Pink Hibiscus Flower – A Traffic Stopper


Pink hibiscus flowers make an eye-catching statement with their eye-catching blooms against dark tropical foliage. This hardy perennial can quickly grow outdoors in warmer regions or be grown indoors as a large container plant elsewhere – plus, it attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

This plant thrives in full sun with plenty of moisture. It pairs nicely with black-eyed Susan, Amsonia, and turtlehead plants.

Starry Starry Night

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Van Gogh may have used the cypress tree as a metaphor for his death; memorialists often choose this symbol for memorials or immortality ceremonies, making the painting all the more poignant.

Studies by UCLA art historian Albert Boime comparing Starry Night to a planetarium recreation of how the sky might have appeared on June 19, 1889, concluded that its clouds, tree, and sun closely resembled that of a nebula.


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Hibiscus blooms are beloved symbols in numerous countries; Hawaii honors them as its state flower, while Haiti, South Korea, and Malaysia have them as national blooms. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis petals can even be eaten as food in India, where this plant can also be used to shine shoes–hence earning itself the name “shoe black plant.”

Hibiscus flowers open wide to welcome pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. Each hibiscus flower contains both male and female parts: five stamens that produce pollen and five stamens with hairy spots forming anthers that hold an ovary, as well as the pistil that houses an ovary; their five hairy sites creating a stigma where pollen gathers while traveling down towards its destination ovary.

Proven Winners Summerific Series’ Candy Crush hybrid hibiscus is a hardy perennial hybrid variety suitable for warmer-temperate and subtropical climates and colder zones. A vigorous, fast-growing plant, Candy Crush will continue producing blooms until frost comes. Deer resistance makes this plant even more deer-resistant, while the flowers display soft pink with deep magenta streaks radiating out from its primary petals’ center.

Carousel Pink Candy

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Hibiscus Carousel Pink Candy is an exceptionally vigorous grower, producing large flowers over deep incised dark purple foliage. Winter hardy to -15degC and suitable for containers as well as border planting or mass planting, it makes an eye-catching display when mass planted or in containers.

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Pride of Hankins

Pride of Hankins Hibiscus features fully double, raspberry pink flowers measuring 3- to 4-inches across, set against dark green foliage. This free-flowering, upright-growing Hibiscus lends itself well to pruning and shaping, making it an excellent grafting stock while remaining beautiful as an ornamental addition to tropical gardens.

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Cuttings from green wood (hibiscus cuttings) should be placed into water immediately, and roots will form within weeks after “sticking.” After several weeks have passed, roots will gradually turn from white to light tan; this process typically takes two months or more, and after this step, they’re ready to be planted into a mixture of peat and coco coir due to peat’s tendency for shrinkage when dried out.