Ynot Parking Visitors Will Be Treated to a Free Concert Series This Summer


Visitors of Ynot parking will be treated to a free concert series this summer at Sandler Center Outdoor Plaza from 5:00-9:30 pm every Wednesday, sponsored by Ynot Italian, Southern Automotive, and Sinclair Radio Station.

Horns, Percussion & Vocals: Big amp jazz band Good Shot Judy will perform all your favorite brass band tunes from your youth in America.

Ynot Wednesdays?

This fourteen-week series runs every Wednesday from June to August on Sandler Center outdoor plaza and showcases local bands with diverse musical genres from pop to country to big brass to Motown to rock and jazz. Food and beverages will also be available to purchase through title sponsor Ynot Italian while local farmers sell fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, flowers, coffee, tea, handmade arts, as well as pet treats* at Virginia Beach Farmers Market.

This year, Ynot Wednesdays will also include special events for children, such as pizza lympics and a children’s craft corner!

Vivid Seats has launched the Summer 2017 season of Ynot Wednesdays ticket sales, and you can view a complete list of shows here. Floor and front-row tickets tend to be the most costly options; VIP meet-and-greet tickets provide an unforgettable experience. Proceeds from Ynot Wednesdays go toward supporting Sandler Center for the Performing Arts Foundation, which funds performances and activities throughout the year at Sandler. Starting Wednesday, the high-energy party band Vinyl Headlights kicks off this series sponsored by Sinclair Radio, Southern Auto Group, ROX Rapid Overland Xpress, and APEX.

The Fuzz Band

After two albums that earned extra cash at gigs, the band decided to leave its garage and enter a studio for its third recording project: III. Joined this time by producer Steve Albini, who helped capture their irreverence on III, they worked closely on this record to bring its unique sound out in all its splendor.

As expected from a group named Fuzz, this record features heavy sound. There are plenty of black metal and classic rock influences from Segall’s childhood that seep into every orifice of the band on this record, from Segall’s thunderous drumming opening track as he sings out “Forward/ Forward/ Forward,” issuing an audible declaration. Fuzz delivers with this intense, gritty album that is sure to please listeners who appreciate the raw, unfiltered power of music.

Charles Moothart’s guitar sound is unmistakably raw and gives this record an audacious edge that distinguishes it from much of today’s musical landscape. Chad Ubovich joins Moothart on bass and Roland Cosio, who both provide the band with an intoxicatingly smooth low-end sound, while Segall brings cartoon menace reminiscent of early Sabbath Ozzy era vocals while his drumming is precise yet loose and potent for maximum pleasure!

Segall’s album II fluctuates between heavy riffs and trippier passages yet still exudes doom, becoming his darkest release to date. For an unexpected treat, Segall included piano music on “Time Collapse 2 / The 7th Terror”, offering listeners something different than his signature fuzz-soaked noise.

The Fuzz Band is an energetic young band making waves both locally and nationally. From performing at venues and colleges to sharing the stage with Grammy award-winning artists such as Alicia Keys, Morris Day, Outkast, Jill Scott, and Tommy Hilfiger at private parties, they have made quite an impression both locally and nationally. First formed as the house band for Virginia’s longest-running open mic series, Fuzzy Wednesday, they have since established themselves on the music scene with five studio projects under their belts!

The Virginia Beach Farmers Market

Virginia Beach Farmers Market provides an unforgettable shopping experience at 3640 Dam Neck Rd in Virginia Beach. Open year-round, it offers fresh local and regional produce as well as butcher shops, dairy stores, bakeries, candy stores, organic groceries, wild bird stores, florists, specialty garden gifts, and restaurants – plus monthly events such as Strawberry Jamboree on May 20 and Friday Night Hoedowns featuring live country music every Friday from April through October!

The Town Center at Virginia Beach is an innovative retail, dining, and entertainment complex that has been part of Virginia Beach since 2008. Once just wooded lots and old buildings, today it spans 17 city blocks filled with shopping, dining, culture, and entertainment offerings of every kind imaginable – its pedestrian-friendly architecture makes it a draw for all visitors alike.

At the Town Center, tourists and locals alike will find everything they need – from quick meals to concerts on the waterfront – all within a single place. Offering everything from fine dining to fast-food offerings and even a theater hosting various shows throughout the summer season, there is something here for every taste and need!

For those seeking a respite from city life, the Town Center provides a great place to unwind and unwind from everyday stressors. It boasts many parks and gardens where you can relax while admiring nature’s view, while its waterfront provides ideal opportunities for strolls or romantic evening strolls.

Ynot Wednesdays? is an entertaining summer concert series held in Virginia Beach’s Sandler Center Outdoor Plaza. Over 14 weeks, guests can enjoy music spanning genres ranging from rock to Motown for free. Title sponsor, YNot Italian, provides delicious pizza and gelato as an audience perk, making this family-friendly event sure to please. Moreover, the Virginia Beach City Government proudly sponsors this family event!