Root Auto Insurance Reviews


Root Auto Insurance is an auto insurance company that bases its rates on your driving behavior. However, the company does not offer discounts or other ways to save money. In addition, it does not offer comprehensive coverage and receives many complaints from customers. Therefore, it is not a good choice for people looking for affordable auto insurance.

Root Auto Insurance offers rates based on driving behavior

Root Auto Insurance offers rates based on driving behaviors so you’ll pay less if you’re a safe and sound driver. The insurer offers a free app that measures driving behavior and rewards good drivers. After monitoring your driving habits for three weeks, you’ll get a quote from Root. If you’re not a good driver, Root will decline to insure you.

Drivers with a clean record and low mileage can save hundreds of dollars on their premiums with Root auto insurance. Root offers a mobile app for easy and quick quotes, so drivers don’t have to wait weeks to get a quote. However, the company also reserves the right to deny coverage after the test-drive period. In addition, drivers with poor driving records and accidents may not qualify for a Root insurance quote.

It doesn’t offer discounts.

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, Root Auto Insurance may be an excellent option. The company’s premise is rewarding good drivers with low rates. While it doesn’t offer discounts for good students, it does offer referral discounts that can save you anywhere from $10 to $100 per successful referral. One of the most significant advantages of Root is that it offers an app that lets you manage nearly every aspect of your policy from anywhere.

In addition to offering competitive rates, Root offers a no-nonsense approach to auto insurance. Root considers various factors, including your driving habits and demographics, such as age, gender, marital status, and vehicle type. This approach may sound complicated initially, but it’s a great way to save money on insurance. And if you don’t like waiting, you can get a quote on your Root Auto Insurance through the company’s mobile app.

It has a high number of complaints.

While Root Auto Insurance has received favorable customer reviews in many areas, the company also receives many complaints. The Better Business Bureau reports that Root scored 1.31 on its complaint index. This is well above the average, but that doesn’t mean the company is inherently unreliable. Complaints are not uncommon in the insurance industry. In addition, Root is backed by venture capital, so the company is likely capable of paying its policyholders.

Customers have complained about their rate increases after the first policy term. While most insurers base their quotes on driving history, demographic information, and credit score, Root also considers other factors. As such, you might be eligible for lower rates if you drive a certain way in a short period.

It doesn’t offer comprehensive coverage.

The first thing to note about Root Auto Insurance is the low policy limits. People with reckless driving or high accident records may not qualify for a policy. On the other hand, people with a good driving record and no history of traffic tickets may be able to get coverage. This weeding out of bad drivers could result in a lower premium rate.

Another thing to note is that Root doesn’t cover all states. Currently, it covers only 29 states. Despite this, the company plans to add eight new ones by 2021. So if you live in an uncovered state, you must find another insurer.

It doesn’t offer free roadside assistance.

The Root Auto Insurance app is the primary way to submit a claim. Once approved for a policy, you can add other drivers through the app. Other drivers are not required to take a Root test drive. The company primarily relies on location and demographic data to determine eligibility. As a result, it is difficult to get discounts for safe driving. Root policies are six months long. You can pay monthly installments via Apple Pay or a credit card. You also receive a separate insurance card in the mail.

You’ll receive roadside assistance and rental coverage when you have a Root policy. In addition, root covers up to $100 per car per six-month period for things like jump-starts and towing. It also covers you for damage by an uninsured motorist.

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