The Best Suppressor Cover


Once you’ve invested several hundred dollars on a suppressor and more on a tax stamp, you must protect both with a suppressor cover. Although they’re simple accessories, these simple yet crucial covers can improve accuracy while safeguarding hands from injury during shooting sessions.

The ideal suppressor covers are made of heat-resistant materials and feature tight Velcro straps with the option for use with lanyards to keep them securely in place. They should also provide insulation properties to help avoid burns when handling the suppressor.

1. Cole-Tac HTP

If you need a suppressor cover that can handle high heat, this one from Cole-Tac could be your perfect pick. After listening to what the shooting community needed, they designed this high-temperature version of their famous Metal Python suppressor cover – as its name suggests, this product can handle extreme temperatures while reducing mirage. Furthermore, its lightweight yet durable construction means you’ll use it repeatedly without worry.

Finding an appropriate suppressor cover can be challenging, but this one has all the right features to make it an outstanding option. First of all, it is designed to fit precisely to the dimensions of your suppressor so it won’t come off during use; plus, its military-grade materials resist heat, weather, impact, and abrasion – plus there’s even a choice of colors, and straps so you can find one that best complements your suppressor!

Insulated covers also help you keep heat from radiating directly onto your hands, giving you a firmer grip for increased accuracy and control during firing. What sets this cover apart is its molded sleeve for the silencer, which prevents moisture and debris from getting inside and potentially hindering performance.

One of the most outstanding features of this cover is that it’s easy to install and remove. Follow your suppressor’s instructions for cleaning it before applying or removing a mask, then test it post-installation to ensure it won’t interfere with your shooting experience.

This cover has various colors, straps, and buckles to accommodate your tastes and preferences. Plus, with its Stricta Cord option, you can affix it to the back of your suppressor for extra durability!

2. Burn Proof Gear Heavy

Suppressor covers are designed to reduce mirage, prevent hand burns, and protect other gear from hot suppressor metal. They help maintain an accurate sight picture when rapidly or long-term shooting multiple rounds or over long periods. Various designs and materials meet different budgets and needs; lightweight yet durable materials may offer superior heat resistance properties, while higher-end materials offer more outstanding heat resistance capabilities.

While suppressor covers provide many advantages, they also come with some drawbacks. Their weight may require special mounting; they may become clogged up with debris over time and need regular cleaning and maintenance; additionally, they are expensive and may deteriorate over time due to exposure to high temperatures.

Despite their drawbacks, suppressor covers are indispensable to any shooter’s arsenal. They help reduce sound output while safeguarding users against third-degree burns caused by third-generation suppressors. They also protect other equipment from being scorched by them and allow easy removal when not required.

Most suppressor covers comprise an inner core and outer jacket made up of fireproof materials like Nomex or Kevlar, while the coat consists of durable synthetic fabric that resists weather, impact, and abrasion. Some models feature carbon fiber for additional strength and durability.

Covers serve an essential function: preventing heat from reflecting off the barrel and distorting the shooter’s sight picture. Available in various styles and colors to match the look of the suppressor, they come with multiple designs and options; popular options include cinch-up plans, which keep tight fits that stay put in place and improve grip through their textured surface with increased traction and stability while handling weapons.

Some top suppressor covers can withstand extremely high temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making them excellent choices if you need maximum heat protection. One such body, Cole-Tac HTP, is a perfect example; its core can withstand up to this heat rating while its outer layer withstands an abrasion-resistant 2,500-degree rating.

3. Cole-Tac Corset

Numerous suppressor covers are on the market, but some stand out. One such product is the Cole-Tac Corset; its military-grade construction and extensive testing make it one of the best suppressor covers available. Made with Kevlar and Nomex for maximum durability.

Custom-fit allows for guaranteed stability during even the most intense shooting sessions, and its cinch-style cording makes removing it hassle-free when finished. Furthermore, this cover mitigates and sometimes eliminates mirage effects that obstruct sight pictures – especially helpful when using suppressors for prone shooting.

Suppressor covers provide another key benefit by protecting against heat damage to firearms, making them particularly useful in tactical or high-pressure situations. When your suppressor becomes hot, it can stick to the barrel and create carbon locks – potentially dangerous situations for use during combat operations or high-pressure situations. In addition, a suppressor cover helps reduce your heat signature, especially when using night vision or thermal imaging equipment.

As well as its benefits investing in a suppressor cover may provide numerous other advantages. Some designs are intended to shield hands from burning when handling the suppressor, while others offer extra comfort and safety features. Some even protect against abrasions and mildew growth.

While investing in a suppressor cover can provide many advantages, it is essential to remember that they do not fit all circumstances. Your size and heat rating of your suppressor will dictate which cover best suits your needs; additional weight may alter its balance or maneuverability.

The ideal suppressor covers are constructed from high-grade materials capable of withstanding high temperatures, and feature attachments that enable their use on rifles and pistols. They may feature nylon outer shells, while others use polymers; additionally, some vents help cool the suppressor during operation.

4. Magpul Tactical

Magpul is one of the premier manufacturers of shotgun and rifle accessories, enjoying great popularity among shooters due to their high quality and reasonable pricing. Magpul offers an outstanding selection of stock options designed to enhance accuracy, stability, and comfort – whether it’s grips or sights, you can count on Magpul having everything you need!

Magpul’s Hunter 110 stock is an ideal complement to the Remington 870 shotgun, offering enhanced ergonomics and user comfort, adjustable length of pull and comb height adjustments to meet individual shooting preferences, eight M-LOK slots for accessory mounting capabilities and multiple configuration options for left and right-handed actions. It has enhanced ergonomics for improved ergonomic performance, adjustable length of pull/comb height adjustment capabilities for customized setups, and eight M-LOK slots for mounting accessories.

Magpul is an American designer and manufacturer of firearms accessories such as magazines, stocks, hand guards, sights, slings, and other hardware for law enforcement and military use. Their products are constructed using polymer for an attractive finish with intelligent designs to accommodate law enforcement and military personnel alike. Based in Utah since 1996 and founded by Richard Fitzpatrick.

Magpul’s DAKA utility pouch is an attractive, functional, multi-use storage option designed for every imaginable purpose. Equipped with three pockets and elastic pass-throughs to secure small items inside a case – perfect for keeping first aid kit essentials such as flashlights and personal belongings like wallet and keys safe!

Magpul DAKA can also serve as an ideal place for storing firearms accessories such as batteries and cleaning supplies, making it easy to match it to your tactical gear. Furthermore, with various colors to choose from, comparing this container to your tactical attire has never been simpler!

Magpul Industries Corporation manufactures various weapon accessories, such as stocks, fore-ends, grips, and other components. The company is best known for producing polymer magazines and gun furniture specifically tailored for AR-15-style semiautomatic rifles as well as accessories for Mossberg 500 rifles (AK47/AK74), Steyr AUGs, and Remington 870 shotguns – GSA and FedMall both offer products at government discounted rates with fast delivery service and exceptional customer care.