What Channel is NBC on Directv?


NBC offers numerous channel packages guaranteed to keep TV show fans captivated, making sure their mind stays off other things and their feet planted on the couch! For fans of television drama and comedy alike, nothing compares with this satellite service in terms of keeping viewers riveted to their screens.

NBC offers something for every taste – from dramas like Law & Order and The Blacklist to comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is one of the premier channels for sports enthusiasts and provides an expansive lineup of shows spanning reality programs to dramatic dramas and comedies, live sporting events, coverage of local and national leagues, and comprehensive coverage of local sporting leagues. If you enjoy NBC Sports programming, DIRECTV subscription offers packages tailored specifically for different needs and budgets and offers free trials so that you can test out their services before making a commitment.

Although NBC offers many popular programs, its presence is not universal on DIRECTV packages due to a contract dispute between DIRECTV and Nexstar Media Group – the owner of local TV stations including those affiliated with NBC affiliates – that own them and has resulted in millions of subscribers lacking access to local NBC content.

NBC Sports can still be found for those who subscribe to DIRECTV’s CHOICE package, typically channel 220; this may vary depending on your location and the package you have subscribed to. You may also find it on other DIRECTV packages such as Multi-Sport Pack for ultimate sports fans who like staying up-to-date with their teams!

NBC News

NBC is one of the most beloved channels in US television, providing viewers with an array of programming ranging from sports and reality TV shows, to news and comedy programs, as well as movies and comedy specials. Furthermore, local affiliate stations of NBC feature local news events.

DirecTV, America’s premier satellite TV service, makes NBC available through several packages including its high-quality ENTERTAINMENT package and luxurious PREMIERTM package. An antenna may also provide access to this channel; however local stations may not always be accessible with DirecTV.

NBC offers many acclaimed series, such as The Blacklist. This thriller series follows Raymond Reddington (known as Red) as he turns himself into the FBI to help them capture some of the most dangerous criminals worldwide. You can watch it online via their website and mobile apps; however, in order to access it you will require a subscription with one or more pay-TV providers.

Due to a contract dispute between DIRECTV and Nexstar Media Group – the owner of several local broadcasters including those of NBC affiliates – currently no NBC programming can be accessed via DIRECTV. This dispute forms part of an ongoing feud between pay-TV providers and local broadcasters.

NBC Entertainment

NBC Entertainment is one of the US’ premier TV channels, offering an eclectic variety of entertaining shows across dramas, comedy, news, and sports genres. Also featured on NBC are award ceremonies and special events as well as award ceremonies themselves.

DIRECTV subscribers can gain access to NBC with one of three plans from DIRECTV: the SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, or XTRA plans. Each offers competitive prices and an excellent selection of channels – including NBC. Plus you could save even more by bundling television service with other AT&T services such as Internet or mobile service plans from AT&T!

If you love football, NBC will present Super Bowl 56 this Sunday! The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will compete for the Lombardi Trophy and this will mark their first meeting on a major stage.

NBC is one of the oldest major broadcast networks in America and offers a diverse array of programs. Their flagship network, NBC News, covers national and international news. Furthermore, its primetime lineup features some of TV’s most beloved shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and This Is Us; comedies such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore; as well as game shows such as Cannonball Challenge and Weakest Link.

NBC Universal

NBC Universal on Directv offers a diverse array of genres, such as comedy, drama, news, reality series, talk shows, and award specials. Additionally, this network produces some of the most beloved television programs such as The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine that viewers adore watching.

As well as Nightly News, NBC broadcasts various daytime news/interview programs including Today (weekday and weekend editions), primetime newsmagazine Dateline NBC, weekday morning talk show Early Today, political discussion show Meet the Press and political discussion show Meet the Press. In addition, several original and syndicated series such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show can also be rebroadcast regularly on NBC.

In addition to its flagship affiliates in New York City and Philadelphia, NBC operates low-power digital stations in several other markets that do not possess enough full-power stations for an independent local NBC affiliate. These low-power digital stations tend to serve suburban and rural areas. Furthermore, it is unique among national broadcasters in offering an affiliate channel in American Samoa; specifically KKHJ-LP in Pago Pago.

The NBC network can be found in all DIRECTV packages, with several offerings that provide it in HD. These DIRECTV packages have been specifically curated to meet your entertainment needs while remaining within your budget, giving you access to other channels from the DIRECTV lineup as well.