The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse


Located in a circa 1803 mill, the Olde Stone Mill steakhouse is a great spot to dine on steaks. The upscale American fare is served in a cozy room with a fireplace. The restaurant also has a patio for those warm days. However, there are some drawbacks to this restaurant, and the staff is not up to par.

Ramsay’s team renovates the olde stone mill steakhouse

“Ramsay’s Kitchen” follows the rebirth of an old steakhouse. The team is tasked with bringing the restaurant back to life. Despite some setbacks, the team is pleased with the improvements made at the restaurant. The steakhouse has a new, contemporary look and offers a more extensive menu.

The rebirth of this steakhouse is a triumph of the team, which includes Tom, the restaurant manager. Despite being swamped with tasks and a broken ticket machine, the employees work together to make the restaurant a success. The restaurant has been open since 2001. It is located behind an assisted living home.

The restaurant is a prime example of Ramsay’s philosophy. While the exterior of the Olde Stone Mill steakhouse is beautiful, customers did not like the food. Dean took offense to Ramsay’s verbal lashing, but he was insistent on making the customers happy. He also felt pressured to change his restaurant. Eventually, Ramsay called Dean a “fake” and told him he had to change his ways for the sake of business.

The new owner of the restaurant is in a denial phase. He doesn’t want anyone to know how much money they’re losing, so he sets about convincing him that the restaurant can be saved. It’s not easy to persuade someone to give up on a business, but Ramsay’s team makes the owner reconsider his decision.

Menu items have been changed

The Olde Stone Mill steakhouse has undergone a few changes in the past few years, but the general concept remains the same. It is still open but under new ownership. In 2009, Dean and Barbara DiNapoli sold the restaurant to a family that specializes in Italian food. The restaurant is now called DiNapoli’s Stone Mill and is aimed more at Italian cuisine.

The restaurant was owned by Dean for six years before the episode. He was unprofessional and too friendly with customers but was also enforcing poor quality control in the kitchen. He was also unable to address the problem of $500,000 in debt. His wife, Barbara, was unwilling to confront him. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s manager, Mike, did not have the required taste or passion for cooking. In addition, the restaurant’s service was lacking.

When Gordon returned to the restaurant one year later, he saw that the business had grown by 30 percent. Despite the changes, the new menu and the new atmosphere are winning over customers. However, the new concept has led to some problems. In November 2018, Gordon organized a dinner party, where he met with the front-of-house staff to discuss the issues. Tom started sweating profusely, and Gordon had to ask him to go to the restroom. He returned drenched in sweat. Moreover, he was unable to know whether the crab cakes were fresh or not.

In October 2007, the Olde Stone Mill was featured on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the restaurant in March 2007. The restaurant opened in 2001 but has since undergone some changes. It was renovated in an abandoned stone mill. Dean Marazzo and his staff were not nice to the staff. Despite the challenges, the Olde Stone Mill has since reopened and is still open.

Staff quality is poor

The Olde Stone Mill steakhouse was featured on Season 1 of the television show, “Kitchen Nightmares.” The episode aired in October 2007. Later that month, the restaurant was visited by Gordon Ramsay. Founded in 2001, this restaurant is located in an old stone mill in Tuckahoe, New York. The restaurant is owned by Dean Marrazzo, who is known for his lackluster behavior toward his employees.

Gordon visits The Old Stone Mill and finds that the restaurant is struggling. Although the exterior is beautiful, Gordon is unimpressed with the lackluster service and unappealing food. He complains to Dean and is told by a server that all of the food is fresh, but Dean takes offense.

While assessing the restaurant, Gordon meets with the owners. He discovers that Dean and Barbara did not tell Gordon about their financial troubles. They are half-a-million dollars in debt, with multiple mortgages and unpaid wages. Gordon is faced with a tough job: turning around The Olde Stone Mill and saving the company from bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the managers, Dean and Tom, were seen schmoozing in the dining room and not helping the staff. In addition to poor service and food, Gordon also finds that the restaurant’s staff are not helping the customers.

The Olde Stone Mill has undergone two owners in the last decade. The former Dean and Barbara DiNapoli sold the restaurant to the DiNapoli family in 2009. As part of their renovation plan, the restaurant has shifted from a steakhouse to an Italian restaurant.

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