State Farm Renters Insurance Reviews


State Farm renters insurance offers a nationwide service area with a knowledgeable network of agents. It also offers several optional coverages and discounts to help policyholders save money.

Its online quote tool is transparent and easy to use, allowing customers to get an estimate of their insurance rate quickly. However, some users reported that the device timed out without notice and required them to re-enter their information.

Online quote tool

State Farm’s online quote tool is easy to use and requires just a few details about your home. This makes it ideal for new policyholders or those who don’t have time to talk with an agent.

After completing a few quick steps, you’ll be given a renters insurance quote. You can save your quote and continue later to compare it with other options.

The company’s mobile app allows you to view and manage your policy, file a claim, and make payments. It’s easy to access your account on the go, essential in an emergency.

The website also offers information on State Farm’s other insurance products, including vehicle, life, small business, pet medical, and disability insurance. You can even buy landlord insurance to protect your rental property from damages to your belongings. The company also offers discounts for bundling other insurance policies, such as auto and homeowners.

Claims process

State Farm offers a user-friendly mobile app that makes it easy to manage claims and submit necessary documents. It also has a good reputation among WalletHub editors for typically fast claims inspection and payout, generous discounts, and a wide variety of policy types and coverage options.

To maximize your renter’s insurance payout, it’s essential to take a thorough inventory of all items you own in your home. This will help you determine the total value of your belongings and how much you’ll need to replace them.

Similarly, it’s also important to note how much your renter’s insurance deductible is. This is a certain out-of-pocket amount you’ll have to pay when filing a claim, and it can be a significant financial loss if you sustain a large property loss.

In addition to taking a comprehensive home inventory, you should make sure to provide all documentation that your insurance company requests. This will include receipts, photos, and a signed sworn proof of loss.

Coverage options

State Farm renters insurance offers a good mix of personal service, fair premiums, and enough coverage to satisfy most renters’ needs. However, you can find better value and higher-rated services elsewhere.

The most popular coverage options for a renters policy include coverage for your belongings, loss of use, and liability protection. These can pay for repairs to your rental property or reimburse you for living expenses when you cannot stay in your home due to damage.

Another option is business property protection, which helps replace any personal items in your rental property used for work-related activities, except for computers and laptops.

The coverage does have some limitations, including a limit of $1,000 for jewelry and furs and a limit of $2,500 for silverware and goldware. It also does not include earthquake coverage by default, but you can purchase an endorsement that covers your possessions during seismic events.

Customer service

Customer service is a big deal for renters insurance shoppers, and State Farm does it well. Their high-tech online portal and top-notch mobile app make it easy to check out your policy details anytime and anywhere. The company also takes the time to provide valuable tips and suggestions if you need them.

The company is best known for its home, auto, and life insurance products, but it does offer a robust suite of rental property policies to choose from. This includes the essential coverage options to complex, fully customizable packages that suit your needs and budget. The company may even help you save on your renter’s insurance.

Using a State Farm renters insurance quote is the best way to find out how much coverage you need and get a comparison of quotes from several insurers. A quick and easy online comparison can save you a lot of headaches and money down the road.

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