Peruvian Food Trucks in Springfield, MO


Springfield food trucks and menus are flourishing, with new eateries popping up daily. A mobile food establishment permit is necessary for anyone preparing and selling food in a truck, cart, or trailer.

This bright yellow truck offers comforting cuisine with an international twist. Try their Gumbolaya stew featuring deep roux, okra, chicken, and Andouille sausage, then round out your meal with one of their homemade cupcakes.

Peruvian & South American Food

Springfield offers many choices when it comes to Peruvian cuisine. There are food trucks in various parking lots, neighborhoods, breweries, and food truck parks offering different meals that provide an opportunity to try new dishes – as well as appearing at events and festivals across town.

Peru’s cuisine is heavily influenced by three geographical areas, from its coast (with seafood as its staple food) and Andean highlands (meat, potatoes, corn, and noodles) to jungle foods like fruits, plants, and yuccas. Furthermore, other national cuisines such as Arabic, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinean, and Chinese cuisine also contribute their influences – giving this cuisine its unique flair!

Ceviche is one of Peru’s most beloved dishes, consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus juice (usually lime or naranja agria – bitter orange) with additional spice from aji peppers and onions. On June 28th, it is celebrated as National Ceviche Day.

Lomo Salgado, a hearty meat stew served with fried corn or potatoes and often featured at restaurants, is another popular dish served alongside rice, beans, or salad. Also popular are tequenos, fried wonton wraps filled with cheese, and other ingredients for a fantastic bite-sized snack!


After studying epidemiology in Saudi Arabia, Alharbi moved to Missouri to further his career as a paramedic. Although Springfield’s food culture differed significantly from his homeland of Saudi Arabia, Alharbi determined he wanted to add his flair and purchased an empty food truck, which he later named 3rabiana.

3rabiana offers an eclectic fusion of Middle Eastern and European flavors in its menu, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts that are favorites among customers. Their popular items are hummus and falafel, with vegetarian-friendly options available. You can find their truck in the parking lot of Old Time Pottery on East Battlefield.

If you’re craving something cold and delicious, stop by Pineapple Whip for a fantastic frozen treat! They offer several flavors – their original pineapple has been around since 1974 (!), strawberry-kiwi, and banana-pomegranate are just three! Furthermore, prices are reasonable; an 8oz cup costs $3.00!

This unique truck travels throughout southwest Missouri and regularly posts its whereabouts on social media. They can often be found at events like the Japanese Fall Festival, Cider Days, and Food Truck Friday in Carthage, where they serve up non-traditional Mexican fare such as tacos, tamales tortas, and barbacoa dipped and fried mini quesadillas – something you won’t soon forget!

Tacos El Champu

The Villela family treats each customer who enters their restaurant like one of their family, which shows in their food. Their goal is to offer Springfield an unforgettable dining experience, featuring delicious tacos, tortillas, and specialty items such as quesabirria tacos and tamales made with only the freshest ingredients.

The couple first opened shop in 2019 as a food truck before expanding into a store on Kimbrough Avenue. Their business name, which comes from Jose’s unique nickname, perfectly describes their unconventional approach to the restaurant business. Their restaurant features non-conventional dishes such as tripe and tongue tacos alongside classics like chicken and carnitas; they also provide beverages, including Mexican street corn, for purchase.

This innovative food truck is a must for anyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine. Their cuisine is authentic and packs big flavors at affordable prices, while service is fast and friendly, with staff on hand to assist customers with placing their orders. Furthermore, they offer an impressive variety of beverages, from soda and horchata to freshwater options!

London Calling Pasty Company

If you’re craving something savory, London Calling Pasty Company offers delicious pasties stuffed with meat, potatoes, and vegetables in a buttery flaky crust. Traditional flavors like Oggie can also be found alongside more innovative ones like Chicken Tikka Masala; additionally, they serve Fish and chips along with other British cuisine at Route 66 Food Truck Park located at 1530 E St Louis Street Springfield, MO 63301

The London Calling Pasty Company hails from England and brought an authentic double-decker bus as their home base at Springfield, MO’s new food truck park. Since 2013, when they opened this food truck park, they have made themselves stand out with eye-catching details like this double-decker bus that makes their home stand out from others in town.

This food truck blends the best of Southeast Asian and Mexican cuisine. Their tacos are filled with juicy slow-cooked meats that burst with flavor – dripping with juice from slow cooking – making each bite tasty! They offer nontraditional flavors like tripe, tongue tacos, and barbacoa-dipped and fried mini quesadillas.

Follow them on social media for updates about where and when to expect this food truck at events and breweries around Southwest Missouri. You may even learn their schedule or where it will be parked next.