Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review


Titleist’s new Tour Soft golf ball has generated more interest than expected. THP took several dozen to the range to see what this ball could accomplish.

The Tour Soft golf ball features one of the giant cores available and an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover, offering a category-leading soft feel, breakneck speed for impressive distance control, and outstanding short-game control.


Titleist tour soft golf ball features a low compression of 65, making it an excellent low-compression option for off-the-tee distance play. In addition, its 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design helps the ball travel in a straighter line for improved shot consistency and reduced greenside spin, as well as better greenside control than its 2023 Titleist TruFeel counterpart.

Titleist engineers had to reimagine every element of the original Tour Speed to come up with an alternative version that still had all the performance attributes while remaining cost-effective. Not only did it provide equivalent performance levels, but it had to come at a reduced cost, too.

Reaching this goal required finding new materials and requalifying existing ones; engineering is what made Tour Speed’s reformulated version possible. In essence, its purpose was not to make something better but to keep selling products on shelves.

The new Tour Speed doesn’t boast longer length but should fly lower with its improved aerodynamic package than its predecessor. It features a large and fast 1.600″ core that provides a responsive soft feel with long-distance ball flight and features an effective 4CE grafted cover formulation for a reliable short-game spin.

Titleists can leave the TPU-versus-cast urethane debate for another time, but it should be noted that quality cast urethane covers are superior to TPU ones – hence why they chose one for the revamped Tour Speed model.


Titleist Tour Soft delivers maximum distance off of the tee with its large, fast core and responsive soft feel, as well as its new dimple design to maximize space and an advanced mantle layer for consistent greenside spin. Furthermore, its LSX core promotes ball speed on every strike to help gain more yards per drive, while its NAZ+ ionomer helps sustain greenside control for added distance control.

The Tour Soft has an ultra-low compression rating, making it simple to launch the ball from the tee. Perfect for slower swing speeds looking for a soft feel, beginners who need help improving their game and hitting further each shot can use this ball’s 346 quadrilateral dimple design, which reduces drag while providing enhanced stability on every image.

The Titleist Tour Soft stands out as an ideal ball for golfers due to its low compression. Additionally, its large diameter makes it easier for you to locate and hit when looking for it on the course, and its thinner cover gives extra durability compared to other Titleist models. Furthermore, its unique combination of feel over distance makes this an excellent option.

Titleist has considered customer feedback and designed a ball that meets the needs of golfers of all skill levels. The four-piece model boasts a high-performance core with a thin cover for added performance, available in various colors with attractive designs that offer great value. Titleist golf balls provide exceptional value at reasonable prices!

Titleists have enhanced their ball’s performance by upgrading the material used in its mantle layer and helping reduce spin on long shots while creating a lower flight height than its predecessors.

Although the Tour Speed might not be one of the most revolutionary golf balls available today, its unique construction ensures maximum ball speed, low long-game spin, and penetrating flight at a price 20 percent softer than Titleist’s other urethane-cover balls.


The Titleist Tour Soft is a two-piece ball designed to maximize distance for moderate swing speeds. Its low compression rating helps promote long game distance, and its 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple pattern reduces spin for consistent ball travel and more consistent directionality. Similar in quality but more costly, its predecessor, TruFeel, offers a great feel and long game distance compared to Tour Soft.

This ball features a large, fast core designed to increase ball speed and increase distance off of the tee. This core is then wrapped by a thin 4CE grafted cover, which generates minimal short-game spin for improved control around greens. Together, these elements allow golfers to hit more fairways and greens for a lower score overall.

This ball features an ionomer cover crafted with a high-tech blend of ionomer that delivers exceptional feel and durability, optimized aerodynamically to reduce air resistance for stable flight, perfect for beginners or high handicappers seeking a soft feel and improved accuracy. This ball can help them excel.

Like its Titleist Pro V1 counterpart, the Tour Soft golf ball delivers superior distance, feel, and control for mid-handicap players. Its high-speed core optimizes space on full swing shots while its proprietary high-flex casing layer helps maintain low long-game spin. Furthermore, its 346 quadrilateral dipyramid design and 342 cuboctahedron dimples create consistent ball flight while double acting as an alignment aid; again, a “T” side stamp serves as a handy alignment aid when used alongside an alignment aid stamp!

This ball comes in various colors and features an exclusive dimple pattern to improve shot consistency and tighten shot dispersion for longer approach shots. Furthermore, its ionomer mantle layer reduces spin on downswing swings for improved distance and control; all are manufactured at Titleist’s own and operated Ball Plant 2.


If you’re searching for an economical golf ball, Titleist Tour Soft may be an ideal solution. This golf ball was specifically created to deliver on distance, feel, and control. Its large high-speed core produces low spin rates for maximum length, while its soft cover enhances responsiveness on short game shots. Plus, its proprietary ionomer blend contributes to consistent flight paths for added penetrating flight performance.

The Tour Soft is a premium category ball designed for players with single-digit handicaps or higher, providing an excellent feel both off the tee and around the greens, and softness allowing improved confidence and control during short game shots. Furthermore, this ball’s lower compression than many competing models allows slower swing speeds to play it without suffering distance loss.

Titleist offers several balls with large core sizes and soft compression ratings that provide forgiving off-center hits while providing reliable greenside spin for enhanced short-game playability. One such ball is the Titleist Soft Compression Golf Ball. Specifically designed to meet these specifications is this model from Titleist, with its large sweet spot and thin 4CE cover producing reliable greenside spin for improved short-game playability.

Titleists have also integrated new technologies into their ball design to improve its aerodynamic performance, optimizing both core speed and dimple pattern to reduce drag. As a result, Titleist Tour Speed will fly slightly lower but still provide ample distance.

If your priority in short-game golfing is top performance, then opting for something like the TaylorMade Tour Response may be ideal; otherwise, for golfers looking for a soft feel and distance gains, the Tour Soft may be an excellent alternative.

Tour Soft offers exceptional value at a highly affordable price, especially when compared to similar Titleist products. Not only is this ball durable and long-lasting, you’ll be able to play it for many rounds without worrying about damage or wear and tear.

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