Roto Grip’s Hyped Solid Bowling Ball


Roto Grip introduces their latest HP2 Performance Bowling Ball: the HYPED SOLID. Boasting a symmetrical Hyped core wrapped with their VTC solid coverstock and finished at 3000 grit, this ball provides earlier traction on the lane – ideal for using with just a touch of oil or when more control may be necessary down the road.


Roto Grip recently introduced their HP2 Performance line of bowling balls with the Hyped Solid. It features their Hyped core with lower RG than entry-level balls but more overall motion than upper mid-performance bowling balls. When covered with VTC solid reactive coverstock and finished at 3000-Grit finish, this ball offers clean and consistent reads on medium conditions.

The Hyped core was designed to offer more overall ball motion than its Hustle counterpart from the HP1 Line while offering reduced performance compared to HP3 line motions. This hybrid core shape met its goal and proved ideal for those needing an upgrade from smaller core/pearl covers or looking for that “in-between” ball.

This ball’s standout feature is its coverstock: its VTC solid finish offers excellent traction and control, making the Hyped Solid a superb option for league bowling nights of various conditions.


The Coverstock of a bowling ball is its outer layer, which comes into contact with the surface of a lane and determines how much friction occurs when making contact with it. More friction means more hook potential for the bowling ball. Four main coverstock types are used on bowling balls: Plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Particle (Proactive).

Roto Grip’s HP2 mid-performance bowling ball line, the Hyped Solid, belongs to Roto Grip’s mid-performance line of bowling balls known as Hyped Solid. Featuring the Hyped Core, which delivers more motion than Hustles but less than HP3, Hyped Solid features VTC solid reactive coverstock finished at 3000 grit for a consistent and reliable read on medium conditions.

The Hyped Solid’s combination of robust core construction and versatile coverstock make it the ideal ball for most weekly league bowlers, and can adapt well to both low-rev and high-speed bowlers alike. Furthermore, this ball can handle an array of lane conditions.

This ball would also make an excellent choice for league bowlers looking for a ball that will provide them with some extra aggression during transition lanes or experienced bowlers seeking an all-purpose weapon in their arsenal. So, if you are searching for a hyped solid ball to add to your bag today, look no further! Choose your drilling option, fill out all details, and add it directly to your cart – we will have it ready and waiting when you arrive to pick it up and start bowling right away! For any additional inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our pro shop – we hope to see you soon!


Built to complete our HP2 line, this ball features our proven Hyped core with a solid version of VTC coverstock for optimal versatility and playability. This combination makes the HYPED SOLID more than capable of offering more overall motion than our Hustle core found in HP1 but provides less general rotation than our upper mid-performance offerings – truly taking versatility to new heights!

The Hyped Solid ball features a lower Relative Gravity (RG), providing more overall motion than our entry-level Hustle Core but less than our mid-performance offerings. When combined with VTC solid reactive coverstock (finished at 3000 grit), this combination makes for the ideal ball for weekly league bowlers seeking something in between entry-level balls and mid-performance offerings.

The Hyped Solid will make a welcome addition to the arsenal of any low-rev/high-speed bowler. It reads the lane very effectively and features an ideal combination of controlled backend motion with excellent continuation through pins. As roads change and conditions shift, this ball will remain an indispensable tool in keeping up with changing conditions – get yourself hyped today! This ball follows our standard drilling layout.


Roto Grip’s latest addition to their HP2 line, the Hyped Solid bowling ball features Roto Grip’s Hyped core for more motion than entry-level balls but less than higher-mid performance balls, making this ball an excellent compromise between entry-level bowling balls and higher-mid performance bowling balls. Encased with VTC solid coverstock with 3000-grit finish it will guarantee clean, consistent reads on medium conditions for all styles of bowlers.

After its predecessors, this ball is designed to maximize performance on league bowling nights. With its versatile Traction Control (VTC), Solid coverstock offers earlier traction on the lane than previous versions and provides greater overall control. This ball truly puts “VERSATILITY to the MAX!”

Get excited because this ball could be your new go-to bowling ball! Please choose your desired drilling service and add it to the cart to customize this ball for your bowling style.