Shallow Sport X3 Center Console Boat For Sale


Shallow Sport has developed an unprecedented center console to handle ultra-shallow waters with ease and deliver you dry from wind-swept bays or offshore rigs. Their quadahedral full tunnel hull design can take large waves while remaining extremely maneuverable for highly shallow conditions.

Three generations of boat-building expertise have resulted in an unparalleled fishing machine.

Hull Design

The X3 is designed for anglers who wish to spend more time on the water regardless of weather conditions. Its innovative hull design enables anglers to fish ultra-shallow lakes, bays, and estuaries without impacting ecosystems, something no other center console boats offer.

The quadrupedal tunnel hull was specially created to put your power to work instead of bobbing around in rough waters while remaining more sea grass-friendly than non-tunnel skiffs. Furthermore, its full-length tunnel allows for an ideal ratio between water to prop, hydraulic lifts enabling you to run in as little as three inches of water, and maneuverability out of tight spots without damaging sand or seagrass bottoms while still delivering maximum performance.

Shallow Sport boats feature not only their signature tunnel design but also a one-piece composite Nida core inner liner deck bonded directly to the stringer and glassed over for unquestionable strength. This ensures their longevity as beloved family boats.

The multi-hull design was also specifically engineered to offer an exceptionally dry ride, featuring channels in its hull that channel the water under and through to its tunnel and propeller rather than spraying out of its sides like most conventional V-bottom boats do. This multi-hull configuration absorbs heavy chop while offering an exceptionally smooth experience.

With 12 models spanning 15-27 feet, there’s sure to be a Shallow Sport suitable for everyone. Be it running skinny flats for redfish, wind-swept bays for bird blind access, or offshore rig visits – the X3 makes your game plan effortless!

Weslee Hudson, owner and designer of Shallow Sport, continues to push boundaries and innovate with his hull designs. His latest, the X3, has already proven its mettle at numerous tournaments worldwide and continues to turn heads around the globe.


Shallow Sport boats feature exceptional build quality that stands the test of time. Crafted using premium materials to withstand various water conditions, these vessels offer unparalleled durability and stability to enhance any adventure on the water.

The revolutionary design of the X3’s hull channeling water below its body and towards the propeller helps ensure you remain dry! Additionally, this revolutionary concept provides extra deck space in both directions via its 9-foot beam.

No matter where your fishing takes you, from shallow flats in pursuit of redfish to running to offshore rigs with ease and confidence, the X3 will get you there safely and with confidence. Standard equipment includes a 6″ jack plate to adjust Evinrude 300 E-TEC G2 to its max height for ease over shoals, as well as a McClain tandem axle trailer.


The shallow sport x3 boat stands out from other vessels by being capable of carrying both gear and people quickly, thanks to its ample storage space and center console that makes accessing everything easy. Furthermore, there’s enough seating in its cockpit that this vessel can comfortably fit eight people!

The shallow sport x3 is an ideal vessel for fishing and overnight trips, featuring an excellent ride and the capability to handle big bay chop comfortably. Additionally, its reverse chines eliminate the side spray of conventional V hulls and channel water under the boat for optimal lift.

The shallow sport x3 makes an excellent fishing vessel thanks to its large platform, which makes launching your boat quick and straightforward, as well as accommodating tackle for rods or tackle storage or even holding a cooler with lunch or snacks for you and your fishing party.

This boat comes complete with a custom SeaDek kit and stainless steel trolling motor – two essential elements for fishing enthusiasts. You and your guests are sure to be delighted for years.

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Shallow Sport boats are specially constructed to navigate ultra-shallow water with ease, fishing, or running errands in no time at all. Their intricate hull designs break up and chop much better than conventional flat-style hulls and force water up through tunnels in their center for powering motors for propulsion – producing less damage to underwater habitats as a result of running, idling, and fishing on such boats.

This tunnel system allows enough non-aerated water to pass past the prop without overheating and reduces noise and vibration while cruising and fishing, as well as noise reduction for passengers onboard and engine vibration reduction during trolling or trolling. Furthermore, experts believe it provides safer than non-tunnel hulls in case of accidents onboard or dockside.

With its 9′ beam and spacious decks fore and aft, the shallow sport x3 offers exceptional versatility as a flats boat or run to offshore rigs. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind multi-hulled tunnel trimaran hull design, this stable platform can carry you safely across extreme shallow flats or wind-blown bays or directly offshore to offshore rigs.

With options like Lockable Rod Storage, 3 Insulated Fish Boxes, and Front Anchor Locker, this boat comes equipped for fishing adventures of all sorts.