Understanding What Is Conflict


You’ve probably heard of conflict before. Perhaps you’ve heard about the conflict in a story. Or perhaps you’ve seen it in a family relationship or a workplace. Whatever the case, understanding conflict is important for any relationship, workplace, or story. Here are three ways to think about conflict. 1. Think about conflict as a challenge. Conflict arises when two people or groups attempt to achieve a common goal but cannot achieve it.

Conflict in a story

Conflict is a key literary element because it forces a character to decide. It also helps them learn and grow as a person. In literature, conflicts are usually between the protagonist and antagonist. These conflicts can also be internal or external. Internal conflicts may result from a protagonist’s battle with their body, a religious belief, or political dogmas.

In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the main character battles the evil forces of society. The story hinges on the characters learning to overcome this threat. Similarly, supernatural conflict often occurs in science fiction, fantasy, or horror novels. In “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the main character battles vampires, demons, and self-doubt. The best stories involve multiple layers of conflict.

Conflict in a workplace

Conflict in a workplace is a common phenomenon, but it can be prevented and managed. First, we need to identify the main causes of conflict. These include misunderstandings, performance discrepancies, power struggles, and competitive tension. Moreover, we must not judge an employee based on his or her personality. Unresolved conflicts can lead to poor management, performance, and even layoffs.

A positive approach to conflict resolution is essential. Encourage the participants to discuss the problems and behaviours in an open environment. You can do this by establishing rapport with them and treating them with respect. Next, you need to decide on the most feasible solution for the conflict. Remember to consider all the options and discard those that don’t work.

Conflict in a family

Whether a family is experiencing conflict due to a divorce, discord in a marriage, or an internal power struggle, there are ways to improve the quality of family life. Using a comprehensive systematic approach can uncover opportunities for personal and structural development. It can also help family members identify issues for mediation or third-party intervention. A team can include business consultants for organizational analysis, accountants and valuation experts for historic performance evaluation, and clergy members or psychologists for emotional issues.

In addition to preventing family conflict through effective communication, setting firm boundaries is essential to healthy relationships. Communicating expectations and consequences will make family members more likely to respect boundaries and not push them. This can help avoid family conflicts, and it will help resolve lingering resentments and issues. Moreover, it will help find a constructive way of disagreeing. Moreover, a good conflict does not necessarily sabotage family bonds, but it can reinforce them.

Conflict in a relationship

If you’re having conflicts in your relationship, working on finding a middle ground between what each partner wants and what they’re comfortable with is important. This is because you need both partners to agree on certain issues for your relationship to work. It’s also important to maintain an even-handed tone so that neither person feels like they’re being sacrificed. This way, both parties will feel heard and understood, and the outcome will be positive for both of you.

Many different types of conflict can occur in a relationship. Some types of conflict are more damaging than others. According to Dr John Gottman, the most destructive negative feelings include criticism, defensiveness, and contempt. When these emotions build up, it can cause your relationship to break down.

Conflict in a story in a video game

Conflict in a story in a video game occurs when the character has an opposing desire and must decide which one to follow. Often, this conflict is a way for the character to learn, move forward, or get something they want. Conflicts can be internal or external. Sometimes, the conflict is the setting itself, where laws and codes of culture prevent the character from doing what he or she wants.

Conflict is a key element of any story. It can be as simple as two parties wanting different things but have different ideas about how to get them. It can also be as complex as two people trying to decide on how to solve a problem. Even though the conflict in a story can be frustrating, it can also make the story more interesting and engaging.

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