What Is Pie?


Pie is a popular dessert with a pastry crust baked in a circular pan and a sweet or savory filling. There are different types of pies, each with its characteristics. A typical pie will have a bottom and top crust, but you can also find hand pies, pot pies, and graham cracker crusts. Shepherd’s pie is another classic pie that uses mashed potatoes instead of a crust.


A pastry is a dough-like structure filled with a sweet or savory filling. Traditionally, a pie is made from shortcrust pastry, but many other types of pastry and fillings are available. Pies can be made in various shapes and sizes, and they can either be baked or fried.

Pie crusts are the most common type of pie crust, and they can be used for sweet pies or savory pies. The base is made from flour, fat, and water, and the top is filled with cheese or eggs. They are baked in the oven. They are sometimes referred to as brisee because of the broken pieces of fat in the pastry.

Puff pastry is another type of pie crust. This type of pastry is made from dough and butter and used for savory and sweet dishes. It is healthier than pie crust and often contains whole wheat flour.


When creating a pie, choosing a filling is an important decision. You can use a store-bought pie filling or make your own. A fresh pie has a better flavor and texture than a frozen one. You can also freeze a pie filling for later use.

The filling you choose for your pie will depend on your preferences and taste. Cream pies are usually filled with pre-made custard or mousse, which is spread in a crumb or pastry shell. Custard pies, on the other hand, are filled with uncooked custard. These types of pies can be either fruity or sweet.

There are hundreds of different pie fillings, from fruit-based to artificial. While most are made with natural fruit, some are artificially sweetened and may contain high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.


If you are looking for some creative ways to spice up your presentations, shapes of pie are a great choice. The traditional pie has a round, square, or diamond shape with two handles. Using a cookie cutter to cut out shapes makes adding a unique design to your pie easy. You can also add a different image to the top of your pie crust, making it look unique and extra delicious. Once your audience sees your unique design, they’ll never want to have a bland pie crust again.

Pies are traditionally round because they bake from the outside in. A round shape makes the edges evenly dry, while a square is more prone to get burnt. In addition, pies baked in a square shape have more corners exposed to heat than the rest of the pie.


The pie chart is a graph type where a circle is divided into sectors to represent a portion of a whole. The sectors or slices represent the relative data size, values, or proportions. This type of graph can help summarize a large amount of data. Using a pie chart, you can see the relative size of data across several classes.

Calculators for pie charts can be used in various situations. Pie chart makers will allow you to enter the values and relative weights of various slices and then recalculate the values into percentages of the whole pie. This method can be used to calculate several different things quickly and easily. Pie chart calculators will allow you to draw a pie chart in just a few seconds.

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