Pani Puri – A Delicious Indian Street Food


Pani puri is a street food of the Indian subcontinent. It is often called golgappa or gup chup and is a type of snack.


If you’re looking for an excellent spicy snack, you can’t go wrong with Pani puri. This delicious Indian snack consists of a crispy, hollow ball filled with potato filling. It is also served with tamarind chutney.

Pani puri is famous across India. Some people like it spicy, while others prefer a less spicy taste. There are wide varieties of this dish. You can choose from different fillings to create your personal pani puri.

To make your homemade pain puri, start by boiling potatoes with a dash of spices. Next, the mashed potato can be combined with sprouted mung, moong, and chickpeas. These cooked vegetables can then be mixed with a variety of chutneys. For an even more spicy flavor, you can add some cayenne pepper.

After the filling is ready, prepare the dough. You can make the dough from scratch or buy it from an Indian store. Make sure to add oil to the mix when kneading it, as this will improve the flavor of the dough.


A pani puri is a type of Indian snack. It consists of a crispy shell filled with a variety of ingredients. These include chickpeas, potatoes, onion, and spices. The puri is dipped in spicy green water and eaten in one bite.

In India, the term pain puri is used interchangeably with puchka. Pani puri is a popular street food in many cities throughout the region. Although the name may vary in different regions of India, this dish is usually served as a light meal.

This popular Indian snack is an excellent addition to a dinner party or buffet table. Traditionally, a pani puri is eaten as a single bite, but guests can also fill their puri with ingredients.

The shells of the puri are typically made of semolina and rice flour. They are then fried, making them crunchy and delicious. Some vendors will even add a seasoning packet to their puri.


Pani puri is one of the most popular Indian street foods. It is a fried disc of dough that is drenched in tangy chutney. This is often paired with spicy water to give it a nice kick.

The main filling of the puri is either mashed potatoes or cooked chickpeas. Making the stuffing before you start the assembly is a good idea. You can use a variety of chutneys to compliment the filling.

Chutneys for pani puri can be made with a few different ingredients. One typical chutney is tamarind chutney. Tamarind pulp can be mashed, and a few spices added. Alternatively, you can make a sweet chutney using dates or even jaggery.

Another chutney to consider is green chutney. Green chutney can be made by grinding coriander leaves.

Spice mix

To make spicy pani, you’ll need to know how to mix Pani puri spiceix. This will help you prepare a delicious blend of flavors perfect for designing your homemade pain. It’s easy to make this spice mix to create your own tangy, spicy blend in minutes!

You can make this savory dish with any filling. One of the most common fillings is potatoes. But you can also try adding sev, a crisp, crunchy bit made from chickpea flour. Various fillings are possible, including red chana, mashed potatoes, or a dry curry from white peas.

The spice mix for pain puri can be purchased from Indian grocery stores. To prepare the spice mix for pain, you need to grind the ingredients. For example, you can use dried mango, cumin, coriander, ginger, and turmeric. You can also add salt, black salt, and roasted cumin powder.


Pani puri is one of the most famous Indian street snacks. However, its origin is unknown. Its history is a mystery, like the concept of zero.

A hollow round ‘puri’ is filled with various flavored water. The fillings vary according to the region. They can be potato, onion, chickpea, or tamarind chutney.

The basic pani is made by mixing tamarind paste, cane sugar, and mint leaves. A little sour cream is also added. In some places, it’s topped with a slice of guacamole.

The stuffing of the puri is usually made from mashed potato and chickpea mash. In some parts of India, it is garnished with chopped onions.

Another variant of the pani puri is the golgappa. This is a hollow, crisp sphere that is eaten in the mouth.

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