Precisely what is Good Web Design?

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Today I wish to talk about what constitutes great web design. When I first began creating websites, I put lots of focus on the artistic and graphical elements of the websites — by using great colour schemes, gorgeous graphics, unique backgrounds, and so on. However, while all those things acquire a place in a well-designed website, I have learned that some of the essential things that make a web design “good” are the more abstract or even intangible things – points that are not necessarily immediately apparent.

First, remember that the most important thing to figure out when you first develop the design for a brand new site is who the website is aimed at. Are you focusing on first-time mothers? Is the home page’s goal to sell CDs to teenagers? Office Supplies to local businesses? Knowing what you are designing for will eventually determine the tone of every website’s design.

The purpose of any website should be to communicate relevant information in an obvious, easy-to-understand way that positive aspects for both visitors (by generating navigation and finding data easy and fast) and the website owner (by making it feasible for visitors to buy their products, to join the site, whatever the aim of the site may be… ). No matter what the website looks like, they each need to have this focus.

Despite this, I have come to believe that a major constituent of excellence throughout web design is that:

Good Web page design Does Not Draw Attention to On its own

It seems a little backwards to start with, doesn’t it? I mean rapid, we’re talking about the design, which is how a website appears. Now how can it NOT draw care about itself and not be boring? What I am seeking to say is that an excellent layout portrays the company or man or woman behind the site effectively, along with encourages site visitors to use the idea without drawing attention far away from the content to the various layout elements. The average customer can visit the site to find what they need without genuinely noticing the different buttons, graphics, layout, etc. Don’t get us wrong – well-designed and wisely-placed and used design is a crucial part of fantastic web design; there is a fine line between increasing the design or the whole website and detracting from it. I think that excellent web design properly conveys the message on the site and directs consideration towards a website’s content rather than drawing attention to it on its own.

For instance – if a selected graphic or layout component (i. e. a fancy drop-down menu) does not “fit” smoothly into the entire type of a site or if it is as well complex to be user-friendly, after that, chances are – you could be sketching attention away from what the site visitors are there for! Let’s be honest; they may be most likely NOT there to check out your flashy menu!: ) (If they are, then this example will not really apply to you… however, I hope you get my point). If someone is there to buy an item, they want to be able to find the item quickly and easily, view related items, sign in to their accounts and look for it. They don’t want to be hassled along with confusing navigation menus, regardless of how cool and modern-looking they may be! If the menu is easy to use and directs customers where they need to go, you possess a successfully designed navigation menu. I am not saying that you shouldn’t use cool-looking design, etc.; I am just declaring that I believe they should not necessarily draw so much attention to themselves that they distract visitors from their goal. This would negatively impression the success of the website, no matter how amazing the design of the menu is. Applying different fonts, colours, graphics, layouts, etc., is a significant part of good web design, provided that it is done in this sort of way to make browsing through and using the site easier, no more difficult. Ok, I am accomplished ranting on that.: )

Here are two ways to support your design and not be in the way of the website’s aim:

1) Good web design is straightforward on the eyes –

Practically nothing glares or protrudes, or disrupts the harmony of the design. I am not declaring that it should be dull the slightest bit – even the most stable black and red website might be easy on the eyes if designed properly. Readable fonts, simple routing, and good colour options make a website easy on the eyes.

The well-designed website is unified, and all pieces are aligned just right. There are so many different aspects of a website that must be considered and designed to work together and enhance each other, to create a website that brings all of the content with each other just right and is pleasing to check out.

2) Good web design is logical –

An exquisite website makes sense to customers. It draws a visitor along with a well-designed home page and leads a visitor to the website. Visitors can find the actual came easily and within one or two clicks. There is no confusion about which hyperlink leads to which page or even where to find what they might need. Info is organized and smartly placed on the website. No matter how incredible the graphics used tend to be, if they don’t make sense to daily users, they aren’t being utilized correctly and may be detracting from the overall benefit of the website. Functionality comes first, and aesthetic appeal, in my humble opinion. Excellent web design, naturally, has both.

So, individuals are the few points we believe are essential to good web design. I think in which excellent web design is so well-integrated into the entire tone and message on the site that it does not “stand out” apart from the content on the site. An excellent design will not get in the way of the meaning of the website; it IS the meaning of the website.

I am not necessarily saying that graphics, colourings and other elements used in a website design are NOT important. I recently think they must meet the criteria many of us discussed. You should use photos and design and unique fonts along with colour schemes – as long as they can be easy to use and make sense from the design and don’t draw attention away from the reason for the website. Graphics and images, font types and colour schemes are all vital parts of a good design. Nonetheless, they must be a part of an overall eye-sight for the site, not just independent elements. They have to work together properly to create an excellent design.

O . k, I have said my element. As a disclaimer, let me admit I am no longer an expert on this subject or even an expert in creating the type of excellent layout we are talking about. But I truly try to achieve this every time I layout a site.

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