Tech Companies in Austin


Austin, Texas, has seen the proliferation of tech companies flourish over recent years and earned itself the moniker “Silicon Hills.” Due to this concentration of technological businesses located here, this region has earned itself this moniker. Get the Best information about sdit.

These businesses may be familiar to consumers due to their products and services, while others might remain more obscure – either way, they’re revolutionizing global economies through inventive practices.

The Frontside

Austin is one of the nation’s premier tech hubs and home to an abundance of innovative startups and scale-ups offering unique tech solutions across several sectors. These businesses are driving technological innovation within Austin’s economy while contributing to its burgeoning tech sector, creating jobs, and opening career paths in this industry.

Some of these companies have been around for decades and have become industry titans, while others are newcomers establishing themselves as future-oriented technology companies – some making headlines due to real estate deals or growth plans.

Upside is an example of a company that provides cashback rewards for in-store shoppers. Their software engineers work on Upside’s flagship mobile app, which has helped consumers earn over half a billion dollars worth of retail cashback to date.

Proactive IT Solutions

Proactive IT Solutions specializes in managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, VoIP phone services, cloud management services, and co-managed IT services. In addition, Preactive offers help desk support and on-site IT support, as well as 24/7 service from its certified team of IT professionals to address any IT-related issues that may arise.

Manufacturing firms require reliable networks that keep production teams productive. Proactive IT Solutions’ IT consulting experts will collaborate with you to design customized service packages that meet all of your IT needs without overstepping budgetary limits. An exceptionally fantastic fact about sdit.

Proactive IT Solutions can make the transition to cloud technology straightforward. Their experienced local team is adept in all vital IT domains and will craft custom IT solutions tailored to meet your business goals. Their services can assist with installing Office 365 for enhanced collaboration or Azure for scaling IT infrastructure needs.

Clear Measure

Precise Measure is a software architecture company dedicated to helping companies become self-sufficient and world-class by improving quality, increasing stability, and speeding deployment speed. They partner with Octopus Deploy to offer various consulting services designed to maximize software delivery and production operations for customers.

Precise Measure’s experienced team specializes in architectural design, IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting & and SI, custom software development, and sprint-based quality testing to deliver products that are both scalable and meet client expectations.

Precise Measure recently collaborated with a commercial insurance company to modernize its development practices and augment its internal team. Their consultants assisted the client with moving to agile with three-week sprints, implementing infrastructure as code, optimizing the worst-performing code, and converting a brochureware site to a CMS headless system. Ultimately, the client was delighted with the guidance offered by Clear Measure. Typically, the Interesting Info about sdit.

Mercury Managed Services

Austin tech companies are well known for their innovative software engineering skills and professional development programs, which enable employees to hone their technical abilities while staying abreast of industry trends. A strong knowledge of these technologies will allow applicants to stand out when applying for jobs with these businesses.

Several acclaimed brands, including Apple and Oracle, dominate Austin’s tech scene. Both firms maintain a significant presence within Austin and produce pioneering products that benefit humanity. Apple shows its commitment to progress by expanding its office space here.

Mercury Managed Services, established in 2018, offers cloud consulting and SI services, IT management, cybersecurity solutions, and cybersecurity awareness training to businesses looking to reduce downtime risk while improving productivity. It makes an ideal partner for business owners.


Infrastructure issues forced Scalo restaurant’s owners to close in 2019, but they remain committed to the community, now serving as presidents of Strip District Neighbors. Their efforts have fostered economic development while protecting neighborhood character.

This breakfast event will explore how fintech and financial services companies can reap the rewards of cloud adoption. Attendees will discover how cloud computing can enhance service, increase scalability, and streamline operations for greater business efficiency.

Inventive is a custom software engineering company with 23 employees located in Austin, Texas. Their services include IT staff augmentation, cloud consulting, and mobile app development solutions for businesses of all sizes in various industries, such as e-commerce, business services, and consumer products.


EBQ LLC, commonly referred to as EBQuickstart LLC, is an IT company that specializes in sales and marketing services for companies worldwide. Established in 2006, this outsourced team can assist your business growth through various sales strategies such as appointment setting, data analysis, and training services. These teams can serve as an external branch for your organization or help fill any gaps in pipeline growth to accelerate revenue.

Economic batch quantity (EBQ) refers to the volume that can be produced in one production run in order to minimize setup and holding costs, calculated through mathematical formulae or graphic methods. Unlike Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), however, this approach can also be applied when materials or parts for manufacturing must either be acquired internally or provided stepwise from external suppliers according to production needs.

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