Perle Di Sole Lemon Drops From the Amalfi Coast


Relive holiday memories with this delicious treat straight from Italy’s Amalfi Coast! Enjoy its tart, hard shell and fizzy lemon filling. Relish every bite!

These zesty candies pair perfectly with tea or ice cream! Ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose, and acidifying agent citric acid, as well as 0.1% natural lemon flavoring combined with other natural flavors and turmeric for color enhancement.

Authentic Italian Candy

Lemon Drops from Capri or Positano should not be missed! Papillon Srl pays close attention to tradition and quality when creating their confectionary products, using essential oils from lemons grown on the Amalfi Coast for their manufacturing processes.

These citrusy lemon candies make an irresistibly refreshing sweet treat that pairs perfectly with tea or ice cream or as gifts to family and friends.

Ingredients include Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Acids (Citric Acid and malic Acid), Dextrose, and Natural Blood Orange Flavoring with Paprika as a color enhancer. Allergen Free; Halal; Allergen-free

Perle di Sole lemon drops come individually packaged for your convenience.

Warning: It may contain nuts.

This product ships directly from its manufacturer, and additional fees may apply due to perishable delivery.

Made with Essential Oils of Lemons from the Amalfi Coast

These hard candies are handcrafted using natural lemon extracts from Amalfi Coast and the zest from real Italian lemons, providing a vibrant citrus taste in every bite. Individually wrapped for your convenience, pair these candies with tea or ice cream for an authentic Italian experience!

These delectable lemon balls hailing directly from Italy’s Amalfi Coast will bring back memories of your travels! Treat yourself and relive those exceptional vacation experiences with one or more bags of these delectable treats!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose, and citric acid as an acidifying agent with 0.1% natural lemon flavoring mixed in along with other natural flavors as well as turmeric for color enhancement – GMO-free; gluten-free; allergen free and halal!

Sour Lemon Hard Candy with Fizzy Lemon Filling

If you love tart lemon flavors, these treats are sure to delight. With their delightfully sour exterior shell and fizzy lemon powder core that are both fun and refreshing to eat, these treats make a delightfully tart addition to any treat stash or purse for quick indulgence! Plus, they’re individually wrapped and certified as kosher, so they make ideal sharing treats or keeping a few handy for later.

Party candy bowls often feature candy candies as part of their offering, pairing perfectly with tea and ice cream as well. Plus, their zesty citrus taste is sure to please both kids and adults alike! Plus, these candies offer freshness without all that sugar added in as breath mints do!

Italian candy maker Antonio Tozzi created this sour lemon candy made with essential oils derived from real lemons to give it its unique and delicious taste. As they’re also Kosher certified, those on a Kosher diet can also enjoy them!

If you’re searching for an authentic lemon candy experience, these Perle di sole lemon drops won’t disappoint! From Capri and Positano in Italy to your vacation memories, enjoy these delightful lemon treats to bring back fond memories from every trip!

Individually Wrapped

These lemon drops come individually wrapped, making them convenient to enjoy on the go, or pair them with tea or ice cream for a delicious sweet treat!

These hard candies with fizzy lemon filling are iconic Italian candies; anyone who has traveled to Capri or Positano will remember eating them! A must-have for lovers of Italian candy!

Individually wrapped lemon drops make an excellent addition to any collection of Italian candies, featuring essential oils extracted from fresh lemons for an irresistibly tart and refreshing flavor. It is ideal for keeping in your bag when needed for quick bite-sized energy boosts!

Ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, and dextrose, as well as citric acid for acidification and 0.1% natural lemon flavoring with other natural flavors and turmeric added for color. Allergen Information: This product contains milk.

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