Tour De Corgi


Corgi lovers gathered in Old Town Fort Collins for this event with all the trimmings: adorable pups, tasty snacks, quirky vendors, and an atmosphere of community spirit. In addition, organizers sought to raise funds for dogs in need by donating proceeds to 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, and Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue.

What is Tour de Corgi?

On Saturday, hundreds of corgis flooded Old Town Fort Collins for their ninth Tour de Corgi festival and parade, which features costumes, contests, and vendors to learn more about this breed of pup.

Tracy Stewart created Tour de Corgi in 2014 after seeing videos of SoCal Corgi Beach Day online and wanting to bring its spirit back home to Colorado. To pay homage to New Belgium’s Tour de Fat bike race and highlight its charitable works. Proceeds of Tour de Corgi go toward 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue, and Bandit’s K9Care – each receiving donations from this event.

This year’s Comic-Con Corgi event attracted hundreds of attendees, and their dogs dressed up like hot dogs, unicorns, and superheroes. Kolby Fenster from Laramie said what made his first experience at Comic-Con Corgi special was its sense of community: it is lovely seeing so many people gather to celebrate their shared passion for corgis! “It is nice seeing so many come together to celebrate their passion!” he commented.

Corgis and their sister breeds, along with any other dog that joins in as spectators, can participate in this event exclusively. Participants can register their corgis for either the costume contest or corgi parade; the public visits booths to view the train; live streams are available online, so anyone unable to make it can watch! The next event is scheduled for October 7th, 2023, with a meet-up and costume contest starting at 9:30 AM while the parade begins at noon – livestreams of both events are available online as well.


Tour de Corgi is an exciting event designed to bring corgi owners together and have a wonderful day of festivities. This annual event features a parade, costume contest, and vendors selling merchandise related to this breed of dog. Registration for this October 7 event costs just $5 per person and includes a commemorative wristband. Registration can also be done online via their official website.

Tracy Stewart conceived of SoCal Corgi Beach Day and later created its Facebook group and was taken aback at how popular it became. Since 2014, Tracy Stewart has organized this annual parade that draws crowds from across California; its 2017 theme – Comic-Corgi – encourages participants to dress their corgis up as costumes representing comic book, fantasy, or science fiction characters they like.

At this event, corgis are paraded through Civic Center Park and Old Town Fort Collins while spectators purchase food, beverages, and merchandise – proceeds from which go to charity organizations like 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue and Bandit’s K9 Care. It has become a family tradition to attend this annual event each year!

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Old Town Fort Collins hosts an annual Corgi Meet-up and Carnival Parade that draws hundreds of dogs and their owners each fall. Additionally, vendors sell dog-related products. Proceeds from this event benefit local pet charities.

Corgi owner Tracy Stewart established Tour de Corgi after becoming inspired by Facebook videos of SoCal Corgi Beach Day. They decided to hold an event in Fort Collins, dubbed Tour de Corgi, in honor of New Belgium’s Tour de Fat. Stewart intended for Tour de Corgi to raise funds for various dog charities like 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue, Bandit’s K9Care, etc.

This year’s Tour de Corgi will take place on Saturday, Oct. 2. Participants can register both online and in person; early registrants will receive a commemorative wristband for $5; those five years old or under can participate for free! Please note this non-refundable event will occur rain or shine.

If you plan to bring your corgi to an event, please ensure they are on a leash and behave themselves. Be mindful of any rules regarding aggressive or barking behavior at this gathering – specifically, corgis and their sister breeds, but other dogs are welcome as well!

If your dog causes harm to other dogs, people, or property, all expenses will fall upon you as the sole source. Furthermore, Tour de Corgi will hold harmless its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, contractors, licensors, suppliers, subcontractors, interns, and employees against any claim or demand made against us from third parties due to or arising out of breaching these Terms and Conditions or documents they incorporate by reference as well as violating laws or rights belonging to third parties by you or them.

Costume Contest

On Saturday, Fort Collins will welcome hundreds of corgis for an annual pup-centric festival and parade known as Tour de Corgi. The event features costume contests for corgis as well as an Old Town parade with them and their owners participating. Corgis from all across Colorado are expected to come out for this fun-filled day that starts in Civic Center Park before winding through Old Town to Old Town for its finale – providing doggie owners the perfect way to take advantage of fall weather in The Choice City! Organizers say it will provide plenty of photo ops!

The inaugural Library Park event of this sort was held in 2015 and since has grown increasingly popular. Founder Tracy Stewart saw videos of So Cal Corgi Beach Day on Facebook and was inspired to organize something similar in her hometown – she named it Tour de Corgi as an homage to New Belgium’s Tour de Fat.

This year’s Tour de Corgi theme is “Comi-Corg,” where corgis will dress as characters from comic books, fantasy fiction, and science fiction. Costumes will be judged based on originality, creativity, and cuteness; the winning corgi will receive a prize, while the best group of dogs will win a trophy.

Corgi fans and their pets can join a costume contest and parade for just a small fee, with proceeds benefitting several dog charities, including 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue, and Bandit’s K9 Care. It is an ideal opportunity to raise funds for breeds that often get overlooked while meeting fellow dog owners and seeing adorable corgis wearing costumes!

Corgi Parade

Corgi enthusiasts will converge in Fort Collins this weekend for the Tour de Corgi festival, featuring a costume contest and parade through Old Town. Additionally, there will be various dog-related vendors available, and tickets and wristbands can be purchased ahead of time.

Beginning in 2014, when corgi owner Tracy Stewart saw a Facebook video of SoCal Corgi Beach Day, she was inspired to organize a similar event in Colorado. Tracy created a group page and event page on Facebook, and since then, the event has expanded rapidly each year, with hundreds of participants and their pets participating in it.

This year’s parade will include a tribute to Queen Elizabeth and her corgis. Queen Elizabeth owned over 30 corgis during her 70-year reign and died earlier this month at her Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Participants are invited to dress their corgis in costumes for the costume contest and parade, with prizes awarded for the best-dressed dog. Wristbands must be purchased prior to joining the parade – either online or at Civic Center Park starting at 9:30 a.m.

Children 17 and under are free. VIP and general admission tickets will be available, along with T-shirts for sale at Corgi Beach Day. With its varied backdrops for selfies, be sure to bring along your camera for lots of photographs to tag @SurfCityUSA and @SoCalCorgiBeachDay in your photos. Proceeds raised during Corgi Beach Day will benefit animal charities, including 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue, Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue, and Bandit’s K9Care while thousands of attendees from California alone are expected to come.