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The Ticker is a new insurance start-up backed by Gary Lineker and ex-Formula One driver Mark Blundell. It uses telematics, also known as black box car insurance, to base premiums on how you drive.

Ticker offers a self-install device that is easy to stick onto your windscreen. Once set up, it sends driving data via Bluetooth to Ticker and calculates renewal quotes based on this.

What is a black box policy?

A black box policy is a type of car insurance that uses telematics technology. These devices are fitted to your car and can record data on how you drive, including where you go and how long it takes you to travel.

These devices can also help an insurance company calculate the risk you pose as a driver and work out how much it will cost to insure you. This gives insurers a clearer picture of you as a driver, which can save them money.

However, it can also mean you pay more for your insurance if you’re seen as a high-risk driver. This can happen if you have any driving convictions or if you make lots of claims after a collision.

The best way to save money on your insurance is to be a safe driver, so it’s worth ensuring you tell your insurer all the details about how you drive. You can also try to limit how often you use your car by sharing journeys with friends or taking public transport instead.

How does Ticker work?

Ticker uses a telematics device (also known as a black box) to track your driving habits. These self-install devices are either plugged in or stuck to your windscreen and sent data that we interpret using our Ticker app.

The nifty little device uses an accelerometer, GPS, and battery to record exciting data about your car’s movement. For example, we’ll be able to use this data to work out what you’re likely to pay for insurance renewals.

The app that accompanies your ticker device is a hoot, and you can even get weekly updates on your driving stats. It’s a great way to check on your policy’s status or make small changes to it – like reducing your premium – from the comfort of your home. The app also features a slick interface personalized to your particular motor insurance requirements. It’s also an excellent place to start when it comes to filing a claim.

How much does Ticker cost?

Ticker, a new insurance start-up launched by Gary Lineker and ex-Formula One driver Mark Blundell offers telematics-only vehicle insurance. It rewards good drivers with cheaper premiums based on how they drive.

Ticker uses a black box (also known as telematics) to track how you drive and record your driving habits. Unlike other insurers, it doesn’t require the package to be fitted to your car. Instead, Ticker sends you a small round box with an accelerometer, GPS, and a battery that should last at least your policy year.

The box connects to your phone via Bluetooth and captures data about how you drive. This data is then sent to Ticker, which calculates your renewal quote.

This data is gathered only at the end of the year to determine your renewal price, eliminating any unexpected price hikes. However, Ticker points out that it also watches out for specific drivers who behave dangerously and asks them to find insurance elsewhere.

Is Ticker a good insurance company?

The ticker is a relatively new insurance company backed by Gary Lineker and ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell. It launched in March 2019.

Its black box insurance policies are designed to reward good drivers with lower rates based on their driving behavior. They also offer a self-install box and an app to access the procedure.

The self-install Ticker box is a peel-and-stick device that can be placed on the windscreen of your car and paired with the Ticker app via Bluetooth. The data sent to Ticker will help to calculate your renewal quote.

Getting a Ticker insurance quote is simple: Send your details to the company. They will then send you the box and pair it with the Ticker app, a mobile-based system that uses very little of your data plan.

The app also lets you check your driving, start a chat and renew your policy with a tap. In addition, all of your insurance documents are saved in the app, and you can chat with a customer service representative.

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