Blueberry Farms Near Me in New York


Blueberries make an irresistibly delicious summer treat! You can create tasty desserts with them, and blueberries encourage children to play outside! Blueberry picking can provide your little ones with hours of outdoor play – something we all need more in this country.

Blueberry farms near me typically host U-pick seasons from mid-July to early August, requiring you to bring a bucket and bag for harvesting.


U-Pick blueberry farms can make for an exciting family outing during the summer season. U-Pick farms also sell various other fruits and vegetables as part of this service, which makes for the perfect summer activity!

If you want to go berry picking, wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and plenty of water – particularly during hot weather! Walking long periods in direct sunlight requires breaks often, and wearing a hat may provide additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Also, avoid eating wrinkled or broken berries with excessive sheen; any that do so must not become so mushy they become unsafe to consume.

Patty’s Berries and Bunches is a family-friendly U-pick blueberry farm located near New York City that features 24 varieties of berries and flowers, such as sunflowers and dahlias. Plus, there’s even an ice cream patch perfect for kids of all ages!

U-pick farming offers farmers several advantages, including reduced dependence on labor and no need to work with distributors, quicker fruit removal from fields, increased cash flow, and easier management – precious features in small, diversified operations with narrow harvest windows or limited scalability.

Considering starting a U-pick blueberry farm, consider its needs and potential revenue streams carefully. A U-pick operation may benefit from pairing with livestock businesses to provide grazing or poultry to eat insects in fruit trees while simultaneously picking fallen fruit for harvesting. Complementary enterprises are essential when managing an unpredictably volatile income source like U-pick blueberry farms.

Once you find a farm that interests you, click on its link and learn about its produce offerings. Many farms feature their schedule on social media such as Facebook – some will even require visitors to contact them beforehand as different varieties ripen at other times!


Whatever the season, picking your blueberries for muffins, pancakes, or jam can be fun and rewarding! Below are a few U-pick farms in New York where you can participate.

Berry season in New York changes yearly, but some of our favorite pick-your-own farms are currently open. Blueberries typically start ripening by mid-July, while raspberries and blackberries should be ready by late August – for up-to-date picking conditions, call ahead or visit their websites!

This family-owned organic berry farm offers an assortment of fruit for purchase in its market and U-pick areas. Strawberries can be found from June until early August, while blueberries and raspberries become available from mid-July to early August. Corn, tomatoes, and eggplants for U-pick are also grown on site along with apples, pears, and pumpkins during autumn season – plus there’s even a hay ride and Discovery Barnyard Playground just waiting to welcome kids!

At this Westchester U-pick farm, tickets can be purchased for a specific time slot to pick your berries at their peak quality. Tickets are sold online, including using buckets and picking sticks and access to additional activities like the sandbox, animal barn, and sunflower maze.

This charming Hudson Valley farm is best known for its strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry picking opportunities. Utilizing sustainable and organic practices on its land, visitors can also take a hayride, visit its farm stand/bakery, or try to create their pies and pastries at its on-site cafe.

Long Island U-pick fields are open for blueberry picking from late June through September, although blueberry supplies have been short. You should visit their website regularly for updates on picking conditions or call ahead of time for pre-recorded messages regarding picking conditions. While at the farm, take time out to collect bouquets of colorful flowers as souvenirs!

PYO Farms

PYO farms in the region allow customers to harvest their produce directly. This direct-to-consumer marketing strategy gives farmers an effective way to reduce operating costs while offering fresh, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables that customers can harvest themselves, and producers control quality by keeping it under tighter control, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Successful PYO operations take time and careful planning. Selecting crops that will appeal to a broad group of customers is vital, as is setting admission pricing accordingly. Another factor essential for PYO’s success is offering amenities to enhance visitors’ experiences – many PYO farms offer playgrounds or play areas for children as well as coffee and sweet treats like cakes; visiting these farms becomes not only a memorable family outing but an experience to treasure forever!

PYO operations often feature numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables to attract more customers and boost revenue. Different kinds of produce allow farmers to cater to particular preferences or ethnic groups; some families may prefer sour or tart fruit, while others might favor sweeter options.

Based on their crop, some Pick Your farms may require customers to pay before picking. This helps prevent people from eating produce before it has been paid for. Other farms may require a refundable deposit while still others charge by weight – selecting an effective pricing and payment system is crucial to the success of any Pick Your Own business.

Happy Day Farm has been open in Brookhaven, Long Island, since 2012. They offer 24 varieties of berries throughout the summer and are mainly well known for strawberry picking. In addition, there is also a farm market, bakery, and greenhouse; 10 types of apples and a pumpkin patch can be found there during fall, as well as hay rides and a corn maze for visitors to enjoy!


Blueberry picking near NYC can be an enjoyable family activity. Many farms also provide other fruits and vegetables for harvest; check their website or call ahead to ensure suitable fruits or veggies are available. However, Seasons vary; visit them during peak seasons when produce ripens more readily. Furthermore, many U-pick farms require you to pay by weight instead of per item picked!

Long Island Farm offers various activities for its guests to participate in while picking their berries. As well as choosing an array of fruits such as pumpkins and apples, planning your visit early can ensure you can select as many berries as possible before the end of the season!

This family-run farm offers the perfect place to take the kids for fresh blueberry-picking fun. Additionally, their wide variety of homemade blueberry products, such as pies, muffins, jams, and cookies, make this farm worthwhile from May through October – not forgetting all their fun activities for all family members!

For anyone in NYC searching for fresh blueberries to pick, this family-friendly farm provides an ideal spot. Here, you’ll find highbush varieties that are easier to collect, picnic areas, modern bathrooms – not to mention delicious fresh fruit!

This blueberry farm near NYC provides an assortment of outdoor activities. Along with blueberry fields, visitors can also enjoy hayrides and visit with animals. Keep water on hand, as temperatures can become hot during your visit!

Researching your location before selecting a U-pick farm is of utmost importance when selecting one for u-picking. Be sure it’s safe and has a reputation for selling fresh, healthy produce at fair prices. It is also wise to keep up-to-date on seasonal offerings by visiting their website and social media pages regularly.