Best Breweries Near Me in New York


No matter your flavor preference – sour beers, grapefruit seltzerritas, or good old American pale ale – you’ll find what you’re looking for at this brewery! Additionally, they also sell some fantastic merchandise.

Named for its location in Bushwick, this brewery specializes in producing sour ales aged for four to 14 months for maximum tart flavor.

Evil Twin Brewing

New York City’s craft beer scene is flourishing, and with it comes many new breweries, bars, and taprooms opening all of the time. Of particular note is Evil Twin Brewing’s flagship location that opened recently – founded by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso of Denmark in 2010. Although without physical production facilities, Evil Twin utilizes ten established producers worldwide to produce limited edition and one-off beers exclusively designed by this gypsy brewery.

Evil Twin Brewing NYC’s flagship location is in Ridgewood, Queens. It features an enormous greenhouse-meets-taproom featuring a 76-seat bar and plenty of picnic tables – the ideal setting to meet friends for drinks with them or bring the whole group. Their expansive beer list can help you find just the perfect beverage. Friendly bartenders will assist you in helping you find your ideal beer!

Not only is their tap list impressive, but the bar also has a fantastic atmosphere! A spacious seating area and music that plays at just the right volume to enable casual conversations between guests.

One of their limited-edition beers is Root Beer Beer, which tastes like complex root beer with an unexpected kick. This sour ale adds an exciting take to classic style while offering an outstanding balance of flavor with just a hint of ginger to keep things refreshingly zingy.

Evil Twin Brewing offers another excellent beer: Lost Souls IPA is an irresistibly tropical and fruity ale with plenty of pineapple that showcases its innovative approach to beer production. Get this specialty ale at their Ridgewood location, or order your bottle online.

Kills Boro Brewing Company

New York Breweries Near Me offers a great variety of craft beers like lemongrass Kolsch, cherry lime sour, jalapeno rye, and raspberry honey, to name just a few. Additionally, this brewery is an excellent spot to buy incredible branded apparel like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats while enjoying delicious drinks from their menu and food trucks that stop by to offer delicious burgers, tacos, and more.

Kills Boro Brewing Company in Staten Island offers excellent craft beers representing local culture. Additionally, their award-winning chef also acts as their brewmaster.

The beer this company produces is made using locally sourced ingredients from New York and surrounding areas, using traditional brewing techniques before adding natural spices and flavorings for an array of delicious beers.

Another fantastic aspect of this brewery is its family ownership and operation. Open since 1996, their beers can be found throughout New Hampshire; styles range from light lagers to dark stouts – you might even come across their beers served at some area restaurants!

This brewery’s many unique features are located in an old factory building. This lends a lot of charm and gives its beer its distinctive flavor; plus, its staff of experts will help you select a perfect beer.

Breweries in New York are an integral part of its cultural identity, helping revitalize old industrial areas while breathing life back into a city that had been struggling. Furthermore, these businesses create jobs while supporting agriculture and food industries locally and revitalizing New York’s social culture.

Flagship Brewing Company

Staten Island’s Forgotten Borough now hosts one of New York City’s premier local breweries: Flagship Brewing Company, run by three passionate partners who love beer. Situated in Tompkinsville and serving an American Pale Ale and Dark Mild, among other varieties, in collaboration with local businesses, they often create something new; plus, they sell t-shirts and hats!

The brewery is just a short walk from the SI ferry and offers ample room for guests to sample their beers while listening to live music. Tables are available, but it is best to arrive early for the best seating availability. Their beer prices are pretty reasonable, while food offerings are also good!

Harpoon vet Patrick Morse and former Phoenix beer distributor Jay Sykes brought brewing back to Staten Island 50 years after its last large macro breweries closed down, in a 4,000-square-foot tasting room in a converted warehouse. To celebrate their love for Staten Island, they offer beers like pizza rat pilsner, chocolate stout made with crumb cake from Holtermann’s Bakery crumb cake from Holtermann’s Bakery crumb cake from Holtermann’s Bakery crumb cake made from Holtermann’s Bakery crumb cake chocolate stout made with crumb cake from Holtermann’s Bakery crumb cake, hard seltzer made with Ralph’s Italian Ices flavors!

Although their business encountered some setbacks during the coronavirus pandemic, they remained operational with solid customer retention and the backing of other local business owners. Furthermore, they have managed to keep all four full-time employees. Their beer can now be sold in local restaurants, bars, and some Brooklyn and Manhattan taprooms.

Brewery services are open daily from 11:30 am to 10 pm and feature friendly and helpful staff and an inviting atmosphere – not to mention delicious beer selection!

Flagship Brewing Company is an ideal spot to sample craft beers and gain insight into the brewing process. Their beers are affordable and staff friendly; they sell merchandise like T-shirts, hats, and hoodies – ideal as gifts!

Threes Brewing

Threes Brewing has earned a well-earned reputation as one of the premier craft breweries in New York City, particularly regarding lagers and mixed fermentation brews. Their flagship location opened its doors in Gowanus during 2014’s craft beer boom in Brooklyn; today, their beer lists offer exceptional combinations between simple ingredients and complex flavor profiles.

This brewery specializes in crafting beers to pair well with food, with their goal being more than simply being a bar and brewery; their dedication to hosting tasting events and other community activities shows.

Threes has two locations in Brooklyn – their flagship being Gowanus and newer outposts in Greenpoint and Governors Island. Recently, Threes opened a taproom in Huntington, Long Island; during the pandemic season, it adapted by offering a delivery business and hosting fun events that bring people together.

At Threes’ debut, Park Slope residents rejoiced. Finally, a place that would entice Williamsburg friends to gather. Threes has delivered on its promise with large backyards that serve as gathering spots during warm summer nights and food from nearby restaurants such as The Meat Hook and Ample Hills.

Threes Brewing initially focused on producing unconventional lagers and exploring hop varieties and barrel aging techniques. Over time, however, their brewers have realized the importance of crafting beers that appeal to a range of palates.

Today, Threes is recognized as one of the premier producers of classic German and Czech-style lagers. Their beers balance light body and complex flavor notes such as toasty grains, juicy fruits, or spicy spices, making them enjoyable for drinkers of all ages.

Threes’ signature lager, Vliet, stands as an impressive testament to their commitment to high-quality ingredients and dedication to providing exceptional craftsmanship. Threes’ goal with Vliet was to produce a classic pilsner beer; Vliet has unquestionably accomplished that goal and enjoyed immense success among drinkers across Europe and North America.