Spas Direct Reviews


Whether you are looking for a new spa or a used one, it’s essential to do a little research before you purchase. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as price, location, size, and control systems.

Prices range from $2990 to $25,000+

Purchasing a new spa can be a big decision, and there are many factors to consider when making a choice. One of the most important is how to go about selecting the suitable model. Luckily, there are several manufacturers to choose from. Amongst them are Jacuzzi, HotSpring, SpaNet, and Gecko. Spas are available in various styles, including spas, infrared saunas, swim spas, saunas, and hot tubs.

Spas from various manufacturers range in price from $2,995 to $25,000+. Spas Direct boasts the lowest prices in Australia. Its website touts 17 different models, including the spas of the ilk. This company has several advantages, including that it doesn’t have a middleman to cut a deal with. This allows them to keep prices competitive.

Number of jets

Adding jets to a hot tub is the latest fad, but it’s not the essential feature to look for in a new spa. It would be best if, instead, you focused on other parts that matter, like state-of-the-art hydrotherapy and an energy-efficient jet pump system.

Adding a few more jets is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The best hot tubs are designed to provide a quality hydrotherapy experience while also making the most of their space.

Many types of jets are available in hot tubs, and each has its benefits and limitations. For instance, some sprays can produce a massage-like effect, while others lack the power to massage muscles effectively. There are also variations in the size and location of jets, depending on the model you purchase. You might want to look for a hot tub with a wide variety of sprays, like the ThermoSpas, or one that uses diverters to control the pressure of the water.

Control systems

Whether you’re looking for a new hot tub or spa control system, there are many options available from Spas Direct. The company offers a variety of models with high-quality features at a great price. You can even take advantage of their 7-day customer care center. They also provide after-sales support in your area.

The company’s flagship line of premium hot tubs is the Master Spas line. It features a stunning color display control panel and an optional tablet app. The app gives you control of many settings from your smartphone. It’s also a great way to monitor the temperature and alarm settings.

Another great option is the Cal Spas Touch(tm) control panel. Its screen is more extensive and more precise and features a worry-free interface. The system also allows you to connect to smart home appliances.


Purchasing a spa is an expensive investment, and it’s essential to ensure you get the best quality. This means choosing a company that offers a good warranty and comparing it to other brands. If you cannot get a contract, make sure you buy from a company with a good reputation and a local store.

Spas Direct offers a seven-day customer care center for any problems you may have. The company has no re-sellers or commission salespeople, and their spas are sold directly to customers. Their hotels come in acrylic and rotomolded plastic materials. The standard white acrylic shell is the most popular material, but you can also choose from vinyl or other materials. Spas Direct also uses the Balboa(r) control system, which is well-known in the industry.

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