The Best Soccer Podcasts


If you love soccer and want to hear insights from players and experts, learn its history, or celebrate essential moments alongside fellow fans, these podcasts should not be missed!

Football Weekly stands out among its competition as an outstanding soccer podcast due to the engaging rapport between host Max Rushden and various contributors – namely an EPL fan like Rushden himself as host – and contributors from around the world who share information, analysis, and tips. It covers everything from Premier League matches to World Cup fits!

Football Weekly

If you’re an avid football fan, few things beat podcasts for keeping up with what’s going on with your teams, then an excellent podcast. These audio files offer the perfect way to hone in on rules, gain expert insights, and share moments with fellow supporters.

Football Weekly is one of the best podcasts dedicated to soccer, which has been running since 2006. Initially hosted by broadcasting legend James Richardson before being taken over in 2017 by Sports AM presenter Max Rushden, who has an irresistibly friendly rapport that makes listening feel like having two long-lost friends converse rather than listening to an expert production. Although focused primarily on EPL news and matches, Football Weekly addresses critical issues surrounding European football, such as financial disparities between leagues.

Guardian World Football Phone-in is another fantastic podcast for fans of football. The show hosts twice-weekly discussions between expert journalists and lifelong students of the beautiful game – giving listeners all the answers they could need on any football-related question! Listeners can quickly find answers to all their queries!

Other great podcasts for football lovers include Football Ramble, which features daily humor from the UK; Chappers Premier League Podcast; Fighting Talk; or for those wanting something with a more specific focus, such as Arsenal Fans’ Podcast Tuesday Club, which covers all things Arsenal with an incredible community of supporters.

Gimlet Media and Nando Villa’s Women’s Football Podcast Upfront is one of the most enjoyable female football podcasts around, featuring Rachel O’Sullivan (of Girls on the Ball fame) and Chloe Morgan to cover every facet of women’s soccer, from news updates and analysis.

The Cooligans podcast is another excellent choice for soccer fans, featuring hilarious stand-up comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco from New York City stand-up comedy scenes. Their entertaining take on soccer avoids becoming bogged down with stats or formations and instead emphasizes what makes this beautiful game enjoyable: humor!

World Football

Soccer is the world’s most beloved sport, generating billions in revenue and drawing billions of fans worldwide. Behind its immense success is an unpleasant truth: an industry run by unscrupulous businessmen controlled by FIFA. Comedians Alexis Guerrero and Christian Polanco have aimed at this hidden side of soccer by hosting an insightful yet humorous podcast series: they reveal fake managers, warn about fade haircuts, and discuss other problems within FIFA in an engaging show called FAKE TEAM TOURNAMENT (FTT).

The Total Soccer Show is another premier soccer podcast packed with information. Each week, this weekly show covers major soccer news and analyses the latest matches to stay abreast of everything that’s going on with soccer – plus interviews with players and experts alike!

Unlike many other soccer podcasts, this one is hosted by two real-life friends who share an affinity for the sport. Their easygoing dialogue also makes the podcast engaging for listeners new to soccer. With a substantial following already and newcomers alike welcome, this podcast makes an excellent introduction.

This podcast is ideal for anyone wanting more insight into the sport’s history and strategy. The hosts of this show demonstrate the tactics employed by world-class teams, helping listeners understand why they have achieved such greatness. Plus, its long running time allows plenty of interesting facts about soccer to come out.

If you love soccer, look no further than this podcast from the BBC. It features some of the world’s greatest matches, interviews with players and coaches from around the globe, and historical insight. Discover how soccer has developed over time – you can download this free podcast in multiple languages via iTunes; it can also be found online via the BBC website. It was downloaded over 1,000,000 times in 2017 alone and won numerous awards!

The Gary Neville Podcast

As the popularity of soccer podcasts has skyrocketed over recent years, fans can utilize this form of communication to stay abreast of news and analysis of this beautiful game. Ranging from prominent journalists and commentators to sports psychologists who offer expert analysis of every facet of this beautiful sport. Some podcasts even interview former players or fans and comment on significant match days!

Men in Blazers is one of the best-known soccer podcasts, featuring hosts Michael Davies and Roger Bennett discussing the soccer world. Michael Davies and Roger Bennett’s banter is often humorous; as a result, this show has gained widespread acclaim with its engaging host personalities and celebrity guests. In addition to covering the Premier League, Men in Blazers also covers other soccer leagues.

The Total Soccer Show offers expert commentary in its field. Created through its partnership with The Athletic, this podcast covers USMNT, Champions League, and EPL matches and provides expert analysis. Known for having a large audience. The Total Soccer Show covers significant topics related to soccer.

Michael Cox and other passionate soccer nerds host The Zonal Marking Podcast, offering insightful information about the technical aspects of soccer. This podcast breaks down complex tactical trends into easy-to-understand terms for even snobs and purists looking to understand exactly why Pep Guardiola is such a legend.

Football Weekly, Guardian Football Weekly, The Two Robbies, Football Ramble, Chappers Premier League and Fighting Talk are excellent soccer podcasts. All these provide insightful and entertaining content. Many also focus on particular clubs, such as Arsenal or Liverpool FC, with The Tuesday Club providing significant information for Arsenal supporters.

Planet Futbol is a podcast dedicated to all things soccer. From interviews and discussions with some of its most iconic personalities to analysis of recent developments in the game – Planet Futbol provides all this and much more for free, keeping listeners up-to-date on everything happening in the soccer world.

Peter Crouch Podcast

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of soccer podcasting. Now boasting hosts that include journalists, fans, ex-players, and current players alike – podcasters have produced abundant high-quality content redefining how global fans understand tactical concepts and their applications.

The Peter Crouch Podcast stands out among this expanding genre of football podcasts for its innovative style of podcasting. Former Premier League striker Peter Crouch has taken to podcasting with relish since retiring in 2018. His casual approach makes this show highly engaging – imagine chatting over a lunch break or on an evening bus journey home! His casual delivery makes the experience highly interesting.

Crouch offers more than just Premier League coverage in his podcast series; he also covers European clubs. Not afraid to go into detail when discussing tactics and strategies of other leagues, he provides essential listening for football enthusiasts everywhere. Plus, this pod is full of laugh-out-loud moments like discussing germ beards or bumping into Nicklas Bendtner!

If you love Spanish football, this podcast is an essential listening experience. Boasting news updates, match analysis, player interviews, and expert analysis from hosts Sid Lowe and Phil Kitromilides, who bring years of expertise covering La Liga!

This podcast is the ideal accompaniment for your daily commute, keeping you abreast of the latest soccer-related news and happenings. A must-listen for any avid USMNT supporter, it features interviews with Gregg Berhalter and Alexi Lalas, among many other USMNT figures, and includes excellent production values that avoid 9-minute tangents that plague other soccer podcasts.

This podcast covers all the biggest stories in women’s soccer. From NWSL action to 2023 World Cup preparations, this is your go-to source for staying informed on all things female football!