Dallas Cowboys Cake Topper


Make your cake look professional for less! This edible image comes on a frosting sheet (not rice paper) and is produced right here in America.

Each case of 12 toppers is perfect for birthdays, tailgating events, watch parties, and retirements.

Please be aware that neither copyrighted nor trademarked images are for sale, only their designs.

What is a cake topper?

Cake toppers are decorative pieces meant to adorn cakes. Made from plastic, wood, or even glass materials, cake toppers add an elegant finishing touch and provide keepsakes for any party or special event.

A successful cake topper should communicate its message without becoming overly dramatic or taking over the spotlight. For instance, wedding cake toppers typically feature bride and groom figurines standing atop the cake – which symbolizes marriage – as one option; there are other possibilities, such as hearts, flowers, stars, or any different shapes as toppers as well.

Cake toppers can also help commemorate special birthdays. From milestone anniversaries like turning one year older to parties celebrating general milestone birthdays such as an 18th or 21st, personalizing your cake topper with names or more complex items such as cartoon characters, sports teams, or movie heroes can add extra significance and make any birthday cake genuinely memorable!

Some cake toppers can also be reused multiple times, saving time and effort when used again for future cakes. Reusability makes these cake toppers especially practical when it comes to delicate designs that could quickly become dirty over time. Wipe down their wooden picks with a slightly damp cloth for cleaning before placing them back into storage safely until their subsequent use. This method is beneficial when dealing with delicate designs which might become dirty over time.

Cake toppers can also be utilized as decoration at other types of celebrations, including graduations or anniversaries. Customized to the occasion and often featuring its year of commemoration, cake toppers may include scrolls academic emblems/symbols/phrases to personalize them for each celebration further.

If you want the ideal cake topper, the key is taking into account both its size and style. A topper should at least match the height of its top tier or, for multi-tiered cakes, match its width (if applicable). This ensures it remains secure during transportation.

Types of cake toppers

Cake toppers come in various forms to fit every special event or celebration. From elegant monograms made of rhinestones to whimsical pearl balls and figurines, there is sure to be the perfect cake topper to bring any event alive and ensure guests remember it for years after. These decorations help add flair and make sure guests will never forget this memorable celebration!

Cake topper silhouettes are also an increasingly popular trend, typically created using photos of both bride and groom that can then be further personalized by adding special details and finishing touches. These unique topper options provide couples looking to personalize their cake even further with special touches of their own.

Cake toppers with cut-out calligraphed words are also becoming incredibly fashionable and are available in an array of fonts and colors to complement any theme imaginable. From your name or monogram to short phrases like “Just Married” or “Best Day Ever,” these toppers add an elegant and romantic flair to your cake design.

Figurines and 3D designs make whimsical cakes even more engaging and are an excellent addition to bridal showers and birthday celebrations alike. Made of various materials like acrylic or wood, they can often complement the overall theme of the cake nicely – an excellent idea!

Rustic cake toppers make for an exquisite finishing touch at rustic or woodland weddings, adding that special something. One such topper uses natural elements like branches to form custom-made letters or designs for personalized messages or shapes on top. These rustic touches add the perfect rustic charm.

Pre-designed toppers offer another affordable option that adds flair and visual interest to standard or frosted cakes.

Finding the ideal cake topper can be a daunting task when there are so many available. But with some careful research and consideration, it is possible to find something that will complete your cake and make it even more beautiful!

What size cake topper should I use?

Size should always be taken into consideration when choosing cake toppers; proportionality between the cake’s size and its topper must also match up well with its theme or event. Furthermore, consider how your topper will attach itself – for instance, if using an acrylic topper, it is advised that solid adhesive such as glue should be used so as not to dislodge itself too soon from its place on top of the cake.

Alternative toppers that bring more natural elements can include wooden cake toppers made of high-grade birch plywood or bamboo sheets – natural and carbonized options are available – which add an ideal rustic-themed wedding or simple kids’ birthday celebration theme and can bring warmth to any cake design.

Finding a suitable cake topper requires measuring the diameter of your top-tier cake’s diameter, or in multi-tiered cakes, using the most significant layer as your reference point. Bear in mind that cake toppers should serve only as decorative elements and not overshadow their purpose!

Consideration should also be given to the overall style and design of the cake, including its topper. You might choose something simple or more ornate depending on its structure; also, keep in mind the type of event and number of attendees. A cake topper featuring images of the bride and groom is usually reserved for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

If you are hosting a large-scale event, choosing a more giant cake topper may make your cake appear even more spectacular and impress guests. Furthermore, such an accessory will be easier to handle without overwhelming the cake itself.

How to choose the right cake topper

Choosing the appropriate cake toppers is essential to creating an impressive cake. They should complement both the theme or event being celebrated as well as be proportional in size to your cake itself. Color can also have an enormous effect on how a cake appears – choose hues that complement each other for best results.

The food-grade adhesive is often the ideal choice when securing your cake topper, as this will prevent it from coming loose during transport or service of the cake while also helping stop any sticky spots or icing from adhering to it. Food-safe adhesives can often be found at local grocery stores.

Before applying your cake topper, it’s advisable to let the icing firm up slightly first. This will give your topper time to stay put and won’t slip off midway. Once this step has been completed, apply and press gently onto your cake!

Make sure to keep your cake in an excellent location away from direct sunlight; heat and humidity can soften icing, leading to it shifting or falling off entirely. Furthermore, refrigerating is recommended prior to and post-application of any cake toppers.

Depending on your tastes and needs, cake toppers come in various forms. From edible figures to wood and acrylic designs, there is something available that suits every wedding theme or personality perfectly. Custom-designed toppers may even be possible!

When it comes to creating the ideal cake, every detail counts. A beautiful cake topper can add an elegant and eye-catching finishing touch that makes your masterpiece truly stand out. With some careful planning and support from eFavormart’s selection of toppers, you can add that special something extra that your guests will be talking about long after they have enjoyed their dessert! So, if you want a special touch for your next celebration cake, eFavormart offers plenty of toppers perfect for adding that final flourish!