that makes playing with others fun. A series of single-player challenges also provide additional content and unlockable cosmetic hats; however, most players prefer multiplayer sessions over any single-player challenges.


Ducks are iconic figures in fiction and video games, often featured with extensive, comprehensive bills, dome-shaped heads, and flat feet. Ducks can usually occupy various roles like detectives, doctors, cartoonists, or detectives; several Pokemon species, like Psyduck and Farfetch, even represent ducks! A prominent role was also played by ducks in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past when one transported Link between eight locations.

Duck Hunt was a viral NES video game featuring unnamed ducks that players could shoot by pointing an NES Zapper gun peripheral at the screen. It sold over one million units.

Ducks may be found throughout Gielinor, yet they can sometimes be hard to come by. Players do not need to hunt these animals unless their bones become depleted; however, players can hunt these ducks as food sources in Runescape’s Gielinor.

Duck Game is a 2D duck-themed platformer-shooter fighting game developed by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim Games. First available for the Ouya console in 2014, followed by the PC in 2015. Players battle opponents through various levels to succeed in this fast-paced multiplayer experience.

This game boasts a diverse arsenal of weapons and an engaging character customization feature with customizable skin color and tone options. Inspired by 1980s cartoons, its visual style can also be altered. An interesting aspect is its menu screen, where players must physically move the character through a virtual character selection area to move through. Furthermore, its unique physics system handles weapon handling differently from other titles, making this a must-play experience for action-adventure fans with an eye for quirkiness!


Duck Game is an arcade gunplay game featuring up to four players competing against one another in an arena and shooting each other until only one remains standing to claim victory in a round. Each stage can be randomly generated on-demand with different layouts and weapons.

Duck Game boasts an arsenal of weapons, from magnetic claws that can snag feathers to shotguns, revolvers, pistols, muskets, swords, and the supremely satisfying grenades that you pop the pin on before throwing at opponents to powerups like booby traps, explosives mines, and audio scramblers to obscure opponents’ controls.

As with real life, weapons behave unexpectedly in this game – for instance, grenades can be picked up and rethrown at you with just as much force when initially launched; similarly, muskets and blunderbusses require long reload animations after shooting; forgetting this step could prove deadly; there’s even something called the Portal Gun which emits orange portals which may prove helpful depending on how often one lands nearby – though luck plays a part here too if standing on one at precisely the right moment!

The game is great fun with some interesting physics that add to its enjoyment, including chainsaw-sliding along the ground or using your flamethrower to strike back at other players if they dare hide behind you or try and cover themselves up by hiding behind something! Additionally, a trip action lets you knock ducks from a far distance down if they dare run into your path; plus, the Plutonian Blaster’s slow projectile can cause instant roasting of unwary opponents! However, fire is an effective weapon against feathered foes alike, while Plutonian Blaster’s slow shot can cause instant roasting if caught unaware by fire;


Weapons like pistols, flamethrowers, and Roman Candles may seem out of place in such an irreverent game as Duck Game; however, these weapons add great flavor to its combat and can even be combined in unexpected ways with other items to create exciting encounters. Furthermore, Duck Game features other unique elements to give each battle its personality: for instance, players can choose an amusing duck hat for use during each match, which serves no practical purpose but helps create its signature atmosphere.

As you progress in levels, other accessories and toys can be acquired as you level up. Some are decorative; others assist in battle. Sniper rifles and machine guns, which can be fired with one button press, are potent tools; however, their range may limit how far you can shoot at enemies simultaneously.

Duck Game is an enjoyable multiplayer shooter featuring quick thrills and silly silliness. Though its limited space doesn’t lend itself to deep strategic planning or detailed approaches to battle, it’s compact stages and a wide array of weapons help make each match memorable.

Duck Game’s gameplay remains highly engaging without additional weapon types or arenas, yet still allows for plenty of discovery when unlocking new items and learning how to utilize them effectively. Indeed, that discovery period itself is one of the great joys of Duck Game.


Duck Game is an exhilarating multiplayer shooter best enjoyed with friends and online strangers. Additionally, its quirky arcade-style challenges showcase its absurd style of gameplay; chainsaw races to rocket boost traversal prove how powerful you are when put to the Challenge Arcade’s test!

Duck Game lacks much in terms of the campaign, yet it is still packed with plenty of multiplayer action. Up to four players can duke it out using various weapons (and non-weapons) across randomly generated maps; one hit can end your journey as soon as another duck hits you, with intermissions every ten rounds for score updates.

Duck Game’s main draw is its multiplayer component, which doesn’t diminish its hat-themed fun. From Nerf rifles and saxophone bazookas to duck-shaped headgear ranging from Nerf rifle sniper rifles and even saxophone bazookas, there is an array of creative duck-themed headwear available for you to explore – some more valuable than others. Yet, all are just fun to try on and wear!

The game has additional challenges, including unlocking the “Right on Time” trophy for beating all Challenge Arcade machines on one profile within a set period. Chancy, an NPC duck running the Challenge Arcade, offers tickets earned through winning his challenges as gameplay Modifiers or new hats, though these challenges aren’t as enjoyable.