The Best Property Lawyers in Virginia Beach


When purchasing or selling a property, an experienced real estate attorney can help you avoid transaction disputes and ensure the process runs smoothly.

Virginia Beach property lawyers on UpCounsel specialize in real estate law, such as residential and commercial sales, leasing, evictions, landlord/tenant issues, land use/zoning regulations, and construction defect litigation. Lead Counsel has independently verified each lawyer and maintains a clean disciplinary record with their local bar associations.

Real Estate Lawyers

Working with a real estate lawyer can make the process go more smoothly when purchasing or selling property. They will assist in negotiating contracts, avoiding transaction disputes, and saving you time and money.

A suitable real estate lawyer should have extensive experience with similar transactions and an in-depth comprehension of your goals. Furthermore, they should boast an impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity when dealing with their clients.

Real estate lawyers in Virginia Beach can assist you with various property ownership and leasing matters. They will help you with any difficulties with your purchase/lease agreement, title liens, inspections or appraisals, and title searches and searches.

Selecting the top real estate lawyers in Virginia Beach is an important decision. To identify the best ones, research them online by reading reviews and comments from previous clients. Additionally, ask friends and family for recommendations if possible.

Eviction Lawyers

When relationships between tenants and landlords become strained, it’s always beneficial to consult property lawyers for assistance. These legal professionals possess in-depth knowledge of state laws and local ordinances related to residential and commercial landlord-tenant relationships.

Virginia Beach’s top eviction lawyers typically have extensive residential and commercial real estate law expertise. These legal professionals can assist you with everything from lease drafting and review to housing discrimination issues and eviction proceedings.

Landlords can evict tenants who fail to pay rent or violate their lease agreement. While some states provide grace periods for late payments, you must adhere to the law.

At some point in the eviction process, you should notify your tenant of what’s coming and why. Also specify when they must vacate the premises.

Landlord/Tenant Lawyers

Property lawyers in Virginia Beach can provide legal guidance to uphold your rights and responsibilities, whether you’re a landlord or tenant. Their services range from drafting leases and structuring rental agreements to enforcing evictions.

State law guarantees renters in Virginia Beach the right to live in a habitable unit that meets local housing standards and regulations. Furthermore, they have the authority to request repairs from their landlord if they feel the condition of their home is unsatisfactory.

However, tenants can take legal action and terminate their tenancy agreement if the landlord fails to repair damages promptly or provides needed service within a specified period.

If you are a renter in Virginia Beach and have problems with your landlord, you may have grounds for legal action. Before doing so, always consult an attorney for clarification on any potential legal avenues to pursue.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Real estate attorneys can assist with various matters related to property transactions. This could include contract negotiations, drafting or reviewing agreements, title/easement disputes, inspections and appraisals, environmental concerns, foreclosures, and more.

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer can make the process much smoother, as they possess an in-depth knowledge of property law and are familiar with any necessary legal procedures. This makes them more likely to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Clarke, Dolph, Hull & Brunick, PLC are widely regarded as Virginia Beach’s top real estate lawyers. They hold an AV Preeminent Rating and have been recognized by Best Lawyers in America for their excellence in this practice area.

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