ThredUp Reviews – Is ThredUp a Scam?


You’ve probably heard of ThredUP, but are you wondering if it is legit? The good news is that it is a legitimate option for consignment shopping. It has an easy-to-use search feature and offers great deals. However, many users have complained about the company’s poor customer service. You need to know here before selling your clothes through this company.

ThredUP is a legit option.

ThredUp is a popular online consignment store that focuses on sustainable fashion. Its mission is to help people buy and sell gently used clothing, but it also accepts clothing from all sizes, including plus-size fashion. Although ThredUp is not a scam, you will need to be very careful when selling your gently used items. The company is publicly traded and is expected to be valued at $1.3 billion in its IPO in 2021. It currently has 1.24 million active buyers and 428,000 sellers. The company is estimated to generate $186 million in revenue in 2020.

If you have gently used designer clothes or other items that are no longer in fashion, you can sell them on thredUP for a small fee. You can also donate your old items to charity, allowing you to earn money simultaneously. ThredUP will process and recycle your items, so you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part for the environment. You’ll receive a tax receipt for your donation as well.

ThredUP also gives you a chance to save your favorite items and get notifications of special deals. You can also earn rewards for future purchases. Moreover, you can sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any sales. You can also save money on shipping costs by bundling your orders.

It’s easy to use

ThredUp is a site where you can buy and sell gently worn designer clothes. You can either sell your used clothes or take them for cash. You can also opt for the free shipping option and USPS pick-up. This site has received several negative reviews about its service. First, some customers complained that they mailed in a large bag of clothes and only received a few bucks. Then, they were upset when they saw that the same item they had sent in had sold for ten times what they paid.

ThredUP has an excellent search function, so it’s easy to find the type of clothing you want. It’s also easy to browse the clothing for sale, and you can easily find the style and size you want. You can also buy the items from your home, but shipping can take up to two weeks.

Using thredUP is a great way to eliminate unwanted clothes without a huge effort. Rather than wasting your time driving to a store, you can use thredUP to sell your unwanted clothes and get paid immediately. Moreover, you can sell your old electronics, as well.

ThredUP’s payout percentage increases with the price of your listing. However, it would help if you remembered that ThredUP does not pay very well for used clothing. However, using their estimator, you can get an idea of how much the item is worth. You can even sell brand-name clothing, which earns you more money.

It has a good search function.

If you want to browse through your favorite items, ThredUp’s search function is really helpful. You can sort by price, brand, style, and color. You can also use the filter to narrow your search. ThredUP will also suggest similar items based on your previous purchases.

The search function on ThredUP makes it easy to find clothing that fits you and matches your style. Unlike a traditional consignment store, ThredUP ships your items directly to your doorstep. While the service doesn’t have the same speed as Amazon Prime, you can typically expect your clothing to be delivered within two weeks.

It offers great deals.

Thredup is a website where you can find brand-name clothing and shoes at a discounted price. The site also offers a wide variety of kids’ clothing. You can purchase clothes for your kid for less than half the retail price. The company’s return policy is great and offers store credit if you send an item back.

ThredUp works by matching your style and preferences to items available for sale. The site also features sizing labels that help you find items that fit correctly. It also uses your past purchases to help you find items you’ll love. The website also has a feature that will recommend items that match your style.

Another great feature is the way you can see what other people are selling. Customers have said they’ve made more money selling their clothes than purchasing new ones. The website also features a heart icon that shows the items you’ve favored. Then, you can see if those items have been sold or if they’ve been put in someone else’s cart. This way, you’ll always be able to see what other people are selling that you like quickly.

Another great benefit of thredUP is that you earn rewards as you sell your items. You can earn 10 points for each dollar spent. This can add up to a significant discount. Depending on the quality of your items, you can earn up to 80% of the original listing price! ThredUp also pays its sellers in cash or a VISA prepaid card.

It gives $5 to charity.

ThredUp is a site where you can donate your gently used clothes for a cause. The site will donate $5 to charity each time you send them in. The process is easy, and you can even receive a tax receipt for the donation. Then, all you have to do is wait a few minutes for the donation to process. Once it has, you will receive cash as a check.

ThredUP is an online marketplace for used clothing and accessories but accepts donations. Depending on your preference, the site may be a good choice for those who want to donate a large amount of clothing. You can choose to donate your clothes to charity or get a tax receipt for your donation. The site will also accept donations of men’s clothing, though you won’t be able to sell it. The website will also offer a return guarantee for the clothes you send. If a donation doesn’t sell, thredUP will take it back and give $5 to charity.

ThredUp reviews state that they are a good company to deal with. The clothes they sell on the site are of great quality, and you’ll be helping a good cause in the process. However, there are a few risks associated with buying clothes from thredUP. The clothing is not often washed, so there’s a chance that it could contain bed bugs.

It doesn’t contain viruses or malware.

There are several things to consider before you buy clothing from ThredUP. First, you should know that the website is safe and does not contain viruses or malware. You should also know that you must provide credit card and shipping address information to place an order. The website does use cookies to track its users. However, there have been no reports of any data being stolen or sold.

Another important thing to consider is the company’s return policy. Some customers have complained that they have received items that were not what they expected and were unable to return them. While this is a legitimate problem, it’s worth remembering that ThredUp does have a return policy. While some users have been disappointed with their purchases, others have had great luck finding bargains at ThredUP.

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