Seguin Housing Authority – Opportunities For Low-Income Families


The City of Seguin Housing Authority offers families who require help covering their housing costs accessing options such as the Public Housing Program and Section 8 vouchers that may cover a portion of rent costs.

We operate and manage several multifamily properties, from marketing strategy development, physical plan administration, financial accountability, and regulatory compliance to compliance monitoring and regulatory reporting.


The Seguin Housing Authority provides various programs for low-income residents, including Section 8 vouchers and public housing. To qualify for any of these programs, applicants must meet income and family size requirements as well as be vetted as good tenants who will take care of the property. Be mindful that your income can change at any point – notify Seguin Housing Authority as soon as this occurs!

Section 8 is an important program that enables the government to assist people with low incomes by covering some of their rental costs. This service helps those who can’t afford apartments on the private market but cannot find suitable units there; however, keep in mind that these apartments may not be as luxurious. Furthermore, Section 8 vouchers may only be available in certain areas, so research must be completed on where you may qualify before applying.

To be eligible for a Section 8 voucher, your family must be making less than 80% of the area median income (AMI), which generally means living in Seguin, Texas, or one of its surrounding counties. Furthermore, you must possess valid Social Security numbers and proof of income before passing both a background check and drug screening to qualify.

Additionally, this agency manages Seguin Low-Income Apartment Tax Credit properties, which provide subsidies for families earning under 80% of AMI. These apartments tend to be in good condition, offering amenities like free wireless internet and cable television – an excellent solution for affordable housing in Guadalupe County, TX.

Seguin is an attractive suburb city situated 10 miles south of New Braunfels and 30 miles east of San Antonio, known for its abundance of golf courses and parks, including Walnut Springs Park with its historic area and numerous walkways and bridges – an ideal setting for picnics or other recreational activities – not far from Lakes Dunlap and McQueeny Recreational Area.

Waiting List

Seguin Housing Authority provides affordable rental housing options to individuals and families on low incomes, available through either their public housing agency or online application process. Applicants must present proof of income and identity before being considered for this program; references will likely be requested, and background checks will likely be conducted. Waiting lists can take months for Section 8 vouchers!

Applicant must be in good standing with their landlords and accessible from a history of evictions, drug-related convictions, or criminal activity. Net and gross income limits vary based on household size – for a household of three, the limit is 80% of the area median income, while for four families, it increases to 85% of AMI. Furthermore, applicants must pass both criminal background and credit checks prior to being considered eligible.

Seguin Housing Authority also oversees the Section 42 Housing Choice Voucher program for applicants living within Seguin City limits with income below 80% of the Area Median Income. Furthermore, two facilities offering affordable housing options, such as Stratton Oaks Apartments and Stone Ranch Townhomes, exist within their facility network.

LDG Multifamily LLC recently submitted a request to the Seguin City Council to build 195 units of affordable housing near Texas Lutheran University. This development will feature one-, two- —, and three-bedroom apartments as well as a clubhouse complete with a theater room, business center, playground equipment, exercise area, and swimming pool, as well as community gathering spaces and dog parks.

Residents have provided mixed reactions to this project. Some residents feel that more affordable housing units are unnecessary in their neighborhood; on the other hand, others have pointed out how beneficial it will be. The developer has requested tax credits from the state in order to finance his plans; further review has been submitted for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Seguin boasts over 15,000 residential units. Many are connected to its bustling manufacturing sector, while others reside in suburban neighborhoods. There has also been an increase in high school and college graduates living here and, therefore, an increased demand for rental properties.

Application Process

Section 8 Voucher Programs and Public Housing programs require applicants to apply with supporting documents. Forms can be obtained either from your local housing authority office or online, and proof of income and identity should also be presented when making an application. Check with your housing authority office about the availability of applications as well as waiting list length before submitting a complete package.

The City of Seguin Planning Department strives to enhance the health, safety, and general welfare of its citizens by supporting growth and development policies that preserve places with historical, environmental, and cultural significance and support policies that contribute to neighborhood integrity and foster an entrepreneurial business climate.

To qualify for low-income housing, an applicant must meet several requirements: -Their household must fall below 80% of the area median income (AMI); income limits vary by county. -They must possess either a valid social security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN); all household members must be U.S. citizens or legal immigrants without any history of being evicted from any housing or Section 8 property within three years and no history of drug offenses or felony convictions in that time.

If the application is approved, applicants will be placed on a waiting list for their desired type of housing. This process typically takes six to nine months, during which the housing authority verifies the information provided in their application and conducts interviews with those applying. Any changes in income or family size that might influence how much subsidy they receive should also be reported immediately to their manager.

Seguin provides its residents with affordable housing solutions such as the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and public housing, which allow eligible households to pay rent based on a percentage of their net income. If you’re interested in applying for affordable housing options in Seguin, contact the Seguin Housing Authority to learn about eligibility criteria and application processes.


To qualify for subsidized housing in Seguin, applicants must meet specific requirements. These include passing a background and credit check as well as being able to devote at least 30% of your income towards rent payment; you should also possess employment. For more details on the city website, please visit.

The applicant must submit a completed application form with all supporting documents, such as proof of family size, current employment, income verification documents, and bank statements. They also need photo ID and proof of citizenship or legal immigration status documents. Applicants can either fill out the application online or print it and bring it to the Seguin Housing Authority office, where it will be reviewed thoroughly by staff members who will then check references, verify tenant histories, and interview family members of potential tenants to make sure that they are suitable tenants.

The city’s engineering division is charged with designing, building, and maintaining its infrastructure and drainage systems. They review and approve subdivision development applications, assess street drainage complaints, provide engineering support to other departments as necessary, enforce City codes and standards compliance well, and conduct inspections to verify if construction projects meet City requirements.

To qualify for public housing apartments in Seguin, Texas, an applicant must have an income that falls within 80 percent of the area median income (AMI), be either a US citizen or legal immigrant, and have not been evicted from previous public or Section 8 housing within three years; they also need to pass criminal background checks as well as having a clean rental history.

Seguin offers many affordable housing options, including Section 8 and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties, that provide reduced rental rates to residents who are unable to afford market prices. You can access this list online or by calling your local housing authority; usually, these units are reserved for households with low incomes and no assets and take up to nine months before becoming available for occupancy.