Zoom Travel Insurance Reviews


If you’re planning to buy travel insurance, you’ll need to know what to look for before you decide which company to choose. Many companies will charge you excess on some types of claims, but Zoom does not. There’s also no excess on claims for driving without a license.


The Zoom travel insurance plan includes a money-back guarantee and a 14-day cooling-off period. The policy covers several expenses, including medical emergencies abroad, baggage delays, and natural disasters. If you make a claim, Zoom will pay for the expenses up to your policy limits, but some conditions may be excluded.

The Standard plan covers trips for up to one year. The Zoom Frequent Traveller plan covers unlimited trips within one year but has higher premiums. You can also purchase a domestic policy, which covers journeys within Australia, but excludes medical and emergency dental expenses, rental car excess, and lost baggage.

The policy also covers an accompanying person, a family member, a friend, or a travel companion. This person does not have to be listed on the certificate of insurance. The accompanying person can stay with the policyholder in the hospital and accompany them home if the policyholder is unwell. The accompanying person’s condition is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Excess Zoom travel insurance reviews vary based on what the policy covers and excludes. The company’s policies generally cover a range of expenses, but you’ll often have to pay an excess in case of an emergency. This can include the cost of getting home or returning to your original location. Depending on the policy, this might mean that Zoom will pay the entire trip cost if you need to cancel the policy due to unforeseen circumstances.

Some exclusions apply to specific Zoom policies, such as the COVID-19 events. Similarly, policies do not cover claims arising from a pandemic or epidemic. You’ll also have to be aware of any exclusions for certain countries.

Money back guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your Zoom travel insurance policy, you can return it within 14 days. You can get your money back, less the excess, if you choose. However, remember that the policy is only suitable for specific events. Some events, such as terrorism or natural disasters, do not qualify. These situations might lead to the need for you to pay for additional insurance.

Before canceling a trip, you should ensure that you have informed all necessary parties about your intention to cancel. Usually, this happens with the airline, the hotel, or the tour operator. Each supplier has different cancellation policies. Contact them for more details.

Competitors’ policies

There are several things to consider when comparing Zoom travel insurance with competitor policies. First, you should know that the insurance company excludes travel to certain countries called “Do Not Travel” zones. Every country has a Do Not Travel ranking, and if you’re planning to travel to an area on the Do Not Travel list, you should know that the policy may deny your claim.

The price of Zoom travel insurance is competitive with other companies and comes with a money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with your policy, you can request a refund within 60 days. In addition, the policy covers many of the same situations, including medical emergencies abroad and airline delays.

Coverage for COVID-19

The Zoom travel insurance policy does not cover the COVID-19 virus. However, it has excess for many types of claims. For example, if you get in and cannot drive in an accident will cover the taxi cost to get you home or to the airport. But there is one drawback to Zoom travel insurance: it does not cover driving without a license.

While Zoom offers limited coverage for COVID-19, it still has a high protection standard. It has an emergency cash allowance and allows policy amendments up to 12 months after the issue. In addition, it has a cooling-off period and a $200 standard excess. It also includes 24-hour Emergency Assistance Services.

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