The Best Sweet Shops in Long Beach


For those with an intense sweet tooth, Long Beach offers plenty of places to satisfy your desires. From classic candy stores to modern gourmet confections, here is our pick for the best sweet shops in town.

Rocket Fizz in North Hollywood offers an array of classic candies that will make you feel like a kid again. Additionally, their selection of candy necklaces and other novelty gifts add to the enjoyment.

Tuesday’s Long Beach

Are you searching for something sweet or want to treat yourself to something different? Long Beach offers plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth. From decadent ice cream and macaroons to classic candies and unique flavors, there’s sure to be something here for everyone.

Tuesdays are an excellent option if you’re searching for an easy way to get your fill of delectable desserts without leaving the comfort of home. They carry an impressive selection of candy, including bulk and gummy bears, salt water taffy, chocolates, and more – sure to have customers returning time after time!

At Rainbow Harbor between Yardhouse and Parker’s Lighthouse, this dessert shop is renowned for its funnel cakes, churros, and sundaes made to order. Their treats are genuinely irresistible – freshly prepared in front of you!


If you’re searching for an exciting place to get a treat, Sugarfina is your go-to. This luxury candy boutique carries 150 gourmet candies that cannot be found elsewhere in America.

This boutique is a must-stop for both adults and kids alike. They boast an extensive selection of gourmet candies such as Champagne gummies, ale gummies, Greek yogurt gummies, and more – making it the perfect destination to treat yourself to something special!

Union Street location; they also have a pop-up shop on Sutter Avenue. With four stars out of 14 Yelp reviews, this family-run business is an ideal stop for some sweet treats.

Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater taffy is a candy that brings back memories of boardwalks and summertime. It also makes for an enjoyable, sweet treat for kids.

Taffy-making recipes call for molasses, cornstarch, sugar, water, butter, and flavoring. Once these ingredients have been boiled, they are pulled or whipped until cool.

This recipe is straightforward to make at home. After the taffy cools, it’s cut into bite-size pieces and individually wrapped for convenience.

River Street Sweets’ classic saltwater taffy will take you back to simpler times when days at the beach meant spending quality time with family and friends. They offer more than 30 flavors of this classic candy, many of which pay homage to its seaside origins.


Swedish candy connoisseurs adore Sockerbit’s vast array of unique flavors that cannot be found elsewhere. Sample salty licorice, sour skulls, or raspberry fish for an unforgettable experience!

In the heart of Hollywood, this massive candy store takes candy experiences to new heights: There’s a Sticky boutique where you can design your custom hard candy piece and rock candy jewelry, as well as celebrity-inspired treats. There’s also a Willy Wonka chocolate counter and plenty of photo ops galore.

Jack’s Candy Warehouse is one of the most significant places in Los Angeles for sweet treats. It boasts an incredible 112-foot candy counter – the world’s longest! Here you’ll find everything from giant chocolate bars to bulk candies.


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