Nova Launcher – How to Change the Size of App Icons in Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is a great way to customize your Android phone’s appearance and function. This app lets you set up your home screen and customize notification badges. You can even customize the groups of your drawer. You can also customize the speed of animations. The customization options are endless. You can choose your colors, fonts, and icon styles.

Notification badges

The latest beta version of Nova launcher comes with dynamic notification badges. These badges replace the standard notification bar and show information about missed calls and unread messages. These active badges make it much easier to check if something important is happening to your phone. However, you need to be a Nova Prime user to benefit from the feature.

The Nova Launcher notification badges include relevant images, contact initials, and sports icons. This makes it much easier to open other apps without navigating away from your home screen. They also help you to declutter your home screen. Previously, users had to install separate apps to view notification badges. However, these apps were buggy and had limited functionality.

Custom drawer groups

You can create the custom app and drawer groups using the Nova Launcher. This feature is beneficial for keeping the app drawer organized. Custom drawer groups allow you to create different folders and tabs for apps so that you can differentiate them from one another. In addition, you can even change the colors of the accounts.

You must enable the Apps option in the Nova Launcher Prime to create a custom drawer group. Once enabled, you will see a tab from above the app drawer. In this tab form, you can add apps and rename them. Once you’ve added the apps, you can drag them into the folder.

If you’re having trouble customizing your app drawer, don’t worry. Nova Launcher offers many customization options. You can change the icon colors, customize the look and feel of the app drawer, and even change your dock and background images. You can even hide apps from the app drawer with the premium version.

Speed of animations

Nova Launcher has many features to improve your mobile experience. This launcher has a customizable app drawer and offers horizontal and vertical scrolling, page effects, card, immersive options, and subgrid positioning. Moreover, it has a backup and restores feature that saves your settings to the cloud or locally. It is also highly optimized and offers several customization options.

In addition to customization options, Nova Launcher offers the opportunity to change the speed of your device’s animations. By choosing the appropriate rate, you can help your device perform faster. For example, if you have a slow phone, you can change the animation speed to 5x. If you’re accustomed to a fast mobile device, you can choose a relaxed pace for the transition.

Changing icon sizes

You might wonder how to change the size of app icons in the Nova launcher. To change the icon size, open the Home screen settings. There, you will find the “Apps” screen grid. Tap the grid to change its size, and click “Save.” The icons will then display in the size you choose.

Nova’s settings menu allows you to change the icon size in different app areas, from the home screen to the app drawer. It’s even possible to change the grid’s appearance by altering the number of rows and columns. This way, you can change the size of the app icons and customize the overall appearance of your home screen.

Nova Launcher offers various customization options to make your phone look exactly how you want it to. It doesn’t bog down your phone’s speed and can be customized without causing performance issues. The icon size option is a great way to add a personal touch to your home screen.

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