Quotes About Friends Come and Go


Friends will come and go in life, but true friendship is forever. These quotes about how we love and lose friends will remind you always to cherish those you hold close.

These friendship idioms and quotes will help you express your affection for your best friends – be it their birthday celebration, prayerful support during difficult times, or captioning an Instagram photo with meaningful captions.

1. The best friends are the ones who never leave

Friends come and go in life, but those that remain are those you should hold onto the closest. These individuals serve as your safety net; should anything happen that would cause you to fall, they’ll always be there with open arms to catch you if needed and provide invaluable support in any form possible.

At its heart, friendship is measured by how deeply someone cares for you. If they call at 4 am just so they can discuss something important with you, that is a true sign. Additionally, true friends stand by us through thick and thin, even when times get tough.

Your closest friends will never abandon you and will always be there for you in good times and bad. They won’t try one-upping you or compete with you; instead, they will always be there to share in celebrating your successes!

2. The best friends are the ones who stay by your side

Life brings many friends into our lives, but those worth keeping are those that remain by your side through thick and thin. Friends who stay faithful companions know all your stories and help write them for you, sharing laughter and tears along the way, acting like an anchor that never lets go when things become difficult for us all.

People will come and go from your life, but be open to meeting new ones as they could provide support at different points in your journey. Even short-term friendships may have lasting ramifications; be thankful for all those who come into and out of it as they all play an integral part in shaping who you are today.

3. The best friends are the ones who stand by you

At all points in life, friends will come and go. Sometimes, these relationships last permanently, while at other times, they just part ways for whatever reason. That’s OK — just because someone clicked immediately doesn’t mean you must share all your secrets or hand over the password for Wi-Fi access.

Does the saying, “Friends come and go, but family is forever” hold? Many people feel their friendships are temporary; that’s perfectly acceptable; relationships take time to grow stronger with time. When you find friends who stand by you regardless of the circumstances, they care for you unconditionally – those are worth keeping around! Please don’t take their kindness for granted, as true friendship can never be born for granted.

4. The best friends are the ones who love you

People come and go in our lives, which is totally fine. It’s essential to remain open to meeting new acquaintances while releasing old relationships if they no longer fit with us.

Best friends are those who understand you and all of your quirks, no matter the cost or difficulty. Trusting these individuals with your secrets or giving up their Wi-Fi password is easy when they care so deeply for you and are always there when needed.

Friends may come and go, but those who genuinely love you will always remain. So, rather than worrying about those who leave, focus on those who remain. These people will make life worth living; they’re the ones who’ll never leave your side, support you through every phase, and serve as lifelong besties.

5. The best friends are the ones who support you

Your best friends are there when you need them most – weddings and funerals included! But they also show up to share life’s little pleasures like hanging out “just because.” When problems arise, they listen without judgment before helping to figure out ways to resolve them; some even trust you enough to share their Wi-Fi password!

Your friends should always be the first people on your call list when something arises – even if it seems inconsequential – and will stand by you through thick and thin because true friendship is about that kind of dedication and support.

Even when friends leave us behind, remember the memories you created together will last a lifetime – when they return, make sure you tell them just how much you value them! And make sure you express how much they mean to you.

6. The best friends are the ones who are there for you

Friends who stand by your side are among the greatest. These individuals send regular text messages, host movie marathons, and give thoughtful gifts on special occasions like birthdays.

Friends are there for us when life gets hard, cheering us up when we’re down and celebrating our successes with us.

Friends who make you laugh – whether through inside jokes or terrible puns – are among the greatest blessings, always making life happier even when they’re not present. Friends like these stand by you through thick and thin, just like a family would; always there to cheer you on and never let anything stand in the way of their friendship with you.

7. The best friends are the ones who help you grow

There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as having friends who help you develop. These friends provide comforting hugs of support that remind us all how wonderful life can be, they cheer you up when times are difficult, and always remind us how worthy we are of being loved and respected as individuals.

Your true friends will always stand by you through thick and thin. They believe in you when no one else does; they’ll always have your back when no one else does.

Your friends should provide you with advice that can help you meet your goals, be there no matter what happens, and be part of your family throughout good and bad times alike. These should be friends you can count on forever.

8. The best friends are the ones who are there for you

Certain people in life stay by your side no matter what. These friends serve as your pillar of support throughout both good times and tough ones; they make you laugh until it hurts and are there with unconditional love for you.

Your best friends know exactly when you need someone to listen to or have someone there for a hug while remembering all your birthdays and anniversaries. Call them up at 4 am when life gets complicated – they won’t judge!

Sometimes, best friends go their separate ways for various reasons, and it is perfectly understandable. Perhaps one has moved far away or been overwhelmed with their own lives – either way, they will always remain part of your heart, and you will make new friendships along the way, so don’t fret over those who have gone.

9. The best friends are the ones who are there for you

Best friends are those who stand by you through both happy and challenging times, listening carefully when you speak and sharing your secrets. They support you during hard times while celebrating successes together – the ones who’ll always be by your side!

Sometimes, people come into your life for only a short while before leaving again – something which may be difficult to accept, but remember that everyone plays an integral part in your life at some point or another.

Sometimes, it’s best to part ways with one-sided friendships. If someone only talks to you because they need something from you or always puts their relationship ahead of yours, it may be best to part ways – after all, it’s not your fault that they prioritized their love life over yours – instead, it is simply the way things are.

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